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  1. topher

    Who would be better on fast grass between djoko and nadal?

    There’s obviously a huge negative for Rafa in the low bounce. Not only does it negate Rafa’s high bounce from his topspin, but older Rafa at least found the low bounce hard on his knees. Believe it or not Rafa does have an advantage though. The old grass wore out quickly in the forecourt...
  2. topher

    So Brooksby takes out Opelka in Antwerp, should he be the next great hope for US tennis?

    I like Brooksby and his game, but if TTW’s jinx abilities are at work here he’s about to lose to van de Zandschulp
  3. topher

    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    What do you think here, Alcaraz is clearly looking down when the ball is struck. Is that his fault or should the server make sure the opponent is looking first?
  4. topher

    Daniil - world no1 how long for?

    Right now he plays too far back for grass and hits the ball too flat for clay. If he was Berdych/Tsonga’s age he’d have had little chance at winning much at either surface. But I expect some minor adjustments will do in this era to get respectable results if never dominant.
  5. topher

    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    Borg skipped RG once, in 77, as I recall because he was playing WTT for money and you couldn’t play both. So not sure what you’re talking about. So HC cannot be prestigious? That hardly makes sense, but you’re welcome to your opinion. The USO had its own prestige and flipped to HC 10 years...
  6. topher

    More Impressive for a Legacy: NCYGS or Olympic Singles Gold?

    NCYGS is more of an accomplishment, but no gold medal is a bigger hole in the resume. This is a bit like Rafa fans asking: Which is more impressive, winning WTF or winning at least 1 slam a year for 10 years in a row?
  7. topher

    The Legend of Abcdefg and the Z ****s

    All this a long winded way to say Fed paved the way and deserves some credit for setting the bar? I don’t disagree, however I do find it a bit ironic Fed fans largely dealt with Pete Sampras’ legacy in the same dismissive way Novak fans are doing with Roger. Maybe give more credit to Pete...
  8. topher

    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    It’s a change in turn to me to talk about career accomplishments to me, or to isolate a year. Reading what was originally said was “his run” compared to Fed and Borg, that’s rarefied air. Novak has never had a dominant run at the biggest HC tournament (or top 2 if you prefer) in the USO. Never...
  9. topher

    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    Again, this is equating the also-rans to the most prestigious HC tournament in tennis history. To lump them all under “big HC tournaments” is masking the issue. Nobody can deny that Novak has been a great champion on two surfaces, because he has been, but when you go into GOAT debates, you are...
  10. topher

    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    The USO is not just “one odd tournament” lol, it’s the most prestigious HC tournament in tennis history.
  11. topher

    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    Debatable on Novak. Wasn’t even the dominant man at the USO in the 2010s, nor a top 5 USO title holder in the Open Era. He could change that last one next year though! Until then I wouldn’t put his double surface dominance on the level of Sampras, much less Fed or Borg.
  12. topher

    Need help ASAP

    They may just wait until he wins #21. Be lame to end it on that quote about the crowd’s support meaning everything to him after losing to Med. So yeah, what you said probably.
  13. topher

    How Roger turned $10m to $600m

    Does Uniqlo make their products with slave labor like Just Do Slavery? If not, double big win for Fed. NewBalance is the only shoe brand I know that doesn’t use any slave or child labor.
  14. topher

    Nadal was closer to Fedovic on their best surfaces than they were his

    US 2010, 2013 happened too, ya know? Or do Novak fans only claim HC and overall GOAThood in the Southern Hemisphere now?
  15. topher

    Police called in to separate Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend after verbal altercation

    You’re right, I shouldn’t judge. But hard to feel sympathy for someone complaining about cheating but then staying with the person. I’d understand if they had kids or were at least married, but didn’t they just start dating? Smh
  16. topher

    Police called in to separate Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend after verbal altercation

    I’m no fan but if it’s all verbal then separate them and move on. The girl is apparently desperate enough to stay with a guy after he cheated on her lol, sounds like Nick found someone on his intelligence level? :P
  17. topher

    If you could reverse the outcome of 3 grand slam matches then which 3 would those matches be ?

