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  1. papucla10

    Barricade 7s

    Don't know if anyone's noticed but it seems like the Adituff area has been decreased to just small section, will this decrease durability on the inside toe area?
  2. papucla10

    Non-severe ankle injury, I think

    Did you twist your ankle?
  3. papucla10

    Persistent Ankle Issue

    It could be the tendon also have it checked
  4. papucla10

    Andy Roddick's ankle brace

    Roddick twisted his ankle using the ASO braces check it out here: Don't think I will use them, I am thinking in buying the Aircast A60 or the Mueller Hg80 Rigid Braces, I think either of these two would be better for preventing ankle sprains, I...
  5. papucla10

    ASO or Aircast

    It looks like no body uses these much, I am thinking about getting the a60 because it looks easy to put on and gives the protection I need for lateral support, the ASO seems difficult to put on, I tried the Futuro at my local pharmacy and it feels like it gives great support and stability but...
  6. papucla10

    Murray Wearing Barricade VII's

    Use custom insoles with more traction that should help, also buy a half size bigger than normal.
  7. papucla10

    adidas adizero Feather Orange/White (my own review)

    Please don't forget to let us know about durability, I here that the toe are is very vulnerable. I am thinking in buying these or the Adidas Team Competitions, I have a wide foot but I already tried these ones on and they don't feel to narrow and more flexible that the barricades, I have the...
  8. papucla10

    Nadal says his best might not be enough

    I am a Fed Nadal fan, I factually believe Fed is the better player overall, Fed has the Greates Forhand of all Time but he also has the worst BH of a top 1 player of all time, Nadal is machine so can the GFHOT beat a machine? it is anybodies game the stronger mentally will win, simple as that.
  9. papucla10

    Please Help Alpha Machine Idetification

    Actually I did very good machine I just spent 4 hours cleaning it, that was the only flaw the machine had, well also some rust accumulated on the chrome areas, I will try to clean those areas more deeply latter. I will post some pics of the machine tomorrow, I just need to buy some tools now...
  10. papucla10

    Alpha Pioneer Iii

    Anybody know where I can find a manual or a video tutorial on how to mount a racquet on this machine. Thank you
  11. papucla10

    Please Help Alpha Machine Idetification

    Thank you for the help I think the clamps are in the tool box but the pads I don't know I will as the seller, thanks again.
  12. papucla10

    Please Help Alpha Machine Idetification

    anybody know what this machine is anybody.
  13. papucla10

    Please Help Alpha Machine Idetification

    I want to start stringing my own rackets but I don't want to spend more that 100 buck for a machine I found this person on craiglist that is selling this machine for 50 buck I would like to know if it is a good deal and if you think this machine is in working conditions and worth the price...
  14. papucla10

    My Barricade 6.0 review

    I had to return my first pair of 6.0 as it was killing my right foot arch, it seems like the material used on that right shoe was more rigid maybe they used more of the same material, you could feel that part of the shoe wouldn't give in compared to the left shoe, I did literally used hard...
  15. papucla10

    Your top 3 poly's...

    Anyone what would you recommend I currently use black code and used red code in the past found the black code had a bit more power and more spin both great durability, my black code just went dead string at 55 thinking in going down to 52 - 54 Thanks RPM vs Black Code Babolat Pro Hurricane...
  16. papucla10

    Which player will win most slam titles over the next 10 years?

    Thank you, it is unclear why compare Nadal with this newbies. This guy is a Nadal fan that is it, how can you disregard Nole who is the top player right now, him and Nadal will be the next great rivals after fed retires, also del po will be in the mix the rest are just incapable of winning...
  17. papucla10

    If you could choose the top 10...

    1. Nalby 2. Almo 3. Fish, Blake 4. Rod 5. DelPo 6. The Dog 7. Warwi 8. Fed 9. Nole 10. Nalgal Coria, be first if he was active
  18. papucla10

    Which player will win most slam titles over the next 10 years?

    I smell *******enn, I think other than Nadal, Nole, Delpo and Murray will win most of the upcoming slams, Nole or Federe will win USO the rest to further to predict, maybe only maybe the Dog, and Raonic have potential to win something in the future considering current form. This list is a joke...
  19. papucla10

    Who is the hardest hitter on the ATP tour?

    Fastest Forehand: (Consistently) Federer, Gonzo, Almagro. Fastest Backhand: (Consistently) Nalbandian, Almagro. Both: (Consistently) Gulbis, Almagro, Karloev
  20. papucla10

    James Blake switches to Wilson!!!

    Yea I know it looks like a HEAD STICK though.
  21. papucla10

    How many of you will stay up to watch the match live

    I am going out and will be back like around 4 am DVR is set. or will watch replay at 10am.
  22. papucla10

    Official Tsonga Sign With Babolat

    I think Tsonga played with Rafa's stick and fell in love with it, he then told Wilson he wanted to switch, for that reason Wilson decided to build him his own Wilson knock-off APDC Babolat so he wouldn't leave, Babolat noticed that and offered him a deal or perhaps Tsonga fell bad for using a...
  23. papucla10

    Player's with beautiful/ great looking strokes

    If talk about beautifull 1 Almagro FH and 1HB. He would win against anybody with his strokes if he only learned to be patient and at least come to net more than once in a Match. Also work more in his physique. 2 Federer FH 3 Nalbandian BH 4 Roddick Serve. 5 Blake FH I also like Warwinka...
  24. papucla10

    Best Dbl-Handed-Backhand in Tour

    Nalbi is the best 2hBh in the game today. Just perfect.
  25. papucla10

    Which legendary stroke would you most want to have?

    Feds Forehand, it has won him 15 GS
  26. papucla10

    Who do you want to win the next 4 slams?

    What I would want AO - Hewit over Fed FO - Fed over Nadal W - Rodick. Over Federer USO - Blake or Rodick over Federer. More realistic scenario. AO - Djoker or Del Po over Nadal FO - Nadal over Fed W - Federer Over Rodick - still hope Rod can finally do it. USO - Del Po over Djoker or Murray
  27. papucla10

    pictures of a fat nalbandian

    Wow the backhand, the backhand, as perfect as ever.
  28. papucla10

    "GOAT" Definition by Urban Dictionary

    This is very funny men. specially Nalbis.
  29. papucla10

    List of short ATP Tennis players

    Nalbandian is in-fact 5'11' I have be close to him I am 5 9 and he is definitely taller than me. he looks shorter because of his weight.