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  1. topher

    Fedal fans, would you like to see Novak break Court’s record or fall just short?

    To me, I’d rather he win 25 slams and leave the slam debate beyond all doubt. First, he would eliminate any annoying what-if scenarios between the Big 3 like what if Roger had hit a good approach shot at 40-15. Or what if Rafa had made the easy volley in AO 2012. Second, he beats Court’s...
  2. topher

    No media abilities unless you have certain like count

    Just an idea to prevent further trolling that I’ve seen implemented on other forums. Plus age of account could have to be so long.
  3. topher

    Was Connors cheated out of the CYGS in 1974?

    I didn't watch tennis in 1974, so don't claim to be an expert. But it seems to me that Jimmy was the clear favorite to win RG that year had he not been banned. With a 95-4 record on the year, Jimmy was a cut above the rest all season long. He was 8-1 on clay, with clay wins that included...
  4. topher

    Roddick and Djokovic almost fought??

    I don't know if you folks were already aware of this, but apparently Andy pushed Novak up against the lockers and was ready to wail on him after their match at the infamous US Open 2008 confrontation...
  5. topher

    Murray fans: Was losing Wimbledon 2012 a blessing in disguise?

    I realize there are like 6 Murray fans on here, but was wondering... I remember watching that Wimbledon 2012 final with Roger and feeling pretty upset that he lost. Then watching the final this year and happy that he won, but kind of wishing that he'd managed it last year in a more...
  6. topher

    Is playing Federer what Rafa needs to raise his level of play?

    Does Rafa playing (and beating) Federer raise his level of play? If so, why? Rafa didn't play Roger in any of the majors he lost in 2011. When he played him at AO 2012, he took what had become a very predictable rivalry (0-6) against Novak and made it competitive again. When he beat Fed at...