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  1. ace of spades

    Who here has actually found their perfect setup?

    I have been trying to reah my perfect setup for years. This includes a racket that I am perfectly happy with and play best with, lead places in all the right places for me, swingweight just right, strings and tension that is perfect for my game, right gripshape, ect. the list goes on. Not even...
  2. ace of spades

    Are Multis Worth It/Overrated?

    Dont hold tension well (most of them), break fast, play differently every time you use them, unpredictable. But are soft, play well, have good feel. Are they worth it? sory... to clarify vote - yes - if you think if they are worth it vote - no - if you think they are not worth it
  3. ace of spades

    gosen og sheep micro 18!!!

    This is the best feeling string that I have tried that wasnt natural gut. Sure it only lasts a hitting session or two if your lucky, but it just feels so good. Great spin too. Sorry I just had to rave...:D
  4. ace of spades

    Pure Storm strings

    I just got this racket and really love it. I got pro hurricane in it at 55 and it plays good but Im guessing it could be better. Im just wondering what all you ps users have good results with.
  5. ace of spades

    Pure Storm, nPro Open, Mfil 200 2006, Pd w/cortex, DNX 8, mfil 300

    For a while I have been using heavy 12 oz player sticks. Last week when I was in an intense final match of a tourny, in the 3rd hour in the 3rd set, my racket started feeling really heavy and I could no longer use it effectively. Im a medium build 16 year old, and it had never been a problem...
  6. ace of spades

    New Strings At Tw

    If there was a thread already on this topic kindly ignore this one. Tennis warehouse is now offering a few Lepoard strings (plus control, 16, 17 - reels), prokennex string (IQ elite 16, 17 and IQ qualifier and IQ poly xt, 16,17- and reels), and they also have topspin poly polar 16 and 17 plus...
  7. ace of spades

    Favorite Flexpoint

    With more and more people picking up these rackets it would be interesting to know whats most popular (prestige hasnt been out so long so many people may not have tried it yet- as i figure).
  8. ace of spades

    Prince Graphite Pro

    Its my dads racket that i found laying around, he said he bought it 20 years ago. Anyone have any experience with this frame?It has a 16X19 pettern with a 110 head. Is it any good?
  9. ace of spades

    Best of the nxt's

    What holds tesion the best: nxt sensation, nxt tour, nxt max. the worst? Also what has the best overall playability and what has the best durability but also the longest playing time (not cutting out too soon because of loss of tension). also if you tell me whats best overall for a lmp+ or...
  10. ace of spades

    Mojo, Klip legend w/ armourpro?

    Hey NoBadMojo, could you provide some insight on tw's new kilp string, legend w/ armourpro? i am very intererested in this string, primarily because of its durability. I am thinking of putting this string 17g in the mains whit urique big hitter 17 in the crosses. Anything i should know...
  11. ace of spades

    is gut spin-friendly?

    does gut offer any more bite and spin than that of a premium multi?
  12. ace of spades

    Most powerful string, WITHOUT THE MUSH!

    A lot of people claim that some mulit's like nrg2 are the most powerful strings. Yes, but next thing you know they become mushy because of tension loss (maybe that is why people think they are powerful?). So what are the most powerful strings available (including poly's and multi's but not...
  13. ace of spades

    Why are some rackets only available in certain areas?

    Why do racket companies and distributors sell rackets in certain countries and not in others. Dont you think that they should sell their rackets all over the world? Wouldnt that make more sense and be better for buisness?
  14. ace of spades

    Ashaway Dynamite experiences?

    I am curious about this string. it is made out of a new material and it is said to hold tension very well(i think they tell you to drop tension for this). I am thinking of trying a set. What are your expreiences with this string? Druability? Power? Spin? Control?
  15. ace of spades

    Grips for String Patterns

    I am wondering what kind of grips players tend to use for certain string patters. I am under the impression that people that use open string patterns(like babolaters) tend to use sw to western and people who use closed string patterns (like prestigers) use eastern to sw. I myself use somewhere...
  16. ace of spades

    Can you calculate the swingweight relation to lead?

    My prestiges have 4 grams of lead at 2 & 10 and 2 grams at 12. Is there any way to calculate the new swingweight by knowing that i added this much lead and that the original swingweight was 325?
  17. ace of spades

    most durable gut

    I want to experiment with some gut and i dont want to spend a lot of money and i want it to last a while. I know that the guts that are more coated are more durable, but since i have no gut experience i have no clue. So i would like to know from the gut experts, what is the most durable 16g or...
  18. ace of spades

    can head tape have the same effects as lead tape?

    I know that head tape can higher swingweight pretty well and protect the racket) but can it also increase stability? I have put head tape from 4 oclock to 8 oclock on one of my frames, will this increase stability as much as lead would?
  19. ace of spades

    Ace or Timo

    Although my favorite lux string is Alu rough i have timo 18 and ace 18 at hand to string. Regardless of either one i choose im gunna put yonex 850 spin in the crosses to make it super spinny. I am wondering what are the pros and cons of these two strings and which one is better overall...
  20. ace of spades

    Are you cheating yourself?

    For a long time, I have been using tough players frames, such as the likes of ps 6.0, ncode 6.1 tour, rdx 500. Before i had been using only mid sized <12.5 oz. frames. But just recently i had switched to a lm prestige MP and what a difference it made on my game! Although it is leaded up and...
  21. ace of spades

    Open String pattern playing style to tight playing style?

    I have been playing with a spinfriendly racket (RDX 500 Mid) for quite some time now. I love the racket but I wanted to try a dense sting pattern racket and see how it plays (LM Prestige mp). I have heard that there are pros and cons for both types of patters. Could anyone break it down for...
  22. ace of spades

    Open String pattern playing style to tight playing style?

    whats with the double posting. sry happens all the time
  23. ace of spades

    Racket Cosmetics?

    dble post sry plz ignore
  24. ace of spades

    Favorite Racket Cosmetics?

    I for one, know that I play better with a racket that I not only like for its playability, but also how it looks. If it looks hot and expensive, it for some reason seems to me like a better racket, therefore my mindset is "this is a good racket, I might play better". Yes, yes I know this is...
  25. ace of spades

    backup? 200mfil?

    I am currently using a RDX500 and love it. I was wondering what other racquet I should get besides another RDX500 as a backup. I was thinking the 200m-fil plus- its getting to be so cheap $99!!! should I decide on this as a backup (how bad can it be) or should I get something else. If what...
  26. ace of spades

    Dead Strings

    This may be a noob question i will go ahead and ask it. In the several years I have been playing tennis, I still dont know why strings simply "go dead". I know why they loose tension and break and I know what happens when they go dead (loose feel,pocketing,elasticity) but I dont know why they...
  27. ace of spades

    Worst string ever

    I know many of you have had horrible experiences with racquets but which strings do you feel were the worst you have ever played with and you feel are the "worst strings ever"? It could be anything from poly to gut, im just curious.
  28. ace of spades

    Whats your favorite grip shape?

    I found that my favorite was on the old ps 6.0 but i would like to know what is your favorite grip shapes are. it can be either by manufacturer or the specific racquet. *Sorry posted in the area
  29. ace of spades

    rdx 500 mid string setup help?

    Just got the rdx 500 mid and love it. Its a great racquet but i do seem to have a problem of hitting long lately and im starting to wonder if the strings have something to do with it. Right now i strung it with the alu-power @ 54 10% lower as luxilon suggests, but i seem to not get enough pop...