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  1. Xenakis

    BBC WTF Nalbandian Blindness

    For the second year in a row the BBC missed Nalbandian off their previous winners of the WTF graphic that they show before the final. Not acceptable! I suggest we send some emails.
  2. Xenakis

    Pros Grips Thread.

    Is there a thread anywhere which lists which grips pros use? (serve, fh, bh, volley etc) If not, could this be it? Add the info you have and copy and paste from the previous message (if relevant) so we can build up a comprehensive list (please don't post unless you're sure, I'm fairly...
  3. Xenakis


    Interesting fairly new word... ................. Wimbledonization This term (originally coined by financiers in the Far East) refers to developments which make a particular centre flourish, although its own natives are not in a majority, or even dominant, in its use. This has happened to...
  4. Xenakis

    Clearing Balls From Court Before Playing Point

    Sure I read a thread on this ages ago but couldn't find it in search (found something about someone calling a let when they tripped on a ball on their own side but didn't clearly address this issue). If your opponent has ball/s on their side of the court are they supposed to clear them before...
  5. Xenakis

    The World's Oldest Tennis Club (inc. pics).

    Thought some might be interested to see a few pics of 'the world's oldest tennis club'. I was there briefly the other day to collect some umpire chairs for our club's finals day. Edgbaston Archery and Lawn Tennis Society is in Edgbaston, Birmingham UK. According to the generally accepted...
  6. Xenakis

    You Must Learn the 2hbh Before The 1hbh, Right or Wrong?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I'm just enquiring on behalf of a friend who had a lesson with the club coach yesterday and wanted to work on his 1hbh. However the coach refused to do this and said he has to learn the 2hbh first. Bear in mind my friend is in his late 20s and has...
  7. Xenakis

    'Swapped Out' Why not just 'Swapped'?

    'Swapped out' is to my knowledge a computing term where it makes some sense (swap file, here) but I can't see its usefulness in general terms. e.g. 'I swapped out my old laces for some new ones'. Why 'swapped out', why not just say 'swapped'? e.g. 'I swapped my old laces for some new ones.'...
  8. Xenakis

    Rattling Trap Door on BLX 95

    I've got a BLX 95 which has a probably ill fitting trap door which rattles when you hit a shot etc. Currently I've swapped it for another one (not a BLX one) which does the job but was wondering if anyone had solution for this problem so I could put the original one back in? Tried a brief...
  9. Xenakis

    Roddick: No Attention To Detail

    For those who think Roddick might win Wimby this year, this screen grab of a post match interview yesterday does not augur well for reasons that should be obvious.
  10. Xenakis

    If Fed Wins Wimby Again, Oxfam get £100k A good reason to root for Fed?
  11. Xenakis

    150th Anniversary of Tennis Exo Tourney: Birmingham 2015

    I think this should happen. No plans as yet, I'm starting the ball rolling and wondering what others think. First, the history... Using the 1865 date, tennis; as we know it more or less, will be 150 years old in 2015. I think there should be a...
  12. Xenakis

    Federer; Pratfall, funny.

    Perhaps it's because I've had a few beers or perhaps it's just genuinely funny (or perhaps humour is a complicated inter-subjective phenomena whose definition is best left till another day) but here's Rog getting hit by the ball then falling over his own feet.. (at 2:35 approx)...
  13. Xenakis

    Duralast vs Duralast Tour

    Wondering if anyone knows if the older yellow coloured Duralast Tour is the same string as the natural coloured Duralast. Also what about availability, I can only find Duralast Tour on sale in Europe (so far, not spent ages looking other than my usual sources) but Duralast natural is...
  14. Xenakis

    Your Creative/Artistic Tennis Vids

    If this isn't already a genre, it now is. Rather than just posting vids of you playing tennis or hitting against the wall etc do something interesting with the footage, add sound or cutaways or use filters or whatever you like. Here's one I did yesterday, slowed it down added some music...
  15. Xenakis

    Venus Williams's FO Underwear: !!??

    Erm. Speechless (in a bad way). Article here... Delving deeper (cough) into other underwear mishaps and style faux pas... 'Tamira Paszek's puppies make a break for freedom...
  16. Xenakis

    Serve Needs Fixing, Tips Welcome; Video Included.

    More a case of what isn't wrong with my serve rather than just a few issues which need addressing... A fairly average first serve from me (not one of my fastest, or slowest, at least it went in). The main thing I'm doing wrong (I think) seems...
  17. Xenakis

    Arm/Shoulder Pain from Winshield Wiper FH?

