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  1. Z-Man

    A good example of 4.5?S

    You never know until you get on the court with someone. I recall playing in a tournament and seeing my opponents warming up. I was totally siked out. They were young, fit, and killing the ball. But we beat them easily because they weren't nearly as good as they looked. It's all about...
  2. Z-Man

    Snappy comebacks

    My favorite comeback is when a foot faulter questions a line call on his own serve. I say: "It was only a few inches long. If you hit the same serve from back behind the baseline, it probably would have been in." Another comeback for line call questioners is to say "I got a really good look...
  3. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Dang, a few years ago I thought I was getting close to at least knowing the names of the major craft brewers around the country. Now there are so many, I can barely stay on top of what's local / regional.
  4. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Thanks--good info on Coronado. There are so many great breweries in that area. Last time I was in SD, I was really impressed with Ballast Point, but I missed the chance to work with them, so now Firestone Walker is at the top of my CA list, but I don't know when they will come my way. I need...
  5. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Hey Kevin: Do you ever see anything from Coronado Brewing out in California? What's their reputation? They are coming to my area, and I'm wondering what to expect.
  6. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Happy Thanksgiving to my beer-loving tennis playing internet friends. Tonight I'm giving thanks with leftover Mellow Mushroom pizza washed down with Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA and Jekyll Brewing Hop Dang Diggity. Hop Dang!
  7. Z-Man


    I can't recall how long I waited, but it was at least two weeks. You will feel fine, but you really want to take it easy. It's much better than having to worry about complications. Another tip: be sure your doc gives you a Valium to take before the procedure. It will help take the edge off...
  8. Z-Man

    ALTA B1 (Atlanta) What's the USTA Level?

    ^^^^^ Especially at line 1, you never know what you'll get in ALTA. Throw in hangovers, changing partners, etc, anything can happen. We took all 5 lines this morning. I played at line 2. Our opponents were decent players--probably mid to low level 4.0s. But their line calls were 2.5...
  9. Z-Man

    ALTA B1 (Atlanta) What's the USTA Level?

    I'll have to report back tomorrow after the match. Alta is funny--you never know who is going to show up. Based on what I'm hearing, our team is good, but not exceptionally good for B1.
  10. Z-Man

    ALTA B1 (Atlanta) What's the USTA Level?

    Thanks for the input--I really didn't know what to expect. We are playing out of Newnan. I've played at the higher levels, but my partner and I are both rusty. If it's 3.5s and 4.0s, I think we will be OK.
  11. Z-Man

    ALTA B1 (Atlanta) What's the USTA Level?

    A question for the Atlanta / ALTA players: What's the level of play at ALTA B1? I've been sitting out for a few years, but I just joined a B1 team. I've never played that low before. What's the general level? Maybe weak 4.0 with 4.5s at line 1 and 3.5s at lines 4 and 5? Thx Z
  12. Z-Man

    Tops'l members/owners ?

    If you hit the hot tub at the TOPSL fitness center, be sure to look out for local legend Johnny Savage. He's a hoot...
  13. Z-Man

    The Cause of the Weak American Field: USTA Junior Tournaments

    I spent 10 days in Spain earlier this year (mostly Andalusia). I was surprised to see very few tennis courts. Maybe there are more courts in Valencia, but southern Spain is like Florida for Europeans. Granted, I was mostly in tourist areas, but we traveled by bus, and I saw a lot of the...
  14. Z-Man

    Getting humbled in USTA

    That's good, but I'd fine tune it with two points: 1) Pushers are often able to keep the ball deep and move the ball around to prevent their opponent from attacking. Depth and placement are both weapons. Patience is another weapon. A better player can answer depth and placement will depth...
  15. Z-Man

    4.0 Looking to hit on Hilton Head 5-3 through 5-14

    Sorry I missed you--I'll be there for the next 4 days. Let me know if you're coming back.
  16. Z-Man

    Wild Dunes and HH/Sea Pines - South Beach - Good Pros?

    I don't know any pros at HH / South Beach, but if you go to Sea Pines Tennis Center, get a lesson with Michael, Josh, or Mark. They are all great players and great teachers who don't mind moving around and hitting a lot of balls. They're also so good that they can dial in just the right amount...
  17. Z-Man

    Tennis in Toledo, Granada, or Seville?

    I will be in Spain next week, and I've always wanted to play on European red clay. I'll be in Madrid, but also in Toledo, Granada, and Seville. Is anyone familiar with courts in these towns? I'd just like to hit for an hour with a decent club pro. I am staying in the city center of each of...
  18. Z-Man

    How costly is your court hire?

    $350 for the whole family to play day or night on clay at local public courts. Hard courts are free. Very lucky for a small town...
  19. Z-Man

    Bossy negative partner

    A few years ago I played doubles with a former D1 college tennis coach who is among the best singles players in the world in his age group. We won at line 1 in ALTA AA3 (Atlanta Doubles League), where I have no business playing (that's usually 5.0s). His game was amazing, but what really...
  20. Z-Man

    Demo 1st Impressions: Graphite 100, 6.1 95S, PB 10 Mid, Organix 10 325...

    I just hit with the Prince Graphite 100. It's a great racquet. At first I struggled to keep the ball deep, but then I started to hit a little flatter, and that got the depth dialed in. I was still hitting returns a little short, but the upside is that you can really go for it without worrying...
  21. Z-Man

    Specs on Prince Pro 110

    Thanks for a stroll down memory lane. I played with the Prince Pro in the 80s when I was 9,10,11 years old. It's funny now to think about a 9 year old playing with a 12+oz racquet. Now they teach kids to hit with light racquets and foam balls. After the Prince Pro, I moved on to the Prince...
  22. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Thanks for the info! It will be interesting to see how they translate outside of their home market. I'm hoping for a junket to see the brewery in Crozet--might have to stop off at Sugar Hollow on Skyline Drive while I'm in the area...
  23. Z-Man

    How much tennis do you play a week?

    Dang, I'm lucky if I can get out once a week. Maybe when the kids are grown...
  24. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    A question for Kevin T or anyone else who wants to chime in: What are your thoughts on Starr Hill from Charlottesville? Do they make consistent, high quality beers? Will they grow into a regional powerhouse like Sweetwater?
  25. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Chaos in Atlanta. Everyone in the city got in their cars to drive home at the exact same time, just as the snow started icing up. My cousin had to leave his car and walk home 8 miles in the dark. But the sledding was awesome this morning, and it's always nice to spend a day at home drinking...
  26. Z-Man

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Cheers! Stan was the The Man today. Somebody buy that guy a beer!
  27. Z-Man

    Stan : 'He always does this'

    LOL: Trophy Ceremony
  28. Z-Man

    ALTA Professional Meaning

    I'm not a huge fan of this rule. There are lots of teaching pros who have no business at AA.
  29. Z-Man

    Doubles: better if the returner makes the call.

    The returner's partner is supposed to make the call. He/she has a better angle of view, and the returner is supposed to keep his eyes on the ball, not the bounce or the mark (if you're on clay). The returner can make the call if his partner misses it or makes an incorrect call. Same goes for...
  30. Z-Man

    4.0 = Wide, WIDE range!

    4.0 used to be stronger before the USTA decided to bump so many people up a few years back. All of the levels were redefined slightly except for 4.5. So there are probably some guys who escaped the big bump for one reason or another. No 4.5 team wants them, so they stick around in 4.0, but...