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  1. jimiforpres

    Anyone here from Austin?

    Just curious, does anyone here live in Austin? If so, where do you play (what club) and what level are you?
  2. jimiforpres

    Weight and Bench?

    How much do you weigh, and how much do you bench press(max)? I guess I will start off: Weight: 105 lbs Bench: 120 lbs
  3. jimiforpres

    Building Muscle/ Getting Stronger

    As of now, I am 107 pound, 15, and 5'5". I want to get stronger and build some muscle, so I was wondering what supplements are good for building muscle. I work out with weights 3 times a week, play tennis 3, take about 20 grams of protein, plus what I eat daily, and I eat healthy (fruits...
  4. jimiforpres


    How fast can you do 100 push-ups? I just want to get a general idea of where I am compared to other tennis players.
  5. jimiforpres

    16's SuperChamps?

    I was in 14's champs but I aged up into 16s this month. I played my first ZAT and won it, beating the guy that won the consolation, the 2 seed, 3 seed, and 7 seed, plus a 14s champ who was going to age up in a month so he was playing up. My question is, what do I need to develop to move up...
  6. jimiforpres

    Harder Grand Slam?

    What do you think is harder to accomplish, a grand slam in golf or a grand slam in tennis?
  7. jimiforpres

    Windows Media Player installation

    Whenever people post themselves playing on this site, it is generally in WMV format. I would like to see them play so I can comment but I own a Mac, which does not come with WMP. Could someone guide me through the installation process for WMP on my computer (Mac OS X).
  8. jimiforpres

    Analyzing your game DURING A MATCH

    The other day I was playing a practice match at my club. I was playing okay except for one thing, my second serve. It was absolutely awful. I seriously don't think I have ever double faulted so much. I tried to hit two second serves for almost the whole match, but that didn't really help much. I...
  9. jimiforpres

    Adding hand into forehand to add power

    Over the past couple days, my coach has been trying to beef up my forehand. I can hit pretty well of both sides, but all my shots are usually placement with spin so sometimes I have a hard time putting mid-court balls away. My coach heard about this drill that they were doing at the...
  10. jimiforpres

    Tournament Preparation?

    I have a tournament two days from now and I was wondering what sort of things I should do to best prepare to play my best. The weather will probably be hot and humid and the surface will be hard.
  11. jimiforpres

    Bush (the president)

    Do you support Bush?
  12. jimiforpres

    Volley Video

    I am looking for a video that would help me improve my net play. Right now I am transitioning from a consistent baseliner to a more aggresive baseliner. A major problem for me is whenever I play people who can get every ball deep, no matter what I hit at them. This is why I would like to have a...
  13. jimiforpres

    Help playing this person

    In an upcoming tournament, I will be playing a kid that I know I can beat but it still won't be easy. He is tall and lanky, almost always runs around his backhand, has a solid forehand, good serve, no much of a backhand, is fast, but not a great mover. My best shot is my slice and my inside out...
  14. jimiforpres

    Stocks = tennis players

    If tennis players were stocks, which one would you invest in?
  15. jimiforpres

    Jumping Rope

    How many times can you jump rope in one minute? I can do about 150 right now but I am trying to work that up to 200.
  16. jimiforpres


    I hate my volleys :mad: . I can be very consistent with them and put them deep but I couldn't put one away if my life depended on it. Does anyone have any tips/drills to help me put away volleys? I know that not all shots are meant to be put away but I can very rarely put away a volley, no...
  17. jimiforpres

    Stretching = Power ?

    I was wondering, since stretching makes you more flexible and flexibility increases power, does that mean that if I stretch daily I will be a more powerful player?
  18. jimiforpres

    Putting Away High Volleys

    I have a decent net game but my biggest problem is high volleys. Whenever some hits a shot that is too low to take as an overhead but still pretty high I can never get the ball down into the court, they always seem to sail long. This is frustrating since these should be simple putaways. Can...
  19. jimiforpres

    Exercises to Increase Serve Speed

    Does anyone know any exercises to help my arm get through the point of contant quicker? I have access to free weights, a bench, and elastic bands.
  20. jimiforpres

    Vibe damps decrease sweet spot size?

    Is it just me or do vibration dampeners decrease the size of the sweet spot?
  21. jimiforpres

    adding pace to kick serve

    Can anyone tell me how to add more pace to my kick serve?
  22. jimiforpres

    Swinging Away

    I really need help with this. When I am practicing I feel no pressure and really swing at my shots but when I am playing a match I freeze up and start pushing. Can anyone help me with this problem because there are some people that I should beat but I lose to them. If anyone has something good...
  23. jimiforpres

    Cant close it out

    I am a 3.0 - 3.5 player, not exactly sure. I don't know how many times this has happened(a lot) but I could be up in a set 6-4 (pro set) and I will blow the whole set and lose the last for games. I don't feel nervous or any pressure and I don't think I am playing differently but it seems that my...
  24. jimiforpres


    When playing a match, even if I am winning, I always start to worry about the possibility of a comeback. I have tried to ignore it but it always is there and my opponent usually ends up coming back. Recently this has been happening before the match has even started. Can anyone tell me how to...
  25. jimiforpres

    Keeping Sharp

    I will be going on vacation for a week and I want to keep my strokes sharp. Can anyone tell me how I can work on my strokes if I have access to courts but I have no one to play with and I am not sure if I will have access to a wall.
  26. jimiforpres

    mental help

    My problem is that whenever I am just hitting for fun (but still competitivly) with other people I can play much, much better against them then if we are keeping score, even if it is just for fun. When we start keeping score I play very conservatively and my volleys ,which is my weakness but...
  27. jimiforpres

    Putting away my volleys

    I am 13 and playing tennis with a club. My coach is always saying that I am very consistent with volleying but I need to put the ball away when I come to the net. I have tried practicing but I either hit them in my opponent's reach or I will take too much of a swing and the ball will sail long...
  28. jimiforpres

    playing big people

    could anyone tell me what is the best strategy if I am playing against a tall fast person who rushes the net, then stands 2 feet away from it. Also, I can't lob him very well or pass him. His only weakness is his groundstrokes and serves are horrible. Please help me!!!!!!!