    Recently switched to a windshield wiper forehand (more or less, I think) and have been having some arm and shoulder pain and was wondering if A: Others have had this too B: Anyone has any tips for correct form and avoiding injury. I think the pain is related mostly to my grip (gripping too...
  18. Xenakis

    Racquet Prep When Tracking Back?

    Wondering if there is any standard advice on this topic. I find prepping the racquet for my forehand (backhand isn't so bad, simpler prep, I think) while tracking back to the baseline to retreive a deep shot a bit awkward, especially if I have to hit a high ball when I get there. Is it best...
  19. Xenakis

    Musical Tennis Puns Thread.

    Yes that's right. I'll start off, a jazz fusion classic from 1970, Freddie Hubbard's 'Red Clay' (I used to play bass on this tune in a jazz group I was in years ago, it's a 'standard'). Post more pieces/tunes/songs/tracks with tennis pun titles...
  20. Xenakis

    Vogue Magazine: Murray, Just a Pusher?

    This isn't out yet but apparently the article is really well written according to my friend who works at Vogue, I look forward to reading it. Should be a good follow up to the equally well written and insightful WSJ piece posted here today.
  21. Xenakis

    Visors, For Men. Acceptable or not?

    Caps are too hot, bandanas are just too silly and headbands are sort of ok but a bit 80s (sort of, possibly). Visors give you a bit of sun protection, stop sweat getting in your eyes and unlike a full cap you don't get a sweaty head or hair (if you have any). But are they acceptable for men in...
  22. Xenakis

    Which Racquet To Choose? Which Shoes or String? Too Much Choice is Bad For Us

    Barry Schwartz on Why Too Much Choice is Bad for Us. Leaving the somewhat inept and tautological title aside* this is quite an interesting article and video (a TED lecture) suggesting there is such a thing as too...
  23. Xenakis

    Topspin Forehand Advice Anyone?

    So I've failed thus far (since starting to play last summer) to get any sort of decent topspin on my forehand. It's getting a bit annoying now (my backhand is much better for some reason), wondered if anyone had some tips in general or answers for these questions. 1: How much should the...
  24. Xenakis

    Where To Get Black Rubber Band Dampeners?

    I normally use a rubber band dampener of any colour but now I have a black racquet with black strings I need a supply of black bands but can't find any for sale in the UK. The only ones I can find are thin and used as hairbands I think. Need to find some chunky ones if possible, any ideas?
  25. Xenakis

    The Washing/Cleaning Shoes and Apparel Thread

    Forgive me if there is already a thread on this topic but I haven't seen anything so perhaps it's worth starting one (or another one if that's the case.) Please add questions/tips/info about washing or cleaning tennis footwear and apparel. Some topics/questions to start with... 1: How...
  26. Xenakis

    How To Stop Eyeglasses Fogging Up?

    I've recently started wearing glasses on court. Sports ones with a polycarbonate shield infront of a standard RX insert with prescription lenses. I haven't worn glasses since I was a kid and I'm a bit stuck for ways of stopping the lenses from fogging up. This tends to happen when it's cold...
  27. Xenakis

    Poll: XL Racquet? Or Not?

    After seeing those pro racquet stats someone posted earlier from Bercy 2007 I wondered how many players here use XL frames, it seems a lot of pros do. I'm currently using a 28in Vantage 95. Was using an i.Prestige Mid XL before that (27.75.) Please add some info about why you use what you...
  28. Xenakis

    Best PJ Ever? The All Black Vantage Custom VT231

    Perhaps the best PJ is no PJ? I present to you my all black Vantage Custom VT231. Brand new as of today and photographed after its first on court action it has a 95in head, a 28in frame, it's 330g unstrung, 63RA, and 12 points headlight. Strung with TF Blackcode 1.18 at 22kgs (2 piece.) The...
  29. Xenakis

    Recommend Tension for TF Blackcode 1.18 for Vantage 95?

    Getting a Vantage 95 this week (hopefully, postman) and I have some TF Blackcode 1.18 to put in it and was wondering whether anyone has any suggestions regarding string tension? I currently use an i.Prestige Mid XL with Rip Control 16 at about 50lbs which works for me and wanted a similar...
  30. Xenakis

    The Ultimate Safin Performance?

    Somewhat inspired by the Safinisms thread.... Those of you who are Safin fans, if you had to recommend one match where Safin played his best tennis which one would it be? It's not important if he won or lost, just that he did his thing really well (his famous 2hbh has to be on fire etc.)...