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  1. ruerooo

    Yikes - from SI: Knucklehead arrested for jumping over wall at the Open

    I thought we'd seen the last of that with that guy who tried to kiss Rafa at Monfils-Nadal ...
  2. ruerooo

    Miami Open 2016 General Discussion Thread

    I have family responsibilities for both Purim and Easter so I don't have time to make a poll, but I was looking around and realized we don't have a general discussion thread. Who wins? Does Djoker do the back-to-back, making history yet again? Is anybody else tired of that & hoping for a new...
  3. ruerooo

    Serena's Wimbledon 2015 shoes!

    Can we get them? If so, when? (I did hear a rumor that some of Nike's things for Maria and Serena were going to be unavailable.)
  4. ruerooo

    Del Potro v. Ferrer - Miami 2012 - who wins?

    The Torre de Tandil has the height, the Wall has the legs. Does it come down to fitness? Fight? Who moves on to eventually face the Djoker?
  5. ruerooo

    Andy Murray withdraws

    Discuss. :???:
  6. ruerooo

    Anyone planning to travel to Montreal for the Rogers Cup?

    Anyone who lives in Montreal interested in offering tips on whether it's best to try and stay in the Ville-Marie neighborhood, or on University Street? I haven't been to the city since I was a little girl.
  7. ruerooo

    Anybody have an update on Milos and his MRI?

    Canadians? Anyone? Bueller?
  8. ruerooo

    Wimbledon 1R - Federer v. Kukushikin

    Nobody's watching Roger's match? I know Stepanek-Verdasco is very very close in the 5th, but Roger just won his first set 7-6 ...
  9. ruerooo

    Roger pulls out of Halle
  10. ruerooo

    Rafa knows when he and Roger play well and when they play not so well

    “Playing Federer always provides a special satisfaction as we have played so many important matches,” said Nadal, who improved to 16-8 overall against Federer. “It was a difficult game, not one of our best games for either of us.”
  11. ruerooo

    If we want to try and persuade TC to broadcast FEDAL doubles tomorrow evening ...

    perhaps these email addresses might be useful: Viewer Response Programming
  12. ruerooo

    ATP Top Five All in Doubles in IW 2011 - Historic?

    I'm not sure, and I'm not sure what kind of coverage we'll get before finals, but I thought it'd be interesting to discuss. For starters, defending champions, world number one doubles, and Olympic champions are all in, and if you've seen the draw, there are some intriguing matchups...
  13. ruerooo

    AO 2011 - Dimitrov v. Wawrinka - 2R

    Stan has left his family to "focus on tennis". I know some fans of Grigor are looking for the upset. What will it be?
  14. ruerooo

    Rally for Relief Scheduled for 2pm Melbourne time Sunday Jan 16 Does anyone know if either ESPN, ESPN2, or the Tennis Channel has plans to broadcast the Rally for Relief live stateside? Especially since the AO and ESPN made that 10-year deal?
  15. ruerooo

    Wimbledon 4R Ladies: Clijsters v. Henin

    We've done the Sharpova v. Serena poll. Who wins the battle of the Belgian frenemies?
  16. ruerooo

    Roger is playing doubles!

    Taking a leaf out of Rafa's book? COURT 5 start 1:00 pm [WC] P Lorenzi (ITA) vs A Montanes (ESP) J Benneteau (FRA) vs [15] S Querrey (USA) Not Before 5:30 PM [WC] Y Allegro (SUI) / R Federer (SUI) vs J Brunstrom (SWE) / J Rojer (AHO) - Possible Court Change
  17. ruerooo

    So if Rafa & Gonzo's QF match is called because of rain ...

    ... what happens to the rest of the schedule for the weekend? (I'm not talking about a rain delay. I'm talking about what happens if the end of the match is postponed ...?)
  18. ruerooo

    Simon v. Tsonga, 3R

    Who has form? Whose knees, shoulders, etc. are going to stop them from advancing?
  19. ruerooo

    Federer v. Wawrinka, 3R

    No poll for Roger and Stan, with their match in a few minutes? Does Stan have the form to beat Roger twice this year?
  20. ruerooo

    R16: Simon v. Tsonga, French #1 & 2 - who wins and why?

    Simon recently replaced Tsonga as French #1. Tsonga already has titles this year. Tsonga is still arguably coming from behind after surgery. Simon is still arguably recovering from Davis Cup. Who wins and why?
  21. ruerooo

    Would Rod Laver coach Roger? Has Roger thought about asking him?

    I've been thinking. Especially in light of how much credit Nando Verdasco gives his talks with Andre for improving his strategy (and that seems to have worked pretty well so far). - As much as he seems to revere him, - as much drama as he's had with other people that could help him (like...
  22. ruerooo

    Rafa is the No. 1 seed going into the Open
  23. ruerooo

    Roddick v. Del Potro - Countrywide final?

    I'm too nervous to talk about Federer v. Tursunov and the rain delay. Let's talk about this. Andy back to form? Can he force Juan to the corners? Juan coming off back to back masters with Stuttgart and Austria? Is the 6'6" serve too big even for Andy? Please discuss.
  24. ruerooo

    Higueras, Federer, Ginepri, Cincinnati?

    Did I read somewhere that Jose Higueras coaches both Rogi and Ginepri right now? I know that the two players are supposed to meet in first round Cincinnati. Are there conflict of interest rules about that sort of thing?
  25. ruerooo

    So Rogi's head is cut off and Rafa's sprouts in its place ...

    ... and what happens to the actual tennis? Rafa swept through the tournament for a couple of reasons: 1) He is a great player 2) There is no one currently on tour who can beat him consistently. And wasn't that the state of tennis for so many years when Rogi was in charge? Tsonga - frequently...
  26. ruerooo

    Roger & Rafa both playing doubles as well?

    With this draw?? Someone smart please help me understand.
  27. ruerooo

    Carlitos Moya in the U.S. Open

    I think I read that he's in Croatia/UMAG right now. Does anyone know if he plans to play?