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  1. Clay lover

    Completely losing your feel every time you start practice

    I can rally with some consistency after having dialled in but every time I start a practice session I completely lose the feel for the racquet. It's hard to describe the sensation but it's as if I don't know how to align my arm and position my wrist to form the proper racquet angle, and as a...
  2. Clay lover

    Testing out an ATP forehand and some questions

    In an attempt to solve my forehand woes once and for all I've been trying out the ATP forehand. Originally hit with a WTA , western forehand where I pre-lay the wrist back and just rotate into the shot. However, I've always had trouble keeping the wrist laid back and the contact point...
  3. Clay lover

    The benefits of an over the shoulder / relatively higher finish

    Forehand has been going through a bit of a slump (three years to be honest) and have been experimenting with ways to make it more consistent and just kinda stumbled into the high finish as one of the experiments and I have to say the results were phenomenal. From what I could observe and feel...
  4. Clay lover

    Useful to visualize modern strokes as inside-out swings?

    Let's go into both types of swings modern forehands are categorised into. From what I can observe, for a righty, both involve the racquet somewhat pointing towards the left at the end of the takeback before the forward swing. (Basically when the arm is in the firing position). A WTA forehand...
  5. Clay lover

    Western grip, low-bouncing court remedies

    My apartment courts are convenient but recently realized why I suck so much on them. The ball bounces low and skids - the surface must be quite smooth and it doesn't help that some of my mates are hard flat hitters. Every time I hit I'm late and scooping up the ball and it's incredibly tiring...
  6. Clay lover

    In-law wants to ease my son into becoming a righty

    She starts off with encouraging him to use both hands. Then praises how competently he can use his right hand. Then tells him if he sees others using the right hand, he can use his right hand too. How pressing is handedness as an issue? How important is conformity or not getting in others'...
  7. Clay lover

    The ugliest video game / cartoon creature thread

    Hopefully this can catch on by virtue of simple morbid curiosity. I'll start: Mr Mime and Jynx from Pokemon
  8. Clay lover

    Found this pretty useful channel none other than the pro player Nishioka. I like how he stays down-to-earth and analytical throughout and actually provides insight and tips using text no less in some of his videos in case we don't understand Japanese. In the one where...
  9. Clay lover

    Southeast Asians watch out

    Was just informed by the cable guy that Fox Sports is ceasing its operations coming Oct. Now's the time to look for slam broadcast solutions if your TV provider isn't gonna provide one.
  10. Clay lover

    How legitimate is "you've got an X in me" as a grammatical structure mean "I am your X", in which X is a positive role adopted by someone, in spoken English? I blame Toy Story for the years of pondering. Possible sentences I can think of: He has the best confidant in her. = She is his best confidant. Justin has a reliable companion in Barry. = Barry is...
  11. Clay lover

    Three inevitabilities in life: death, taxes and

    Ronaldo stepping over to his left and putting the ball into the right
  12. Clay lover

    One hurdle down

    50+ hits from another
  13. Clay lover

    Is the big man, small game type of play gonna become the norm?

    It used to be that big men usually played a big-serving power game and small men a grinding counter-punching game and players more or less played into those stereotypes because they complement their strengths. Nowadays the distinction isn't so clear. The best player in the world is 6'2...
  14. Clay lover

    Nalby dropping some F bombs

    He's a funny guy haha
  15. Clay lover

    Spiritual successor to the Dunlop 300 racquets

    Been playing with the Biomimetic 300 for almost 10 years now and want a back-up or even replacement. First off Bios are hard to find these days and secondly also want the novelty of a new line that inherits its characteristics and can be sustainably purchased in the future. Bought a 2nd M3.0...
  16. Clay lover

    Do you think a straight-arm FH player will benefit more from a OHBH or straight/straight 2HBH

    I've never seen this question asked so just wondering. In terms of contact point and the ease of timing it seems to make more sense to have a BH that is hit as far in front as the FH. Some successful straight-armers who also happen to have an OHBH: Federer, Tsitsipas, Blake,. Nadal is a 2HBH...
  17. Clay lover

