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  1. furyoku_tennis

    If I'm a 3.5, should I use a Players' Raquet or Tweener?

    If you've narrowed your list down to those 3, you should demo them before settling on one if possible. Another option you can go with is to group the racquets by spec and then demo them in batches. That way you can get a feel for what specs fit your playstyle/level. Player's and Tweener's are...
  2. furyoku_tennis

    Racket and string combinations

    As you get to the lower end of the tension range, you do get more power, but the string bed has a different feel. I play some of my rackets on the really low end and there's a definite difference in how the frame plays. You might get the same power as some of the other rackets, but the feel will...
  3. furyoku_tennis

    BLX 6.1 95 16x18 too powerful ?

    As long as you like the frame, stick with it and you can grow. Don't forget about other factors like technique, string type and tension. Strings are often overlooked, but they play a major role in how a frame performs.
  4. furyoku_tennis

    Any use/used a Kneissl Tom's Machine???

    which one are you interested? the 27.5 or the 28 inch version? they play quite differently from one another.
  5. furyoku_tennis

    racket weight

    general rule of thumb is to just use the heaviest racket that you can swing comfortably, so as long as you can still hit your backhands comfortably there's no need to make any changes. What usually ends up happening is so you make weight change to try to improve the backhand, but then that...
  6. furyoku_tennis

    Capped Radical specs?

    specs vary from racket to racket considering head's quality control. it also depends on which radical you cap as the specs are all slightly different as well.
  7. furyoku_tennis

    Volkl Tour 10 Mid size Gen I!

    great frame. flexible. excellent control. low power. definitely a player's frame. that's the short of it. it's definitely a great frame. it's just too bad they're hard to come by.
  8. furyoku_tennis

    Volkl DNX Range = Power Bridge?

    Most of the DNX line has been discontinued since they're not onto the Power Bridge series. Here's the description of DNX and Power Bridge on TW: DNX DNX is a new unique material structure featuring high-strength micro tube construction that is 25 times stronger than regular carbon fibers. DNX...
  9. furyoku_tennis

    Cap grommets

    there's a thread detailing the process somewhere on the forums. try doing a quick search.
  10. furyoku_tennis

    Which Wilson Racket?

    Everyone's got a different preference. Demo them and find out. It's really the only way to know for sure.
  11. furyoku_tennis

    Ok To String Below Recommended Tension?

    there's nothing wrong with going below recommended tension. however, if you go too low it feels like you're playing with a net instead.
  12. furyoku_tennis

    C10 still great but....

    i don't think there's anything out there that plays identical to the c10 with more pop. have you tried different string types and lead?
  13. furyoku_tennis

    Wilson KBlade Tour Price Drop?

    any idea what they're planning on calling it? BLX Blade Tour? haha
  14. furyoku_tennis

    Need some help......

    the prestige mp won't play similar to the mid at all. its a big lighter and has a much lower swingweight. it's best to give it a demo and find out for yourself. if you really like the mid, but are looking for something with a bigger headsize, you could always lead the mp.
  15. furyoku_tennis

    Should i clear coat?

    definitely clear coat it. you can go with either the matte clear coat or the glossy. either way, you can get both at like wal-mart or any place that sells spray paint stuff. i haven't had any trouble with the clear coat i used.
  16. furyoku_tennis

    Fake Babolat Pure Drive GT's on ****????

    you, my friend, have got a fake on your hands. best to get your money back before its too late.
  17. furyoku_tennis

    Review of the Youtek prestige mid.

    is it just me or does the paintjob near the top kind of look like the carbon braid on the pro staffs.
  18. furyoku_tennis

    Pure Drive Cortex vs PT 280 ?

    PT 280 all the way. The pure drive doesn't stand a chance against a classic like the pt280. The specs are just too different to compare directly, but I'd definitely go with the pt280. It's solid, control oriented, and a great hit all around.
  19. furyoku_tennis

    Speed MP 16x19 vs. Radical Pro

    the radical pro may have similar specs, but it doesn't play like the speed at all. IMO the radical pro is better all over the court with better feel and stability.
  20. furyoku_tennis

    Dunlop Aerogel 200 Or Donnay Pro 1 International Mid?

    i'd go with the pro one. it is one sweet stick, but you really have to bring your own power.
  21. furyoku_tennis

    Radicals - Microgel vs YouTek

    youtek and microgel definitely are not identical. they're similar, but have some distinct differences. as for the pro version, i personally did not find it demanding at all. it really comes down to a matter of preference as the pro has a different string pattern and specs.
  22. furyoku_tennis

    T-fight 335; MP Tour-1 90; M Comp 95

    the mcomp will give you more spin, but is a bit heavier to swing. the tfight may be something similar to what you like as it can hit pretty flat and has decent control. personally, i've never hit with the yonex, but i would definitely recommend the mcomp 95.
  23. furyoku_tennis

    Will a racquet club apply lead tape?

    lead tape can be easily removed so definitely experiment with it. if you mess up the balance, then just take the lead off and move it around until it feels right.
  24. furyoku_tennis

    Does a longer racquet really make any difference?

    the specs on a longer racket are quite different from a regular one. for some people its hard to get used to the extra length and it makes quite a difference, for others it doesn't make quite as much of a difference since they play with a regular length stick with similar specs.
  25. furyoku_tennis

    Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 - Should I switch?

    you could add lead to your racket while you push to improve your skills and once you feel like you've advanced far enough for a heavier and smaller racket, go for it. it can be tough to make that kind of jump, at least for some people anyway.
  26. furyoku_tennis

    Pure Storm Tour GT or PB 10 mid+

    the pure storm tour sounds like it might fit your game better. best thing to do is demo them both. personally i prefer the PB10 MP over the pure storm tour gt
  27. furyoku_tennis

    changing my racquet paint job. Whatcha think?

    sounds like its your first time, so if you're planning to do it yourself, then i'd go with something simple. otherwise, you'll have to ask around to find someone to paint it for you.
  28. furyoku_tennis

    Is there anyway to make the kblade tour a 16x19?

    as long as the strings are still aligned evenly, i don't think there should be any problems. i have a liquidmetal prestige mid with 16 mains and haven't had a problem with it.
  29. furyoku_tennis

    Youtek radical mp perfectly capped with mg prestige cap grommets set

    can't believe it took an hour. nice cap job btw. how does it hit?
  30. furyoku_tennis

    Flex Rating on Radicals

    polylon ice mains and forten nylon crosses at 58 lbs. nice and crisp to say the least.