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  1. max_67

    How to recognize a real Wilson H22

    Hey guys, a seller is selling a Wilson H22 and posted some pics. It looks like a Wilson Blade, of course, so how could I tell that it is a real pro stock H22? Any close up picture of a specific part? Thanks Max
  2. max_67

    Wilson blade 98 2015 - how to recognize

    Guys, would like to get one to try it out myself, but I'd need to know how to recognize the 2015 model with some pictures. What should I look for... colours, writing, whatever? Thanks in advance Max
  3. max_67

    Riconoscere Wilson blade 98 anno 2015

    Buongiorno a tutti, qualcuno potrebbe dirmi come riconoscere in foto le Wilson blade 98 modello del 2015? Cosa dovrei guardare come sigle, colori, etc? Grazie Max
  4. max_67

    Head pro stock - opinion of experts needed

    Hi guys, I've started to get interested in pro stock rackets, and I've found an ad of a couple of Head. They are described as TGK 219.2 XL. Asked some pics to the seller, and here's what I got: Being myself a noob in terms of pro stock, what do you think guys? Just wondering whether they are...
  5. max_67

    Aren't you disgusted about how ball kids are treated ?

    Well, I am. Seen Verdasco behaviour few weeks ago, what a shame; these kids are treated like waiters, anything the pro's need they have to do, and quickly. Does it make sense to ask for 5 balls and then give them back 3 ? And what about getting every point a sweaty towel ? I'm sure I'm not the...