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    Last man to win the Aussie and RG in same year

    Very good chance that it is going to happen tomorrow. I can't think who last did it? Novak will back himself no doubt to win the calendar slam too. Just need to hope Stan is on fire tomorrow...I'm not a Novak fan :D
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    The reason Andy Murray hasn't won more slams

    I joined this forum in 2006 after Andre retired, but I eventually got bored of it and haven't posted for at least three years I think. Partly got bored with all the arguing. Anyways, after thinking about different players' records in slam finals, something occurred to me that I thought was worth...
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    Head Radical Balls

    Anyone used these? They're on a really cheap offer at the moment and I'm just getting back into coaching and considering filling my basket with these. From the limited experience I have with them they seem to feel strange off the racket but actually seem to play very true. Surprisingly they seem...
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    Jonny Marray You Legend!!!

    I Know A Wimby Finalist :d!!! Unbelievable!
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    Grip enlarger/expander

    I have a grip size 2 racket I am selling to a friend. I have an enlarging sleeve thingy and he wants me to fit it for him. I have never done it before and I dont really know what to do. As I understand you just heat it up and I think it shrinks and sticks to the handle? I cant find any...
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    Anyone use

    So is any subrscribed to this site? I'm thinking of getting rid of my satellite service which I only really want for the tennis yet have to shell out a whole load of dosh for, and subscribing to this site instead. But I wondered if anyone has any experiemce with it? Is it clear, uninterupted...
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    What do Federer and Djokovic have in common this year?

    Answer; they both played 76 matches. Now this pi$$es me off for two reasons. Everyone (all the media and many fans) are so understanding to Djokovic as to why he has been burnt out for the last couple months of this season after what he achieved. But look at those numbers! He hasn't played...
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    Hardest instrument to play?

    All I'll say is I'm a guitar man myself and I'm going to take a lot of convincing :D. The things that some people can do with one are just mindboggling, and when you take it to the extremes so people do I don't see how playing other instruments to an equally high level can be any harder
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    What would you do for £1m/$1.6m?

    You hear this question quite often in conversation amongst 'mere mortals' such as ourselves on this board who can only dream of such money. And the findings can be quite shocking at times as to what people would be willing to do. I will own up that I was one of the people who have criticised...
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    Raonic Mo Sizlak video

    Pretty sure it's been mentioned on here before that Raonic looks a bit like the bartender in the Simpsons. Someone needs to find a clip of an interview with Raonic and dub(?) Sizlak's voice over it. I don't know how to do it myself but it would be great if someone could make a spoof interview...
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    Construction of wooden racquets/making one

    I was looking into buying a wooden racquet. Then the most likely crazy idea of making one came to mind. So I did a quick google search, and, probably not surprisingly, nothing really came up. The one bit of information I did find was that they were at some point made from one solid, single...
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    Federer's rise on the ATP tour

    Thought I would take a look at what route arguably the greatest player of all time took to the top of our sport and ultimately go on to dominate it. (figures from the ATP site) He entered 8 challenger tournaments, reaching the semis on his second attempt and totalling 3 semi final...
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    Keeping the head still I was watching a wildlife program the other day and it showed a cheetah running at full speed. I was immediately struck at how still it's head was while the rest of it's body was just flayling around so fast. It's not just the legs moving but the...
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    Florian Mayer

    Such a fun guy to watch. Shame after his quarter final at Wimbledon early in his career he couldnt be a player permanently around the top20-30 mark so we could have seen a bit more of him over the years. Instead he seemed to disappear for a few years before he's started to get it together...
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    Not really thought about this before - tax rules

    They were just talking on SKY about how Rafa is playing Halle instead of Queens next year. They mentioned the 'financial' reasons as probably being the main insentive. Here's the interesting point though. They weren't actually focusing on the point of appearnce fees, rather how much the players...
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    No more excuses when posting videos!

    Just a little gripe of mine (well actually quite a big one!). It just seems pointless to me for people to be posting videos of themselves asking for advice on their game when they always post a disclaimer stating 'such and such a reason' for not being in their best form. Well you know what...
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    I think we know where the future tennis superpower is

    3 of the 4 boys semi finalists are Brits, one of them actually an under 16's kid. And my favourite actually, Broady, didn't even reach the semis. Wimbledon is comin home :D
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    Dog diagnosed with arthritis

    I am going to sign up to a dog forum to see if people on there can help me out but thought I'd try here first on the off chance someone has some experience. My 6 year old labrador has been diagnosed with arthritis. My vet told me to get glucosamine and chondroitin. I've looked around a bit on...
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    When will Fed get demoted at USO and Aussie?

    Great scheduling by USO tomorrow in my opinion by keeping Fed on Ashe and moving Djok to Armstrong :D. The question needs to be asked though. When will Federer get demoted from the top show court at USO and Aussie? Can't remember when he didn't play either on Ashe or Laver at those two...
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    Rules for making a hawk-eye challenge

    The one that really annoys me is when they have a serve called out and they walk all the way to the net to try and look at the mark on the other side. Even if there was a mandatory stopwatch that had to be stuck to when making a challenge I think the players should not be allowed to walk...
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    Murray 124mph forehand

    Apparently Andy hit one in Cincy in his semi v Fish. I didn't get to see it though and can't seem to find it on youtube. Anyone got a clip?
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    67mph pro first serve

    I mean WOW! Just now that's what Diego Junqueira hit v Del Potro. I didn't know there were pros that served that slow!
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    I like Wozniacki's game

    For the last 2 or 3 years atleast I've watched virtually no women's tennis. Even before that I never followed it as much as the men's. I watch so much men's tennis that when the women come on that is the time for me to get up off my bum to actually do something lol or I just leave it on in the...
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    Slazenger Pro Titanium

    I have very fond memories of this bat. I had two and when one broke and I couldn't get a replacement around 6 years ago I decided it was time to get a heavier racket (went for the pure drive). I like a stiff racket, which is what I really liked about the Slazenger, along with 'cushioned'...
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    A-Rod's former girlfriend, Sharapova

    Hahahahaha what!?!?!? In the introduction to SKY's highlights show of last night's action the presenter came out with that line. It wasn't a joke, it was dealy serious :-?
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    Window lead tape

    Ive never tried customizing racquets so I'm pretty new to this. A friend told me a while ago though that if I wanted to add weight then lead tape was a waste of money and to use window lead tape instead. It makes sense to me when you consider that normal racquet lead tape is .5 grams. Has...
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    Tie-Break Titans: all time greatest tie break players

    It's interesting to me that 4 of the top5 players with the best tie-break records are from this generation, the only one not from this generation being Sampras. The first thought that comes to my mind on why this is the case is maybe that nowadays with the slower conditions and not everyone...
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    Dancevic Complete's Qualifying Grand Slam

    Dancevic Completes Qualifying Grand Slam Frank Dancevic, the first man in history to complete the Qualifying Grand Slam. For someone like me who is interested in stats this is quite amazing...
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    Djokovic looking to break new Masters series/1000 ground

    After his form through the clay season he is now looking to have reached the final of all the Masters tournaments by reaching the final in Shanghai, which if he doesn't do this year it is likely he will do at some point as he likes hard courts, which I believe no other player has done (Fed never...
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    Isner second serve bounce height

    Just watching Monfils v Isner and the commentators said Isner's second serve kicks to 7 and a half feet! That's just mind boggling, pretty much to the point where I'm wondering if they've got that wrong? Anyone know for sure? I'm sure a lot of you will have theories and speculate, which is a...