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  1. dmastous

    Welcome back Cliffy

    Great to hear some grounded comon sense has returned to ESPN in Cliff's return. Let's keep Dick Enberg on the back burner for awhile.
  2. dmastous

    Roddick or Nadal?

    This isn't a comparison because the two are not really comparable. One is a dirt dog and a grinder who has done exactly what's been expected of him and the other is a power prodigy who has had some peaks, but has been dissapointing overall. Without getting into all the anti-American crap why do...
  3. dmastous

    Best shoe for sore feet.

    Every time I spend a hour on court I spend a day with some pretty sore feet, especially towards the heel. I have Planter Fasciitis, and have worn inserts, but they only make things a little better. I'm looking for recommendations on shoes that have the best cushioning and arch support.
  4. dmastous

    FO Doubles Final

    As the gendarmes race by they've split sets and are on serve. Bryan Bros vs Bjorkman & Mirnyi
  5. dmastous

    Brad Gilbert is the clown prince of ESPN

    I lived in Northern California for about 10 years. Brad Gilbert also lives in that area (San Rafael last I heard). He was a fantastic player in a way frustrating his opponents despite having a game, and a serve that was devoid of power even in his day. I watched him lose to David Pate at the LA...
  6. dmastous

    Stringing woes

    So I was stringing my racquet today... I got the synthetic mains in, and was putting gut in the crosses. I got all the way to the end, was able to weave and tighten the last string, but I clipped it too close and gave my self only enough left over to try and tie it off, but not enough to make a...
  7. dmastous

    Did Mary Carillo really say that?

    Yes she did... When Karolina Sprem broke Venus Williams in the first set of their match Mary Carillo says; "And the Sprem count goes up!" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Still behind, but catching up....
  8. dmastous

    Shot Spot Vs Clay court mark

    There have been a number instances where ESPN's shot spot has dissagreed with the umpire or linespeople's interepretation of the mark on the court. Anyone want to give an opinion as to which is right? (aside from ESPN sucks). I want to say that shot spot is more acurate because I think there...
  9. dmastous

    Any one up for tennis in Ohio?

    I'll be just south of Columbus Ohio over July 4th weekend. Are there any 4.0-5.0 players in the area interested in a hit? Say within a hour radius of Lancaster? Email me if you're interested.
  10. dmastous

    Gut Hybrid preference

    Which do you think is a better configuration for a gut hybrid? Gut mains/synthetic crosses synthetic mains/gut crosses also, what sythetics do you recommend to be paired with gut and why? I recently had to take my MRT and the test had you string with synthetic mains and gut crosses. I liked the...
  11. dmastous

    Too many muscles?

    I'm watching the Monfils/Murray match (I know I'm a little behind) and Gael Monfils is looking ripped. I'm curious if this isn't really best for his tennis. Added muscles won't really add much to his game. But it will be added weight to drag around the court, and more muscles can result in...
  12. dmastous

    What's with the nutty fashion????

    Last year we saw Hrbaty's peek-a-boo shirt, this year we have Vince Spadea in his 70's retro burnt orange shorts and blinding striped shirt. Then you have the convict shirts some of the ball kids had yesterday. Has the tennis community lost it's collective sense of style?
  13. dmastous

    interesting interpretation of replay rules

    Just watching the Li/Sharapove match, and in the middle of the first set Li hit a cross court forehand that Sharapova barely got to and when she did returned half heartedly (and out), apparently thinking the ball Li hit was out. There was no line call, but the umpire over ruled and called the...
  14. dmastous

    Heath & Fitness & Tips/Instruction posts should count too

    As the subject indicates, I understand posts to threads in the Miscellaneous catagories don't count towards the post counts. It's my opinion that threads in the Health & Fitness and Tips/Instruction forums should count as they are very helpful forums and tennis related. Just my 2 cents for what...
  15. dmastous

    Anybody watching dubs????

    People keep talking about how it's too bad doubles is never show..... ESPN2 is showing doubles now. Anybody watching? Gotta support the doubles.
  16. dmastous

    Tennis Weekly disrespecting Gael Monfils?

