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  1. jackcrawford

    Volkl V-Cell

    Any word on how this line is different than V-Feel? The 9 looks like it is getting a major overhaul - 22 mm beam, 16 x 17 pattern
  2. jackcrawford

    Book on the Tennis Boom of the 1970's

    The Tennis Boom: Where It Came From and Where It's Going. The title may not be exactly correct. It's been mentioned on here before, but I can't find it. Any information as to author, publication date, publisher etc. would be appreciated. The loss of both players and viewers of the sport...
  3. jackcrawford

    Yonex Powercushion Sonicage Wide

    Could you please tell me if the uppers around the toe area are soft like the Asics Gel Resolution 6 were? None of the New Balance wides are soft in that region. Thank you!
  4. jackcrawford

    Volkl V1 Classic Black/Silver Edition

    I got an email from volkl promoting this new, sharp PJ. Any idea when it will go on sale?
  5. jackcrawford

    Volkl V-Sense V1 MP Review

    4.0 "winning ugly" type player, have played the V1 MP series as my main racquet since 2004, starting with the 10 year version of the Classic, and including extensive hitting with the Quantum, Catapult, DNX, Powerbridge, Organix, and Super G renditions. Have for the past year or so played a lot...
  6. jackcrawford

    Instinct Adaptive Tuning Kit

    It does not list the heavy butt cap in the bottom menu, unlike the Speed adaptive kit; does it come with it?
  7. jackcrawford

    Head TGT297.1

    Any experience with this one? I like the GrapheneXT Instinct MP, but it's a little too stiff at 66. I see the Prostock version listed as 63.
  8. jackcrawford

    New Instinct Release Date

    Noticed the XT is on sale - when will the new one be out? Have any of you had a chance to hit it? If so, how does it compare to the XT version?
  9. jackcrawford

    Yonex SV Question

    Does Yonex mean by this quote from their webpage that their 1/4 and 1/8 grip will feel smaller than their grips normally do, while their 3/8 and above feel like the always do? "Grip sizes G0 to G2 are undersized to provide increased comfort. G3 and onward are the same for users who prefer thick...
  10. jackcrawford

    Microgel Extreme MP Reissue Prestrung

    Do these have the traditional head grip shape or the more rounded one of the latest ones? Do they hit like the original?
  11. jackcrawford

    Volandri String Tension

    Was in the high 20's on his PT57E, anyone know what it is in Rome on his Pure Aero PJ (may be an Aeropro Drive)?
  12. jackcrawford

    Volkl VSense 8 300

    Any idea when this will be available? Thanks in advance.
  13. jackcrawford

    Pauline Betz Addie reaching QF in Men's Tourney

    From Joe McCauley's History of Professional Tennis, pages 53 and 196. PLTA Fall Championships at Jackson Heights, New York, September 25-29, 1950, she played to tune up for tour with Gussie Moran. Beat George Harly 6-4, 6-4. Beat Ed Copeland, 7-5, 6-2. Lost to Joe Fishbach 7-5, 6-4. Fishbach...
  14. jackcrawford

    Pacific BX2 XForce Pro

    When/if will this one be in stock?
  15. jackcrawford

    Becker Serve Grip's new issue has settled the issue. There is not only a clear picture, but a discussion with Peter Breskvar, the son of the coach who taught Becker the serve. It is halfway between an Eastern forehand and Continental, it apparently is useful to players with a strong wrist. Peter...
  16. jackcrawford

    Volkl Butt Cap

    Will you be getting more of these? If not, are there any that are in stock that will fit Volkl V1 MP?
  17. jackcrawford

    Adding Silicone in a Volkl handle?

    Anyone ever tried this? I am thinking of putting some in my V1 Classic to make it more headlight, I do not like adding lead under the grip and have already replaced the grip with a shockshield, so silicone would be my best option if it works with the Volkl handle system.
  18. jackcrawford

    Old strings DON'T lose power and they DON'T lose resilience

    The following is from Luxilon's sting expert, commenting on RSI's restring initiative - the article also points out pros restring frequently for strinbed consistency, not comfort. "I'm sure RSI won't mind me quoting from an article in their book (well, they might in this particular context) by...
  19. jackcrawford

    Courier Gear Interview

    Between the two segments, about fifteen minutes. Of interest, he wishes he hadn't been stubborn and stuck with small head rackets because there is no advantage to a 90 over his new 102. He also says all recreational players should use poly in their stringbed, as at any swing speed it gives an...
  20. jackcrawford

    Can TW add silicone to a racquet?

    Will you add a specified amount to a frame purchased new from you, or one sent to you? Is there a difference in fees?
  21. jackcrawford

    Impressions of Organix V1 MP

    I currently use the 2010 Volkl V1 Classic, and have a Powerbridge V1 and DNX V1, and have hit with the Quantum, Catapult, Original and 10-Year anniversary editons of the Classic, so I am quite familiar with the frame. I am a 3.5 player who strings with Black Code at 55#. First of all, the frame...
  22. jackcrawford

    Donnay X-P Dual Racquets

    Will you be carrying the Tour and the 27?
  23. jackcrawford

    Julia Goerges BLX Pro Open

    Paint Job or not? Anyone strung for her?
  24. jackcrawford

    Head Extreme Pro Stock ?

    I know the code is 219, there is/was recently on the auction site one labeled 219.15. What does the .15 mean?
  25. jackcrawford

    Mansour Bahrami Racquet

    Anyone ever string for him? Does he really use an Extreme, seems stiff for a touch player like him.
  26. jackcrawford

    Dunlop 500 Bio vs Volkl Organix 6 vs Head IG Speed Lite

    I'm a 3.5, played with various Volkl V1 MP's for the last 5 years, currently using the Becker version. Comapared the above 3 frames as demos, all came strung at midrange with a multi. Dunlop 500 Bio easily the best, stable, comfortable, powerful - never would think it weighs only 10.3 oz...
  27. jackcrawford

    Aeropro Drive GT ? for Tiffani

    You mentioned in the review dislikes section the grip seemed a little big, would you recommend buying a 1/8 size smaller?
  28. jackcrawford

    AeroPro GT Grip Size

    To anyone who has demoed the AeroPro Drive GT, or the AeroPro Team GT, do their grips run true to size or run a 1/8 size big like the the Pure Drive team did?
  29. jackcrawford

    Volkl Powerbridge V1 MP has Catapults?

    Volkl website says no - shouldn't product description read successor to DNX V1, not Catapult V1?
  30. jackcrawford

    Volkl Powerbridge V1 MP Release Date

    Any idea of when you'll have it?