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  1. Li Ching Yuen

    Terms of Service of this forum

    I was expecting a link on this site where this topic is discussed. I couldn't find anything related so could anyone point me in the right direction? More specifically I'm interested in knowing what are your policies regarding spidering the forum in order to automate some tasks, none of which...
  2. Li Ching Yuen

    Who is staying up to watch Wozniacki?

    Who is staying up til 3AM to watch Wozniacki? They sure tried to stop me from getting my fix of Woztennis but not even their vicious ploy or the damn timezone sabotage can succeed in making me miss this one.
  3. Li Ching Yuen

    Help: buying something from overseas

    So I want to buy something for someone that's living in America. And I would want to buy that from America and have it delivered to her rather than buying here (Europe) and then shipping it. Do you any of you know if there is a solution for this? Thanks a lot.
  4. Li Ching Yuen

    Hey Nadal, you know something?

    If you're so unhappy with how the taxing is in the UK you should just comission Tio Toni to tell your lawyer to tank the next tax payments. There, problem solved. Was it that hard?
  5. Li Ching Yuen

    Should I tank tomorrow?

    I don't think I'm gonna be watching any tennis tomorrow. Thinking of chilling out, getting a pizza, a beer and skipping the WTF.
  6. Li Ching Yuen

    That was amazing.

    In the same year, probably the only current active tennis players that I literally support, Samantha Stosur and Li Na have won grand slams. I'm bursting really. Really happy to see this. Sammy was phenomenal tonight, great girl, great attitude and a frickin' nice game to watch.:):)
  7. Li Ching Yuen

    Could we stop with the whining over the ATP Calendar?

    The top pros got a full month of rest since Wimbledon where they didn't participate in any of the smaller tournaments. And since not everybody made the Quarters at Wimbledon, you could say that they had 5 weeks of rest. Sure, guys that usually only get to play a few matches every week played...
  8. Li Ching Yuen

    Andy Murray dislikes Deliciano Watch his post-match interview 3rd round towards the end. Apparently Judy Murray has taken a liking over Feliciano Lopez. Murray thinks it's not so cool.
  9. Li Ching Yuen

    Ryan Harrison cracks the Top100

    Thus becoming the only teenager in the Top100. With his current Wimbledon result he is provisionally number 99 in the world. :) Keep it going, kid.
  10. Li Ching Yuen

    Li Na saves tennis, saves mankind

    Beats the cavewoman after a good fight against the Czech abomination. Even if she loses 0 and 0 against Azarenka double faulting a dozen times she would still remain the heroine of this tournament. Love her more and more.:)
  11. Li Ching Yuen

    Can Monfils overcome Djokovic's dominance if he eliminates cheese from his diet?

    :???: Well? It's very possible. We all know that as with gluten for Djok, La Monf's cheese allergy is the only thing that keeps him from tennis glory.
  12. Li Ching Yuen

    Madrid R3: Soderling vs. Tsonga

    Finally a real match. Tsonga could take this.
  13. Li Ching Yuen

    Llodra starts the horror show

    Against Cipolla. Just watch him let this one slip away from him against the challenger player.
  14. Li Ching Yuen

    Murray, a keyboard player?

    So I heard this rumour that Andy Murray is actually a great keyboard player. Any truth to it?:confused::confused:
  15. Li Ching Yuen

    Tennis and injuries: happenings

    Truly an awful day for tennis, one of the great messiahs of our generation has been downed by sickness and butthurt. Post whatever todays episode reminded you of. Here's what came to my mind:
  16. Li Ching Yuen

    Australian Open DRAW. Now LIVE. Available everywhere. Stream has just started. Special guest: Ivan Lendl. Let the trolling begin.
  17. Li Ching Yuen

    Here's your 1.000 $$ prediction for the US Open

    Semifinalists: Roger Federer Novak Djokovic Rafael Nadal Andrew Murray --- I thought early on that someone might have the ability to take the erratic and messy Djokovic out of the picture, but it seems his part of the draw is filled with players in off form or playing really bad...
  18. Li Ching Yuen

    My take on the draw That's the draw. First Quarter. Nadal will have to play Gabashvilli and Istomim in the first 2 rounds. Perfect early opponents for him. Guys that do have weapons and a good serve so he'll be able to finetune his game early...
  19. Li Ching Yuen

    Record speed overhead

    Kohlschreiber just hit one at 197Kph. Is this a record?
  20. Li Ching Yuen

    Murray states he is no pusher
  21. Li Ching Yuen

    Is Nadal the least spectacular player of the big 4?

    Federer Nadal Sampras Agassi Those are undoubtedly the biggest players of the past 2 decades. Is Nadal the least spectacular of the four? I think so. Surely that's not really something bad as the other 3 are some of the spectacular tennis players we have ever seen but it's an interesting...
  22. Li Ching Yuen

    Possible explanation to Berdych's recent success

    Here are some interesting stats: First serve return points won: Second serve return points won: He is by far the leader in the first stat and is...
  23. Li Ching Yuen

    A notable progress in Murray's game He is the leader in 2nd serve points won, which is a drastic improvement to his former performances, when we remember how players used to simply mock his 2nd serve blasting winners of of it. It's way more pacey now and the...
  24. Li Ching Yuen

    Has Nadal ever played a bad grand slam final?

    He has been in 10 right?... Has he ever been "off" in one of them?...I seriously can't remember
  25. Li Ching Yuen

    Seedings...the disadvantage of being Soderling in the last couple of grand slams.

    I was thinking in retrospective of the last two grand slams, Rolland Garros and Wimbledon, and even though the second is not over yet, I think Robin Soderling's seeding is simply not doing him any justice and it's somewhat harming the competition. Of course, I know, seedings are based on the...
  26. Li Ching Yuen

    British people help

    I know BBC2 is airing the women's match now and generally the Center Court but what other channels do broadcast live matches from Wimbledon?... Please help.
  27. Li Ching Yuen

    Fastest ever serve at Wimbledon

    Recorded this year, and hit by Taylor Dent against Djokovic. It was like a bullet. Terrifying. :shock: And another thing is, Dent had another serve that clocked in at 151 mph, but that went just out so it couldn't be counted.
  28. Li Ching Yuen

    Mahut vs. Isner

    My god, what a fantastic match. Zero muggery all around. We're not worth it, really. Mahut just clinched the 3rd set tiebreak for a 2-1 set lead at the moment, some high quality stellar tennis so far. Gotta love it.
  29. Li Ching Yuen

    Three important facts

    1. You have to win 3 sets in order to obtain a victory in a Grand Slam tournament 2. Roger Federer is the winner of sixteen grand-slams. 3. The word "choke" in tennis world is not supposed to be used automatically when a player that you wish to win fails to do so. However, Federer is as...