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  1. TennisDawg

    Shadow swing serves?

    I think ball contact is essential to perfect your serve motion. I only do shadow swings to warmup the muscles. One thing you might try to replicate contact is to use an unstrung racquet. At least you will go thru the contact point.
  2. TennisDawg

    Struggling with serve

    I’m not sure. Try starting your toss with the weight shifting to front leg. The serve is about tweaking different parts of your technique. It’s not a bad serve. It’s not like Andy Roddick. But, if you look at his video, it looks like his weight is going forward as he tosses the ball.
  3. TennisDawg

    How does Roger keep looking young and handsome?

    Tennis players aren’t known for muscular builds. He has strong legs and you don’t need a beach body build to be a great tennis player. He’s only 40 years old so he’s a relatively young man outside of tennis.
  4. TennisDawg

    King Richard: movie about Richard Williams coming out soon

    Well then maybe someone will do a movie on Graf. It’s a movie. It’s entertainment. Do you really think a movie about Graf will have a large audience, though?
  5. TennisDawg

    King Richard: movie about Richard Williams coming out soon

    I’ll probably watch it. You have to admit it is an incredible American success story. Like most sports films it will be “based on a true story”. Not necessarily a true story, something I always keep in mind. It should be entertaining anyway.
  6. TennisDawg

    Thumb Position On Eastern Backhand Grip.

    Have you tried allowing your thumb to naturally go around the racquet? The thumb around bevel 7 seems awkward for slice.
  7. TennisDawg

    Emma Raducanu: 1 GS Wonder?

    Too early to tell. I hope she wins multi-slams and gets to number one. She’s very likable and handles herself with grace and class.
  8. TennisDawg

    What happens if....Medvedev wins?

    Medvedev wins? Oh the humanity!
  9. TennisDawg

    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    Stan in slow motion. Looks like around 90 degrees.
  10. TennisDawg

    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    What I notice is the way both shoulders are in line in frame 12 and how he first drops his racquet before allowing his elbow to lead.
  11. TennisDawg

    Zverev vs Djokovic | Best point of the match

    No brainer, the 53 shot rally
  12. TennisDawg

    Does club tennis ever intersect with D1 program ?

    D1 players compete against other D1 players and practice with other D1 players. Club players are mainly recreational players. Some D1 players interact with club players as tennis teachers:
  13. TennisDawg

    Chris Fowler makes my head hurt.

    Brad Gilbert, Darren Cahill and Cliff Richey are not bad. They’ve learned to keep their egos out of their commentary. Don’t get a lot of snarky comments and continual worship and praise favoring one player.
  14. TennisDawg

    Sabalenka's Screaming Is So Unnecessary

    What about Fernandez coach or dad or trainer screaming sentences?
  15. TennisDawg

    Anyone tried this TopSpinPro training aid?

    I bought the practice hit 10 years ago and bought a Top Spin Pro during the Covid lockdown. I used both of them. I’ve been playing for decades and they are great for tweaking your game. I was able to change to a semi-western from an eastern forehand grip in a few weeks. The practice hit allows...
  16. TennisDawg

    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    Elite servers toss the ball far into the court. If you’re trying to hit a flat serve for example, the average recreational player needs to began pronation much earlier. Most recreational players don’t toss deep into the court. Myself included.
  17. TennisDawg

    Snarky commentating

    Watching Krecikova vs Sabalenka and I only hope Cliff Drysdale is being paid a lot of money to put up with a cranky Everett and her little buddy Mary Jo. He’s trying to be engaging and gets nothing but condescending comments and her little passive aggressive buddy chimes in every now and then.
  18. TennisDawg

    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    I think that 90 deg bend is a general guideline. It refutes the old “scratch your back” with the racquet rule that was taught at one time. As a recreational player I try to maintain the 90 deg bend. It’s also important to keep the shoulders lined up in trophy pose.
  19. TennisDawg

    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    Look at Wawrinka in super slow motion. Looks like he has a 90 degree bend also. He has a huge serve.
  20. TennisDawg

    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    I agree with your description. It’s also important to lead with your elbow when accelerating racquet to contact.
  21. TennisDawg

    how far into court should the ball toss be?

    Yes, as shown in the picture. And it makes sense for a flat first serve.
  22. TennisDawg

    Which player hates to lose the most?

    Nadal and Federer and Djokovik and Serena and Barty and Coco and probably 99% of the players.
  23. TennisDawg

    how far into court should the ball toss be?

    Off topic but his grip is close to eastern forehand.
  24. TennisDawg

    Get off the courts!

    I don’t know the entire circumstances but using words like rotund, oaf and then describing the quality of the Walmart tennis balls are words of an elitist. Not to mention that you actually think these kids should have instead watched superior recreational players like yourself and partner, that...
  25. TennisDawg

    Tsitsipas - where does he go from here?

    pl He’s been Serena’s coach since 2012 and the tan comes from teaching in the sunshine. He is also one of the best at giving quick online instruction. I love his YouTube videos. He knows tennis is not rocket science and doesn’t bore his audience with long winded videos but gets to the point in...
  26. TennisDawg

    Tsitsipas - where does he go from here?

    Isn’t his new coach Patrick M. He was sitting by his Dad.
  27. TennisDawg

    Semi Western forehand tips

    Do shadow swings using the full western grip.Then do drop feeds. It will feel very awkward but by over correcting it will help when you go back to the semi-western. I did around 100 shadow swings a day for about a week. I used a topspin pro, but you can do it without one. It took me a few weeks...
  28. TennisDawg

    Tsitsipas - where does he go from here?

    Is he related to Patrick?
  29. TennisDawg

    Serve landing alternatives

    I wish I could serve like the great Gonzales. 8-B. No you suggested this to someone else, but I got some affirmation from your post. I find it much easier to do the Gonzales no jump. I struggled with landing on the left foot for far too long then I studied classic servers and tried landing on my...