    Another good one from Jeff

    Love that he's essentially teaching the ATP FH and lag without getting down to all that body movement terminology. To me he seems like the best combination of credibility (he's the highest ATP-ranked instructor by FAR on youtube) and accessibility (his instruction is straightforward). With his...
  18. Clay lover

    Is Miggy gonna get the elusive 3000 hits and 500 homeruns

    He just needs one subpar season to do it and his numbers don't even need to be good ... but his body and circumstances are not on his side ... and that "subpar" season that we have been taking for granted will take place is just becoming more and more elusive. So close yet so far... I think in...
  19. Clay lover

    I know who Rublev's forehand reminds me of now

    James Blake. The mechanics and the timing of the shots are of course different. Rublev hits with more spin. James Blake was an earlier hitter. But their approaches are similar, and they also both hit straight-arm. Blake had a simple takeback. Rublev arguably had a bigger takeback but would...
  20. Clay lover

    I know who Rublev's forehand reminds me of now

    James Blake. The mechanics and the timing of the shots are of course different. Rublev hits with more spin. James Blake was an earlier hitter. But their approaches are similar, and they also both hit straight-arm. Blake had a simple takeback. Rublev arguably had a bigger takeback but would...
  21. Clay lover

    Low pitcher numbers: talent or era?

    The MLB is at a point where pitchers have been putting up very unspectacular lifetime numbers in terms of wins and SOs, especially when compared to the previous era. The wins leader Colon doesn't even have 300 wins and is only leading because he's like SUPER OLD. No one except Verlander and...
  22. Clay lover

    Am I correct in assuming that ALL pros have somewhat of an inside-out swing?

    I see a lot of fellow amateurs take the racquet back to EXACTLY where it points towards the back fence and then initiate the forward swing but to me it always felt awkward and prevented me from fully laying my wrist back. From my observation, pros rarely just point the racquet at a 90-degree...
  23. Clay lover

    The MotoGP thread

    Anyone still follow this thrilling sport? Was surprised Marc Marquez has been out after a crash and he probably doesn't stand a chance this season. Don't want to say it's Karma but his reckless riding style especially when it comes to overtaking definitely makes him accident-prone and this time...
  24. Clay lover

    This is mildly infuriating

    Sheldon Cooper: The entire institution of gift giving make no sense. Let's say that I go out, and I spend 50 dollars on you, it's a laborious activity, because I have to imagine what you need, where as you know what you need. Now I could simplify things, just give you the 50 dollars directly...
  25. Clay lover

    Does it annoy you when fans applaud pros during practice?

    The pros might have just got used to it but it annoys me every time I watch pro practice videos. Dude it's not even a real match and both are just experimenting with stuff so a winner isn't even praiseworthy.
  26. Clay lover

    Amazing how a lot of coaches still get the Nadal forehand WRONG

    Even this guy at a supposedly renowned online instruction site gets it wrong. No, Nadal is not hitting his forehand as a desperation tactic and has not formed this habit because he was overpowered and thus was late to the ball all the time--it was simply a decision to maximize margin for error...
  27. Clay lover

    Low balls, movement and racquet angle.

    I suck at hitting low balls because 1. I don't bend my knees 2. I am slow to the ball and 3. I overcompensate for not bending my knees by opening up my racquet too much, causing the ball to just fly off into the fence. It's a major weakness of my game and people have been exploiting it like...
  28. Clay lover

    Some good Berdych (and Wawrinka) finds

    Watched this and can't believe I forgot how cleanly and hard Berdych struck the ball, even off the backhand. The match against Wawrinka in the second vid was also noteworthy because on occasion Wawrinka was actually overpowering Berdych off both wings. This just goes to show how much of a beast...
  29. Clay lover

    Random questions you're curious about for which resident experts (hopefully) have a solution

    Been thinking about this thread for a while where people can draw from the expertise of other fellow members. Basically the enquirer can ask any question he/she likes in this thread and then the expert who knows the answer to any of the questions can quote and reply as they see fit. I'll...