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  1. Fairhit

    21 grand slams in 2021 wasn't meant to be

    Nor for Nadal nor for Djokovic, before Roland Garros it was a lock for Nadal, after RG it was a lock for Djokovic. I wasn't meant to be...
  2. Fairhit

    Recommendations needed

    I want to buy a stringing machine, I don't have a clue about anything regarding this topic I just want a machine to string my racquets and the racquets my friends dare to let me string, I don't need anything fancy, just a machine that I won't be worried about it breaking and one that can do a...
  3. Fairhit

    Could anyone explain current Head lines?

    I've never played with Head and in my search for a racquet similar to the DR 98, various people have recommended Head racquets, I want to know more about them but they have so many references and long names that is kind of daunting to try to understand their lines. With Yonex and Babolat you...
  4. Fairhit

    Ezone DR 98 similar racquets

    Hey guys, I need help again. I was playing with the Pro Staff 97 and a combo of situations gave a pretty bad case of TE, I took a hard look at it and arrived at the conclusion that even though it wasn't just the frame, it was contributing highly to my pain so I switched to a DR 98 that I have...
  5. Fairhit

    Racquet like the Pro Staff 97 but more flexible and soft?

    Any suggestions?
  6. Fairhit

    Is the Pro Staff 97 an arm wrecker?

    I've been playing with it since 2019 and haven't had any problems with it until this month, I have TE and it has been hard on my arm, I played today 1 hour with the PS97 and my arm was hurting, I switched to the Ezone DR 98 and the pain started to fade. Could be the racquet?
  7. Fairhit

    Djokovic had a bad day...

    He didn't play his best tennis, he missed many points at the net, he didn't maintain his serve when gaining a break, he missed his convo of dropshot and lob many times. He wasn't playing his best tennis and apparently Nadal either since around here Nadal wins or is injured, never he has been...
  8. Fairhit

    A little help

    Regardless of the string, it is normal for a string job to lose tension gradually or is it a loss of tension and then the break? I'm asking because I have been playing horrible the last week and at first I thought I was having a ban day, that happened again two mire times, balls sailing long...
  9. Fairhit

    To change or not to change racquet

    I've always tried to have good technique, I didn't care that much for score, I've always played with player's frames as they make me execute well if I want to paly well, I've aways palyd with the gold to improve and playing with these type of frames certainly suit y gold. Now, I see people...
  10. Fairhit

    Monfils' showboating is just annoying

    I mean, every once in a while is refreshing to see something different but to do twirls before a shot is nothing more than mocking the rival, it doesn't add anything to the shot and it was a novelty the first 10 times he did it. I like the guy but I would definitely prefer to see him doing a...
  11. Fairhit

    Just another rant about teaching pros.

    Since March I hadn't played any matches or had any classes, 3 weeks ago I played a couple of matches and started individual classes with a coach I had worked before and I had walk away from. 6 classes taken so far and I feel like I have improved nothing at all, my timing is nowhere to be...
  12. Fairhit

    Just played for the first time in almost 8 months

    Last time I played was pre confinement, like the 20th of March, my timing is all messed up, I can't hit anything with consistency or any kid of pace or placement, not even the slices are there, my foot work is almost non existent, my serve is a joke and it seems like I've never hit a volley...
  13. Fairhit

    What is "Success in life" for you?

    Is it having money? Being healthy? Having a family? To travel? To have a house and a car? To live freely without material attachments? For you what is the real meaning of being successful in life?
  14. Fairhit

    Alexander Bublik: I hate tennis with all my heart.

