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  1. Dragy

    Concerns about poly hybrids: shaped'n'stiff mains?

    Hey guys, would you advise me on the following: How it goes with stiff shaped poly in mains and softer poly cross? I play with fb Solinco Revolution, and would like to hybrid it to soften the stringbed. My biggest dread :eek: is stringbed locking through notching - my current string resists it...
  2. Dragy

    Practice set video

    Hey guys! Haven't posted my point play for a while, so since I managed to video some practice play today - here you go! You can FF to 8:43 to see me trying to dig out of 0-4... or watch from the start, as there's been some fun points (y) Enjoy, feel free to comment :love:
  3. Dragy

    Straight arm FH is radically different techniques

    … or is it player’s personal choice and/or step in evolution? They claim different things about player development. About techniques which suits a player. And how it’s found out, developed and settled in early, junior years to form unique style. On top of that, concepts floating around label...
  4. Dragy

    Karue rebuilding his FH

    Hey guys, may we follow the guy's endeavor! :laughing: He also has hotel-room shadow swinging video - tribute to our own @Curious - and makes several disputable points on related concepts, so I believe anyone will find it interesting to think about those. (start at 3:10 to skip patreon page...
  5. Dragy

    Practice set video

    Hey everyone, posting a practice set played yesterday... SORRY for that angle, something went wrong! (I stretched my video-edit skills to make it clear what's going on) First games went shaky, and my opponent struggled with returning my serves this time. How do you like the angle, if I...
  6. Dragy

    Comfortable alternative to Solinco Revolution

    Hey guys, I've been using Solinco Revolution 17 in my leaded up Ultra Tours for half a year now. Settled with 21x20kg tension. I like the playability and longevity of the setup quite a bit. Cut it out before 10h mark. I feel comfortable hitting off the ground all day long, but serving, and to...
  7. Dragy

    Preserving reliable weapons

    Hey guys, in recent matchplay and also discussion I came up with some ideas I wish to put here and chat a bit. We all know there are game options, particular strokes and combinations, which allow us to play strong keeping high margin for error. We may not get highlight winners, but can apply...
  8. Dragy

    Serve Doc FH fundamentals

    Recently posted video, hitting TT one of most discussed topics. How you like it guys? Personally found the "hand over the back foot" cue interesting. PS Was the latter @Serve Doc thread taken down by mods?
  9. Dragy

    Dunlop CX 400 Tour

    Hey guys and gals, what do you think? Ezone 100 competitor? Speed MP analog? Prince Tour 100 kin? Expected as easy to use, yet comfortable racquet with some control DNA?
  10. Dragy

    Unorthodox BH overhead

    Hey guys, I’ve been playing some doubles with my brother recently, and got amazed how he kills some BH overheads. I’m serving from ad court, solid kicking one to the body/BH, which they return with a high floater. Be that short and slow, he poaches - but how! Using what looks to be EBH grip he...
  11. Dragy

    Elbow-friendly tweener

    Hey guys would you help me with some ideas to replace my farther's stick so that he does notice nothing? He's a 64 y.o. in great shape playing some mid-level rec game. Moves well and relies on full swing, moderately paced deep topspin shots, as well as some slice and lob variety. Playing mostly...
  12. Dragy

    Racquet “power” free-standing vs hand-held

    I was interested in such an experiment myself, but had not enough experience and resources to hold one. Missed one held by TWU in 2019. Long story short, no difference in rebound velocity if a ball is blocked by free-to-move...
  13. Dragy

    Low powered, spin friendly platform frame requested

    Hey guys, need your ideas for the subject matter. What options may I consider to mod to 350+g static weight, 335+ SW, spin-friendly (not a monster, just quite potent to shape the shots and serves), yet lower-powered from the frame (thin? flexy?). Options I think of: - Volkl C10 Pro - Yonex VCORE...
  14. Dragy

    Easter BH grip myth

    Dear Comunity! I'm glad to see you in, thanks to the flashy title I put on this thread! :laughing: What I'd like to bring up for discussion is a common suggestion to use Eastern BH grip for one handed backhand. Grip which is determined by positioning index knuckle against top bevel/bevel 1 on...
  15. Dragy

    Trying out Radical Youtek MP (18x20)

