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    List your grip size and your height!

    6'3 4 3/8 - 4 1/2
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    Calling Prince enthusiasts: Identify this racquet

    Thanks guys! I'll have a looksy around for another. My biggest problem is remember what grip size it is!
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    Calling Prince enthusiasts: Identify this racquet

    I thought that might be the patent date for all POG racquets?
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    Calling Prince enthusiasts: Identify this racquet

    Hi guys, A few years ago I bought a racquet from someone on the forums and it lay around my house for said years. I started using it recently and found it to be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, now I'm using it as my main racquet I only have one I'm looking for at least one more. I know its...
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    Lacoste Signs 13 New Tennis Players to Wear the Brand

    You could have just said .... name 4 atp players that are or near over the hill: Benneteau, Ascione, Gaudio (!!) and Sela!
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    Hehe yes I've noticed that. I don't see that it will completely eliminate wasting so much paper and trees, but I feel it can make a dent on it. As they were also saying, the iPad will be a much better 'book size' than a computer, and can be read from various angles. I know a laptop can be too...
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    Has anyone seen a post

    This gives the most evenly allocated amount of rest though. If they played both semi finals on Thursday it means that Tsonga and Fed have only had a day rest since their quarter final match. It would be a sluggish and tiresome match no doubt. This way Cilic/Murray get 2 nights rest but at...
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    I've heard it may be one of apple's most important products to date. It will hopefully be able to load textbooks on it which means every school kid can read from the iPad instead of having to lug around a million books with them. Doctors will be using them as medical charts to save paper. We'll...
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    Youzhny v. Kubot -- 3rd Round

    So this Kubot guy has made it to the 4th round of singles and is in the 3rd four doubles (of which he is seeded 5). He's made it to the 4th round without playing any seeds and still has that chance if Djokovic has a shock loss to Istomin. How funny :D
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    Did we miss the best match ever?

    The problem is that IBM Statiscians (I have 2 friends doing it) cover only 8 courts. As in Rod Laver, Hisense, Margaret Court, Show Court 2 and 3, then 4-8 of the outside courts. I believe the other courts are covered by the umpire who even then can't be expected to put such high detail into...
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    Mardy Fish

    Hehe completely unintentional to combine the words 'fish' and 'tanking' in the same post :D. My favourite was that one someone wrote the other day when Pat Cash beat Lendl: Cash beats Czech.
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    Mardy Fish

    He lost first round. My friend said he saw Fish apparently doing similar things to tanking after being fed up with waiting hours and hours for rain to clear. He was apparently hitting balls flat out with a continental grip. Anyone else heard anything about his loss?
  13. Duzza

    Can someone help me figure out match schedule (EST)?

    Well if I recall I watched the Men's final at about 6am in the morning? Which isn't too bad. I watched from about 11pm-4am the Wimbledon final lol. edit: I'm Australian.
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    tennis - wholesale . c o m (without spaces) Fake racquets?

    What an unfair way of getting peoples money... I find this on the about us page: "With authentic products and a sophisticated customer service system, has earned the best reputation among the online stores. We are a well managed corporation and the one company you can...
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    Tomic beat Djokovic

    Yeah I watched it. It was obvious Djokovic wasn't taking the match completely seriously and he was moving in almost every chance he had to the net, which he is not too strong at. That said, Tomic played well and if it was any other Aussie Junior out there Djoko would have chopped him up 1 and 1.
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    Anybody here an accountant?

    Wow thanks a lot guys! I don't understand the GPA thing you guys have over in USA but I got for first year: 84, 81, 76, 74, 74, 73, 71, 71 for my 8 subjects. edit: Oh, apparently that works out to 3.25. I will try harder next year.
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    2010 Prince Playtest

    Hey Jolly, how tall are you again? You have such a whacky style on the forehand but I love it :D and it clearly works.
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    xbox 360 moder warfare 2

    Under normal circumstances like Fifa 10, NBA live i would share my gamertag but with a game like MW2, I don't want you to get killed too many times by me. Sorry.
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    2010 breakthrough -- Your Expection

    Dimitrov, Tomic and Nishikori will get strong results.
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    Avatar! (believe the hype)

    And I have heard from my girlfriend (since I actually never saw it) it has a very similar plot to "Pocahontas": "In the "New World", Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan's daughter, learns that her father wants her to marry Kocoum, one of his finest warriors, but a bitter and serious man. Pocahontas does...
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    Avatar! (believe the hype)

    Coming from one of the least biggest fans of Sci-Fi imaginative big-production films, I saw this film on opening night and I have to say it was unbelievable. All my friends loved it, and I think it's the best film I've seen in the past 2-3 years (of which I loved The Dark Knight, Slumdog, Gran...
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    Count to one million

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    Anybody here an accountant?

    Granted I'm only in first year of a 3 (potentially 4) year course, I would still like to ask around and see if I can find any good tips, advice or stories from accountants in either sector of the workforce. Have any of you worked for a big4 firm? How do you think your grades in university...
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    Count to one million

  25. Duzza

    Count to one million

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    James Blakes Shoes?

    Tennis shoes
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    Count to one million

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    Homecoming - a bit off topic

    She will say no if you have as much confidence as you do by asking this question...just man up and ask her straight off the bat confidently. She'll be surprised at you and possibly say yes.
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    Black Eyes Peas & Oprah @ Chicago

    It's a good song if you like all the poppy, hot 30 songs. I don't really. Funny video though lol. I watched the first 30 seconds and couldn't tell why one person was dancing and the rest of the crowd looks like they're having a **** time.