    World number 55 Alexander Bublik has admitted that he “hates tennis” and only plays for the money. In a truly shocking revelation, the Russian born player who now represents Kazakhstan said in an interview with French newspaper L’Équipe: “I hate tennis with all my heart. To be honest, I don’t...
  15. Fairhit

    Classes with low level

    I need advice. I play a few tournaments here and there but I always take a group lesson twice a week, is not something that helps me improve a lot but it let's me try things I wouldn't try in a match, anyway, last year before the break there were 8 people crammed in the court, I was thinking...
  16. Fairhit

    Differences between Yonex models

    I have the DR98, nice frame, I want to buy another Yonex but I want to read opinions on their different models, the Vcore Pro 310, 330, the Vcore 98, the HD, the Ezone, etc... what do you guys think?
  17. Fairhit

    Chinese Ball Machines

    There are lot of brands, anyone has tried one?
  18. Fairhit

    Why do you change to your "other" racquets?

    We all have our go to racquet, why do you play with a different one? In which situations you feel like you want to play with a completely different set up to the one you play your best? It is for different courts? different opponents? How the match is developing? Practice? Develop other styles...
  19. Fairhit

    Do you consider yourself good looking?

    Not what other tell you, what do you think about your looks?
  20. Fairhit

    Federer single handedly (hehe) brought back the 1hbh

    Of all the young one handers having success today, I'm sure that most adopted the 1hbh because they grew up watching and admiring Federer, at least Tsitsipas has said so much and I'm sure Federer's success had something to do with the majestic resurgence of the most beautiful stroke in tennis.
  21. Fairhit

    Another Pro Staff and lead tape thread...

    Sorry about opening yet another thread about this but I need advice. I was playing with the RF97A and it was the best, in practice it was delightful and in some matches I was playing out of my mind until I had to play a 3 setter intense match, there about the two hours mark I started to feel my...
  22. Fairhit

    I'm pretty sure Travlerajm thought I was going to rob him

    OK, full disclosure, I'm not saying @travlerajm said or do something that gave me that idea, I'm not saying that he actually thought that, all I'm saying is that after the facts I think that at some point the thought must have crossed his head, he was such a nice guy that I have to make it very...
  23. Fairhit

    PS97 to RF97A

    I'm sure you've heard this a lot but here we go again. I got a sweet deal on a couple of 2015 PS97, and sweetening the deal I also bought a RF97A, also 2015, those three racquets for US$165, Im happy with the PS97 and just bought the RF97A because of the price and because I wanted to give it a...
  24. Fairhit

    Is more entertaining doubles than any WTA match

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the WTA but one of the greatest players loses a final in under an hour and an hour later the doubles final gives the emotion lacking in at least the final 5 matches on the women's side. You don't see close matches let alone rivalries, is so many ups and downs and...
  25. Fairhit

    Little by little a weapon is showing itself

    I´ve been playing for two years and i´ve said it before here, i think i´m not that bad, i´m working on a more straight forward game, i used to chip and slice too much, i am quite a junk baller, i drop shot from anywhere and i´m not bad a it but as i climb and play against better rivals, i...
  26. Fairhit

    Avengers: Endgame excellent but...

    I expected more, it is an amazing movie all around but I think the massive hype hurts the enjoyment of the film. What do you think?
  27. Fairhit

    Is this Zverev's true level?

    Failing to reach his supposed potential as one of the ATGs?
  28. Fairhit

    TE With Ultra Tour.

    Apparently this is an odd one. Last year I started to train more, I doubled from two sessions to four per week, I played this schedule for two months and started to feel discomfort in my elbow all of that time I used the Wilson Ultra Tour and I thought that the increased hours of playing were...
  29. Fairhit

    How to customize a Wilson Ultra Tour to a Blade 98 2015 specs?

    Here's the deal: I bought a Wilson Blade 98 18x20 2015 a year and a half ago, I enjoyed so much that racquet but unfortunately it was the last one son I didn't commit to it, a Pure Strike and Ezone later I found the WUT and loved it but it is lacking power so I research and one thing that...
  30. Fairhit

    What is the absolute best model in any line?

    I've been playing for less than two years so I don't have that much experience with that many racquets but I was wondering what model is the best in every line? I've heard many people say that a model from 10 years ago was better than any that came after so I'm intrigued, is there any iteration...