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  1. egn

    Draw is rigged, (YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PLAYER) draw is a joke! RG Draw 2014 Discussion!

    So with the French Open draw out now, time for the usual fans to come out bashing their least favorite players and talking about the weak draw/rigged draw theory. So get it out of the way now guys. On another note let's talk some interesting prospective match ups! Section 7 is incredibly...
  2. egn

    Connors chances at a French Open?

    Jimmy Connors skipped the French Open for a notable part of his career 74-79. Arguable during his best clay court playing years due to WTT. Connors barely stepped foot on the red dirt in this time period due to the lack of need to due to his professional commitments and would mostly focus...
  3. egn

    Guillermo Coria: Best Returner

    We always hear the talk about Andre Agassi, but what I just learned today was all time Guillermo Coria leads the whole sport in percentage of return games won by a good 2 percent and 1st serve points won. Considering those are two great indicating of return of serve it is amazing how easily...
  4. egn

    Ljubicic Trolling...!/IvanLjubicic1/status/201350152227799041 "Wonder how our tour would look if european players were skipping American tourneys the way Americans are skipping european tournamets" - Ljubicic Ignoring his misspelling. For starters Ivan you wouldn't have a single master series...
  5. egn

    Still the class act?

    We heard how Isner is scum, but this somehow slipped by...
  6. egn

    Secret to Young's Improvement?

    Just six months ago Donald Young was cursing out the USTA on twitter, flaming out in wildcard tournaments, and being bounced in early rounds of challengers. However since the disaster in the mid season he's suddenly playing much better, looks confident on court and has been making deep runs...
  7. egn

    Let's find positives for Woz!

    I'll start she improved this year she made two major semifinals and at least started dating someone who can win a major! She won Copanhagen as well! Positives right!?!?
  8. egn

    ATP: Number 1 ranking

    So if Nadal wins tomorrow he will be the holder of 3 of the last 4 majors. However he will be ranked 2 still. So most complain about the WTA and the #1 not holding a major title or having one so here is where my question comes into place and note it's not meant to attack either player so leave...
  9. egn

    Looking back at 1996 French Open...

    Anyone notice it may consist of the weakest four semifinalists on clay in terms of natural clay court ability, but anyone notice what they have in common. Huge serves. So what was it that year that made Marc Rosset, Michael Stich and Pete Sampras make it to the semifinals in France? This is no...
  10. egn

    It's that time again..who has the hardest draw?

    So again out of the big 4 who has it the worst? I'm kind of edging Murray here. His third round prospects are Cilic or Ljubicic, two big serving guys who can kill the ball. Although he is 5-1 against Cilic most of their matches have been tight and I think we all remember that beatdown Cilic gave...
  11. egn

    Indian Wells schedulers are pretty stupid..

    Just noticed the Rog v. Stan match is the match right before the Rog + Stan v. Rafa and Lopez match....That's great. Why not put Rog v. Stan in the morning this way the two have time to rest before their doubles match....
  12. egn

    ATP Challenge Circuit

    For any of your playing the bracket circuit right now jump into our group!
  13. egn

    How the Americans can win the Davis Cup...

    Okay assuming America beats Chile, seems highly likely, but this could be a horrible upset they look to a match against Spain. Requiring I am reading correctly they have the home court for that match. Key to winning, how about an old school fast grass court. I am talking something of the speed...
  14. egn

    Clay Court Season 2011.

    Main purpose of this thread let's answer the following questions. 1. Will Ferrer/Verdasco repeat their success in the master series? 2. Djokovic or Federer who will have the better clay court season? 3. If someone not Nadal wins a master series who will it be? 4. Who is going to be the...
  15. egn

    Harrison v. Ljubicic

    Just got back from classes. The kid is taking it to Ljubicic he just won a set. Not to mention he isn't even playing his best, his game is kind of shaky at the moment and he has been nervous at the net but he is taking it hard to Ljubicic. Go Harrison!
  16. egn

    Who will be top 10?

