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    Any stringers based in South Africa on here?

    Looking to potentially trade strings or info on where to buy strings. Currently I tend to import strings but the post office is very unreliable as to when the strings will clear customs and make it for delivery
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    Most club players using poly

    I've noticed that almost everyone at my club uses poly strings. Very few use syngut and even fewer hybrid strings. The ones who do use syngut are normally the ones who buy a racquet with syngut in it prestrunf. And never break the strings. Everyone who gets a racquet strung puts poly in it...
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    Cannot decide on low poly, syngut or hybrid

    I play mostly counter punch style with a bit more net play at I would guess at least a 4.0 level. Never played tournaments or in the US so don't know actual rating level. Hit 2HBH and topspin off both sides. Serve wins me a lot of free easy points. Still playing a 16x19 Prince warrior 100 Pro...
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    String tension vs racquet mass?

    I am interested in the relation between string tension and racquet mass? Do players using higher mass racquets use lower tensions in general? I play with about mass 300g and tension 60lbs syngut, 55lbs poly/syngut hybrid. Looking if a general trend exists or not. Thanks
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    Temperature effect on strings

    I played several years in the UK and found I was breaking strings about every 10hours of play for synthetic (various brands) and about 15hours for copoly strings. Temperature average 5-20 degrees C Now I am playing in South Africa in Durban and find I break strings far less often - about...
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    Prince racquet choice?

    Which would you choose and why? Prince O3 Red OR Prince O3 Speedport Red
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    Speedport question?

    Do the speedports/O3 holes make Prince racquets more aerodynamic to generate more racquet head speed? I would have thought that more holes would create more turbulence and thus SLOW the racquet head speed. This of course would be marginal. Is it not just something Prince has claimed to be...
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    Karakal Racquets

    Anyone know anything about these Nano graphite racquets or had an experience with them?
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    Temperature effects?

    Since moving to the Uk I have noticed I break strings much faster than I ever did in South Africa. Seems not to matter much what string I use now - I tend to break synthetic gut in UK after about 15hrs play compared to at least double or triple that in South Africa. Does the colder wetter...
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    Weird 2HBH grip

    I am right handed and hit a 2HBH. the difference is I place my left hand at the bottom of the grip (near the butt cap) and my right hand higher up towards the throat - essentially the reverse of a normal grip. I get a lot of topspin and great angles but admit it is a hassle to change grips...
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    Prince Turbo Shark

    Does anyone have opinions on the Prince Turbo Shark MP? I play all court upper men's league about 4.0 level and hit 2HBH and use moderate topspin. Thanks