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    Rf97 replacement and quality control

    Hi all, I currently use the rf97. I have 5 rackets and all are different. 3/4 are ok but one not only feels heavier it feels stiffer too, maybe because I have used it less. The problem is, when I need a new frame, Its just stupidly expensive (rf) but already the swingweight and static weight...
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    Twu swing weight calculator

    Hi everyone, now I know a lot has been posted about this method. I don't really care about how accurate it is, just want to match a few rackets. On the instructions it says to swing from the head. Shouldn't it be from the grip? As thats how we swing the racket? How would I readjust the...
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    Music in Vienna

    Music in Vienna.
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    Pacific poly power pro

    Hi everyone, Any experiences with this? Rated very highly by rsi. Slickest poly according to tennis warehouse.
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    Luxilon Alu is a joke

    First 30 mins, it's incredible. Then it's notched already. And slowly dies a fast and painful death. I can't believe how little it lasts, ombelivable. I'd have to have 2 fresh string jobs for each match. Why haven't they fixed this haha. I'm not starting a thread about Alu alternatives, just...
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    Adidas barricades boost replacement?

    HI All, Used the barricade boost for the last few years. Tried just the regular barricades(2018) for a bit more of a responsive feel and they ruined my feet, too narrow. Any suggestions?
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    Running forehand footwork

    It is pretty common footwork used by all pros and a lot of amateurs. The right leg is the last driving force from the ground before contact. I use my left leg as the last driving force and then rotate into the shot. Whilst it is ok I feel like I could be better. Any tips using the right leg?
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    How Good was the AO 2017 Final?

    Was it the better than the Wimbledon 2014 Final? Better than the 2009 AO final? Thoughts?
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    Fedal in 2 points

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    Having a 15 minute break before the 5th Set

    I think there should be a "half time" before the 5th set. To stop any momentum and make it fair. Thoughts?
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    Having a 15 minute break before the 5th Set

    I think there should be a "half time" before the 5th set. To stop any momentum and make it fair. Thoughts?
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    Fed talking Rafa

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    Balancing 2 Rackets with different SW

    Hi guys, I have 2 6.1 95 16X18 rackets. I have balanced them to be the same weight and balance. However, one is a lot more clubby feeling and the other is much quicker, it has a slightly bigger grip too if that makes any difference. I'm guessing the weight distribution is different in the frame...
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    Adidas Barricade TEAM 4

    I bought these for a stupidly cheap price. These shoes fall into that second rung of shoe, not quite the full barricade but neither the bercuda or court barricade. They have proper protection for the toes (for the draggers out there) which from my experience is only found in high end shoes. The...
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    Diagnose my knee "pain"

    Hello tt, you helped me with my last knee issue. This one is more complex I think. It is the other knee now. So I have a feeling of weakness in my left knee. I think that I may have caused it by torquing it during the service action (possibly from not bending enough or jumping off the ground)...
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    Extending Grommet life

    My current racket is discontinued. I will try to get grommet sets, but it is awkward and expensive. I might try using a hairdryer and flaring them but this is risky. Can i not coat them with superglue before every use? Or something similar? Is there a liquid plastic type thing?
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    Tipsarevic 2016 roland garros

    Tipsy is ranked 686 in the world. How did he get into Roland Garros? He didn't qualify or get a wild card?
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    Babolat Propulse 3 Vs 4

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    Shot Selection 1hbh

    Ok, a slight identity issue in my game. I have a one handed backhand, I have great variety with it and I stay close to the baseline. This makes it harder for me to hit it down the line but easier to take time away and put my opponent out of position and then use my forehand. I can also take a...
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    My Experiences and Solutions to Knee Pain - Patellofemoral Pain and Maltracking

    First off, I am not a doctor, but I do have experience with writing scientific papers and research, so I have based all my discoveries on papers I have read in respected journals. I didn't however, keep the papers and articles where I read this information. These are all solutions to the...
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    Universal Grip Sizes

    Should grip sizes be listed by dimension and not "l2, l3 or 4 3/8 etc I ordered a 6.1 95 l2 and it is identical to my pro staff 90 l3. IG Youtek prestige pro l3 is more alike to a wilson l4. Aeroprodrive l2 is a lot thinner than wilson.
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    Wilson 6.1 95 16X18 2014 - my review

    Just thought I would talk about this racket. I previously used the 2012 pro staff 90. I didn't really need to "upgrade", but I got a great deal on this racket and I know that in a few years I will. I just needed a leather grip and some weight in the handle to match it to my 90. First off, one...
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    Contact Lenses - Soft vs Hard (RGP)

    I have struggled with vision since I started wearing soft lenses years ago, I have slight astigmatism and even now things are not as sharp as with glasses. When it is very sunny or when the sun is going down and playing under the lights, I struggle. Should I consider Hard lenses? My Dad has...
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    Djokovic's Return of Serve is the best shot of all time.

    Relative to his peers and other players. From just my perspective, I have never seen a shot so deadly. Fed, Nadal's and Del Potro's forehand is up there. Edberg/Mac volleys. Karlovic serve. Nadal's defence. Surely the ros of Djokovic has to be in the top 3. It doesn't seem real to me, seems...
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    Outline your Diet and Lifestyle.

    Just wondering, specifically to those training and even if you are not training, what you are eating and what plan you have. I eat a sort of Mediterranean diet being brought up on it but with a few takes on Djokovic's book. Although I know that his nutritionist is a bit of a fraud, some cool...
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    Knee Issue - Patellofemoral pain

    I haven't been to a physio, cant afford it atm. I'm pretty sure it is this and kneecap tracking issues. It isn't a terrible pain, I can play through it, but its too much at times in singles and for serving. I have been icing it and doing hip/foot exercises and working on their flexibility. I...
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    Racket specs and grip type

    I currently use the wilson pro staff 90 blx. On your site, it is listed as 354grams strung. Does this include the leather grip?
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    Federer - Agassi Us Open 2005 HD final

    Full match
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    Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro Review

    After the failed 200g test yesterday, (I took out some lead from the tip and put it into the handle and restrung it normally, still the same issues, groundies sailing long, angles hard to generate) I took my brothers IG PP and leaded it up to around 355 grams 10 pts HL with 8 grams at 10 and 2...
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    Dunlop Hotmelt 200g

    Played with this stick today, first time I've used a dense string pattern for aaaages. Feel is amazing, like butter, feels better than my Prostaff 90. Flex 1st serves where great, again maybe better than my 90 for control and pace was there in bundles. Volleys - perfect, again maybe better than...