    So 1-5 look like as if they got things wrapped up but what about the lower half of the top 10....So I figure this would be a good discussion and here is a poll consisting of guys from 6-13 So just a quick thing to look at it 6. Nikolay Davydenko - Davy has missed again a good amount of the...
  17. egn

    Roland Garros Store Question?

    So my girlfriend is currently visiting France and she knows how much I love tennis and wants to go get me a t-shirt from Roland Garros. However neither of us could really find on the store website if the "physical" store that they have during The French Open is open all year round. So I was just...
  18. egn

    The Roddick Service Motion..

    You know so I always noticed Roddick's service motion was different than a lot of other pros, but now I'm wondering is there anyone else who seems to have a similar motion or am I crazy? I've been searching all over for service motion clips and the closest I seem to have is Jo Willy..going to...
  19. egn

    Donald Young heading back in the top 100....

    He is turning 21 soon....and he looks like he is finding his way back into the top 100. One more win at Atlanta will guarantee it but depending on how the few guys around him do now he might just be there as it is. He's currently sitting at 105 but he might just finally get back there...
  20. egn

    More likely to win 3 majors this year?

    Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal? Serena Williams has the Aussie and Wimbledon and has won the US Open 3 times, Nadal has the French and Wimbledon but has never even see a US Open final. Who do you think is more likely to win 3 majors this year?
  21. egn

    A lot of players reaching new high rankings....

    There are a ton of new players reaching new high rankings.... Robin Soderling - 5 Tomas Berdych - 8 Jurgen Melzer - 15 John Isner - 18 Sam Querrey - 19 Thomaz Bellucci - 22 Alexander Dolgopolov - 40 Thiemo De Bakker - 41 Yen Lu - 42 Dainel Brands - 66 A handful of big young names in this...
  22. egn

    Djokovic v Murray final

    Now that would be interesting. 3 v 4. The two are always compared..would be a nice final and hopefully the start of a new rivalry. Most likely not happening though but who is with me!
  23. egn

    Querrey v. Malisse

    Why do we not have a thread on this? Its actually an entertaining match unlike the pusher festival of Murray v. Simon. Though Simon actually is ATTACKING. I hope Sam gets through would like to see how Murray reacts to someone who plays a whole lot of offense. Though Malisse is playing damn good.
  24. egn

    The Serve and Volley Stat

    Anyone notice them bringing it up a ton in Roddick and it was even on the end match stat thing on tv with the percentage of serve and volley points. Found it to be quite interesting, is Wimbledon attempting to force some players to try to go to the net. I find the stat to be a bit weird though...
  25. egn

    Uhh Eastern Europe manufacturing servers

    Goran, Ancic, Karlovic, Cilic, Berdych..all huge serves...all from east Europe. Now lets add in Bozoljac and Dodig. Is there something going on over there? Are they tapping into the serving technique that has commonly been dubbed an American thing.
  26. egn

    Querrey just hit the shot.

    Shot of the tournament for Same Querrey. Amazing remarkable running passing shot. Truly a beautiful shot, especially even more shocking cause it was coming from Sam.
  27. egn

    I feel bad for Novak Djokovic.

    The only positive reinforcement Novak can have... R1: Oliver Rochus, not that bad R2: Taylor Dent, he just can play some great serve and volley R3: Montanes, oh okay this is easy. R4: Hewitt, he only one this once pssh not so tough. QF: Roddick, eh 3 finals here no biggie SF: Federer...
  28. egn

    Tennis Golf #1: Wimbledon!!

    Tennis Golf!!! Making You Predicitions: 1. Each player will post a list of the seeds with a prediction of how the seed will fair. 2. The format will be very simple an example is shown right below. 3. Now in order to make your prediction there will be 3 options. -Over (Player does better than...
  29. egn

    Actual and Race Rankings as of Monday.

    Thought this list was interesting came across it on a search for a small tournament result figure post it here for you all too look at. Here is the link,22.0/pdf_files/index.php?corner=m&action=rankings Shocked at Verdasco being the 4 in the...