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  1. ferocious4hand

    Is it me or....

    it seems to me that the members on this forum and TW consider gut to be a non-durable string. I find just the opposite. I've used polys, multis, kevlar in different set-up variations and in different gauges and yet to this day I've yet broken my gut setups. I've always had to cut them out. my...
  2. ferocious4hand

    Amazing Race Asia

    Not sure if this thread belongs here but I was watching the first episode of AR Asia and was surprised to see Paradon's Wife Natalie Glebova pairing with a hot Thai beauty pagent Queen. http://
  3. ferocious4hand

    Chang and Liu engaged?

    Unconfirmed sources reveal that former FO winner Michael Chang and coach of Stanford's alum Amber Liu are engaged. Can anyone confirm this? Good for Chang if that's the case, finally able to settle down...
  4. ferocious4hand

    Daniela signs my balls

    Images I took at the Player Apperance event at the Nike Woman's store Stanford Shopping center.
  5. ferocious4hand

    Any1 on this forum a member or once a member of

    Any1 on this forum a member or once a member of TITP/SATA? TITP (Tokyo International Tennis Players) and SATA (Sam Arnold Tennis Academy) both were in Tokyo. If you are a current member please update me on the status as I haven't been bk in Japan since '02 thanks
  6. ferocious4hand

    What's wrong with me?

    I want to start off by saying I think I’m a generous person in general. Financially, I’d lend people money without much hesitation to cover meals, parking, small things like that. I’ve lend people personal items and even my car. I’ve always offered to help friends/family to move or when ever...
  7. ferocious4hand

    My analysis of Pete & Fed

    I know...I too am tired of these threads. Since I've got nothing to do at work today I started my own comparsion. Ground game Forehand Sampras- Eastern, Hit mostly flat, deadly on the run, has trouble with high bounce. Fed- Semi-western, able to hit flat and spin, incredible angles...
  8. ferocious4hand

    What's the difference between barricade II and III?

    HELP! I'm currently gearing the IV's but don't want to spend another $100 for a new pair. Thought about getting the II's or III, what's the difference between the two besides the price?