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  1. ChrisG

    TGT 293.1 ? worth it ?

    Hi ! I have the opportunity to buy a used TGT 293.1 for around 125€. what do you think of that frame ? it's already leaded with silicone in the handle that I'll need to remove to lower the weight. I play with I.prestige MP and Ultra tour, what do you think this can add to my game? I sometimes...
  2. ChrisG

    Head Prestige Microgel mid ? Worth a hit ?

    Hello folks, all these good comments about the new Prestige 360 mid have seen me willing to try something small. I’ve searched for some prestige classic/tour, but nothing’s available in the used market. But I’ve seen a lot of Microgel mid for cheap money, so I’d like to have your input on those...
  3. ChrisG

    Yonex supergrap durability issues?

    I’m very disappointed by the durability of Supergrap. It barely stands a 2h match. When I’m lucky I can get 2h more out of it before it starts tearing apart. I read so many good reviews here but definitely durability is problematic. Xtremsoft was my go to OG for years, but I wanted a lighter...
  4. ChrisG

    Head Candy Cane OS string recommendation ?

    Hi There, I've just bought a beautiful made in austria Candy Cane OS, barely used, no scratches (and at a very good price) and I intend to give this beauty a few hits. What kind of string setup would you recommend on this ? I play on clay mostly, with a mix baseline game of spin and flat...