    The answer could depend on whether every other outcome is guaranteed to stay the same. Otherwise the butterfly effect is in play. 2009 Wimbledon Final (poor Roddick) 2018 Wimbledon SF, Djokodal 2019 AO Final If not, I’d reverse the 3 Djokodal slam final results Rafa lost 2011-2012 and see what...
  18. topher

    Nadal vs Djokovic. Who is greater?

    With 20 slams apiece, it’s close stats wise. Novak has the DCGS and NCYGS which are solid tiebreakers. All this other stuff is noise imo. Novak will very likely get some more slams and make the statistical case airtight over Rafa and Roger, so there’s not much point in arguing the inevitable...
  19. topher

    What are Nadal's best FH matches?

    I feel an underrated one is the 2013 RG final against Ferrer. In a very short match he hit 22 FH winners. He basically played the aggression level of his final set of the 2013 semifinal for 3 straight sets. On a FH winner per game basis I’m not sure Rafa was ever this aggressive off the FH...
  20. topher


    I have to give the commentator the benefit of the doubt that he was being sarcastic. He sounded serious though and there’s probably some Rog fans in the media who would believe it smh lol
  21. topher

    Ivan Ljubicic: ‘I would not be surprised if Novak Djokovic skip the rest of the 2021.

    He will wait and see whether Meddy threatens YE#1. If Med wins IW and Moscow, he'll probably play Paris or some other event before WTF. If Med stinks it up in a post-slam slump like Thiem did, Novak may very well skip the rest of the year. But he may play WTF either way.
  22. topher

    Which 2000s player’s career was most negatively impacted by injury?

    In terms of slams that could’ve possibly been won Nadal certainly has a case, if only because he’s shown such slam winning potential like none other on this list. He missed RG 2004, which was by no means a win for him, he was 17 going on 18 so quite raw. But to count him out would be dumb...
  23. topher

    Kyrgios ends season, out until ‘22 Australian Open

    People from other countries might get a wake up call from this and revamp their careers. But Nick is privileged and can coast in mediocrity while swimming in endorsement money. Tomic is a circle, he will soon become a whirlwind and Australia will never escape.
  24. topher

    "Outsider" Perspectives on Tennis Less Filtered

    Is anyone going to point out that if you slapped a wig on old Fed he’d make the perfect evil witch in the Snow White remake? Back on topic: BudgeGOAT
  25. topher

    Who else thinks this is true?

    Before 2002 the Wimbledon grass was not durable and after the early rounds dead spots on the court would form making volleying a great strategy. Nowadays the grass at Wimbledon is thicker and more durable (plus no one plays much inside the court anyways to wear it down) and so the main...
  26. topher

    "My goal is not to get back into the top 100. I want to get back into the top 10."

    Does this include endorsements or just prize money? I would think that information (endorsement contracts) is hard to get ahold of?
  27. topher

    "My goal is not to get back into the top 100. I want to get back into the top 10."

    It’s good I suppose he has the confidence to set his goals that high, but no need to put down the significance of being one of the top 100 players in the world.
  28. topher

    Dominic Thiem "didn't have the courage" to tell me we're no longer working together, I was loyal for 6 years: Fitness coach Alex Stober

    Pure speculation, but it could’ve been worse than that. I’ve seen a licensed chiropractor break a rib giving a massage, could it be possible the physio was massaging the area and injured the wrist further?
  29. topher

    Stop the nonsense please - the only ATP player in the last 40 years who came closer than Djokovic in the CYGS chase was Djokovic himself

    Idk, I think I see another opportunity for a made-up acronym/term for the #NoleFam. ACYGS=Almostest Calendar Year Grand Slam? Not even Laver has that one!
  30. topher

    Djokovic beat Rafa and Roger...

    You're right, I gave Novak an extra win there, fixed.