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    Federer wins record 5th Laureus Sportsman of the Year Award

    #Laureus18‏Verified account @LaureusSport 20s20 seconds ago The Laureus World Sportsman of the Year is @rogerfederer! Also wins Comeback of the Year Award Urgh.. How can I delete this thread - I was too late at the
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    @justasport's info was spot on. Tiley: AO court speed same as last year Australian Open organisers have forecast a repeat of the court conditions that helped Roger Federer on his way to a fifth Melbourne Park crown. Open boss Craig Tiley last year rejected locker-room claims organisers "sped up...
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    Federer wins Eurosport's End of Year Award

    International Star of the Year Roger Federer en la Copa HopmanGetty Images There was no surprise in our second category, which was won by the legendary Roger Federer after a year in which he roared back with two Grand Slam titles. Cristiano Ronaldo came second thanks to his exploits in...
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    Andre Agassi: reveals what makes Federer so great

    Since we seem to quote Agassi every time he says something about Fed, I thought I'd keep up the tradition. ANDRE AGASSI has revealed what sets Roger Federer apart from the rest. By BRUCE ARCHER GETTY Roger Federer makes things look easy according to Andre Agassi Federer is back at the top of...
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    Another one bites the dust: Cilic withdraws from Montreal

    According to a twitter source, Wimbledon runner-up Marin Cilic has withdrawn from Montreal due to an adductor injury. Thiem now seeded No. 4 Edit: Add Fabio Fognini to the dust mites.
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    Laura Siegemund removed from court on stretcher after banging knee in fall

    She was playing pretty well, and leading her opponent, when she chased after a ball, and crashed, knee first onto the clay of Nurnberg. I haven't seen any official reports yet, but she definitely doesn't look good for RG at best, and at worst 6 months off tour :(
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    Serena tops all-time women's career earnings.

    CAREER PRIZE MONEY LEADERS As of: Jun 08, 2015 STANDING NAME NAT CAREER TOTAL The full top 100 here: (url is fixed now)
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    Nadal himself confirms he asked for Bernardes removal from his matches Full article:
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    Nadal not playing Paris-Bercy

    Paris-Bercy says Nadal has withdrawn for "personal reasons"
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    Federer vs Laver in verse at Brisbane - A Tribute to 2 Giants
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    Another Sportsmanship Award

    Fed wins another Sportsmanship Award - the CQS Federer wins the 2013 Jean Borotra CQS Sportsmanship Award. With all the yadda yadda that comes when he wins the year-end voted-by-colleagues award, nice to see he earns another one...
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    Laver pegs Murray for CYGS

    "Rod Laver, the last man to win all four grand slam tournaments in a single season, believes Wimbledon and US Open Champion Andy Murray is capable of replicating the feat"
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    Season too long? No, says Federer The writer does have a point about Andy himself undermining his stated position
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    Federer named one of World's Young Global Leaders (Attn. DRII)

    World Economic Forum Announces Young Global Leaders 2010 "The Young Global Leaders 2010 reflect regional and stakeholder diversity. They include Agatha Sangma, Minister of State - Rural Development (from India), Roger Federer, Professional Tennis Player (from Switzerland), Evan Williams, CEO...
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    Fed or Bolt most likely to be Laureus Sportsman of the Year

    I don't think I would quibble which ever way it goes between those two. Fed's year: French and career GS, surpassing Pete Sampras' record GS, + a "comeback" from the threatening dead. Bolt, sub 9.6 100 metres; shaved more than a tenth of a second off both the 100 and 200 metres world records...
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    Laureus Sports Panel discuss Federer The panel discusses his claims for the Laureus Sportsman of the Year award. I think it's probably going to be between Fed and Usain "Lightning" Bolt. Be nice if Fed got it to mark his...
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    Federer's Footwork

    Interesting analysis video in today's NY Times
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    Drinking Pimms and White Wine! or 7, 8 and 9

    Caught this on 606 today from a guy called bluefuzz. Thought you might find it - umm - interesting. "To the tune of American Pie (with apologies to Don McLean) A long, long time ago... I can still remember How my tennis made some people smile. And I knew top spin was the key To beat...
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    Another voice, another view: Federer, Woods 2 of a kind in best-ever debate,-Woods-are-two-of-a-kind-in-best-ever-debate "Roger Federer is the best tennis player of all time. He clinched this title by winning Wimbledon, which is to say that he eliminated the last fair argument against him. And in doing so...