    Not really. Just mispelling Monfils. This above the nice picture of (now banned) Puerta diving for a volley. Maybe they need a better editor.
  17. dmastous

    Hall of Fame Inductees for 2006

    The inductees for the International Tennis Hall of Fame, class of 2006 are out. They are; [recent player] Patrick Rafter, Gabriela Sabatini, Michael Stich, [master player] Sven Davidson, Christine Truman Janes, [contributers] Gianni Clerici and Eiichi Kawatei. Rafter & Sabatini I think are good...
  18. dmastous

    Moving Wimbledon back 1 week

    What are your feelings about moving Wimbledon back a week to make a 3 week grass court season? Even more interesting is moving the French forward a few weeks to actually create a shorter clay season and longer grass season. As a result the Hall of Fame tournament may become much more...
  19. dmastous

    toe relief

    Anyone experiencing toe pain? After a couple hours on court my toes feel and look bruized. I've tried differnt shoes. Same result.
  20. dmastous

    Finally watching Masters Final

    I'm finally getting around to watching what I have of the Masters final. I'm kind of annoyed because I was out playing and TiVOed the match. It recorded the whole time slot (2.5 hrs) and I only got the 1st 2 sets. I can't imagine why ESPN did this. I mean they knew the results, why did they only...
  21. dmastous

    Johnny Mac The Drama Queen

    I've been watching the 2 Wimbledon finals on DVD, 1980 & 1981. Two things strike me. One; he is an increadble drama queen. When he goes down he stays down for a few seconds, then slowly and haltingly gets up, brushes himself off. He takes a minute to gather himself and then gets on with the...
  22. dmastous

    Ball kids at the Shanghai Masters

    Anyone else, notice the ball kids at the net STANDING about 5 feet away from the net? Why don't they have the kids kneel? It has to be a bit distracting to the players. They are probably not used to having people stand so close to the court while they are playing a match.
  23. dmastous

    Did your Eagnas work or not?

    If you've purchase a Eagnas Stringer did you get a good functioning stringer, or did you have to deal with their dreaded "customer service"
  24. dmastous

    Watch out for the Sony CDs

    A word of warning. DO NOT load Sony's CD player if it asks you to. You will be sorry. The "copy protection" software has the potential to really screw up you computer. AND while they're at it, they leave you open for all kinds of hidden files sent to you by your friendly neigborhood...
  25. dmastous

    Create the TW volley Frankenstien

    Here's mine; Sampras (or maybe Edberg) head - for approach or technique; Cash's feet and legs - for movement; McEnroe's hands - The best touch (and worst form, for a net freak) in tennis.
  26. dmastous

    New, very old, Head racquet

    I know it's a Head, I think it's a model of one of the first aluminum frames. I doubt it's very valuable, but it's kind of neat, and I'm curious about it's history. Dan
  27. dmastous

    Prince or Wilson Synthetic Gut?

    I have a simple question (desert island type). If you had a choice of only Prince Synthetic Gur or Wilson Synthetic Gut which would you choose, and why?
  28. dmastous

    Tennis Masters Cup Uncovered II now available

    For some reason the text of my post didn't get posted???? Here's what I sent; The newest Masters Cup DVD is being included free in a set of tennis balls. I'm a little confused as to the manufacturer. The first place I saw mention of it is on RSI magazine, then I saw it listed on...
  29. dmastous

    Which is more dominate in the racquet, mains or crosses?

    I strung a racquet for a guy last week who brought in a package of Alu Touch hybrid. The package states "Can be strung both ways". One string is Alu Power and the other is SuperSense. Which string controls what in a racquet. If you strung the mains with the Alu Power would you get more power...
  30. dmastous

    Feels like a stinger in the elbow [Elbow issues]

    I would really appreciate some input on this issue. I have, for the past 6 years with increasing frequency, been getting some really bad elbow pain at certain times while playing tennis. I seems to happen most consistently when I'm late on a backhand (one handed). If I hit the ball just right I...