    Hey guys, would you give some thoughts on the below. I've had a first hit with Radical Youtek MP (18x20) which I picked used in great condition for bargain price in winter. I bumped it to my Yonex DR98's spec: 352g static weight, 8-9 pts. headlight, SW 335; and made it strung with my goto string...
  16. Dragy

    Some practice hitting video - tips and thoughts welcome

    Hey guys, I've got some hitting recorded, happy to share. Feel free to give your thoughts.
  17. Dragy

    Non-sharp geared poly

    Hey guys would you suggest some non-sharp geared options? I think of: Babolat Pro hurricane tour Weiss Cannon red ghost (might be a tad too soft for my liking, cannot test, just full reel available). Völkl Cyclone (if I remember correctly it wasn’t sharp... but missing from local retailers’ stock)
  18. Dragy

    BO1 set-match video, single day tournament

    Hey guys wanna share this match played. I'm orange polo guy, opponent is mid of the pack in this one-day tourney group. Comments welcome! (Sorry for tilted horizon) Add: another match of the same day. Rubber surface with sand.
  19. Dragy

    Short sitters on BH side

    Hey guys, I’m sure you’ll help me with this. Looking for some videos for attacking/killing short sitters on BH side (no time to run around), particularly for 1hbh players. I’d be happy with some pointers onto pros execution, not asking strictly for instructional videos. The case is as follows...
  20. Dragy

    Need ideas to replace 350g Yonex DR98, striving for more connected feel.

    Hey folks, although my pair of Ezone DR98s is still in good shape and playing well, I was wondering what options I may consider to improve feel-wise, namely shift the current rather muted setup to some more crisp, or connected, or I dunno what feel :laughing: My current setup is leaded up to...
  21. Dragy

    Tennis in post-World Cup city

    Hello fellow TT'ers! Under this flashy heading I'd like to put some videos of myself playing what I feel the nerve to call "tennis" :p Actually started filming again after a year break to observe development and track issues, and thought - why not ask the community for feedback, or maybe even...
  22. Dragy

    Hitting window

    Hey guys, I just read another coment referring the subject: Personally, I don't buy the idea of some swings giving you that "wide hitting window", that's why: - the ball moves accross your intended shot direction and accross the swingpath more fequently than not; - the ball moves up or down...
  23. Dragy

    Estimate NTRP

    Hey guys, would you mind estimating NTRP level of two players based on below match highlight video? Both are of Moscow online matchmaking community, where levels vary a lot and self-estimation is rather imprecise.
  24. Dragy

    Poly stiffness and tension

    Hey friends, could you please share your opinions on the following. I continue testing various poly options for my DR98 (sub 12 oz strung) and recently did two slick stringjobs: Tourna BH Silver 17 @ 48.5lb (22kg) - 186lb/in stiffness as per TWU Kirshbaum Pro Line II (red) 17 @ 46.3lb (21kg) -...
  25. Dragy

    Matchplay case: dealing with short return.

    Hey guys, give me your thoughts please on the following: (Just for sake of keeping discussion within borders, let this be a specific setup, although may be looked at as a more general concern) I serve to ad court, placing a top-slice 1st serve into the BH corner. My opponent blocks it slicy, the...
  26. Dragy

    Lowering "launch angle" effect

    Hey guys would you please give me general ideas of how to approach a case? I'd like to try and limit the launch angle effect on my Yonex DR98s. Current default string is Volkl Cyclone 18 @22kg. I'd like to avoid stiffening the stringbed. So, which is more responsible for the launch angle, string...
  27. Dragy

    FH: "naturally inclined" to 2-bend or "bad spacing"?

    Hey guys, the outdoor season approaches, which made me pick my sticks again and book some time indoors hitting, matchplaying and filming for sure. Some video posted here, first outing after winter brake: I'm looking...
  28. Dragy

    Practice set video

    Hey guys played a practice set yesterday after a full month without picking a stick. Sorry for mediocre quality - my iPhone's camera is in terrible condition. Also I didn't elaborate a solution for angles yet - these courts don't allow farther setup location for a tripod. Will try to borrow a...
  29. Dragy

    Doubles point video

    Hey guys, just for your entertainment, a doubles point cut from the Sunday's filming. I don't like how I look (and feel) in recent videos being jammed on most groundies, but it's just reality for today.