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  1. Thud and blunder

    Games for kids

    I've been put in charge of a series of tennis sessions for kids at a school fun day. 3 groups; 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years. Half an hour each, so I should be able to fill the time in fine, but I would like to give it a bit of structure. The important point is that these are just...
  2. Thud and blunder

    Trivia q: late blooming #1's

    Easy one for the peeps here, but something I didn't know: Who is the only mens #1 who hadn't cracked the top 100 by the age of 20?
  3. Thud and blunder

    British Medical Journal casts sceptical eye over sports drinks gospel Interesting read throughout.
  4. Thud and blunder

    Pro for sale

    Go to the Bay's UK site, search for Andrew Fitzpatrick :)
  5. Thud and blunder

    A different slant on nature vs nurture

    This one always tends to go round in circles, but here's a new slant (for me anyway). (may be paywalled; I'm not sure) key quotes: "With high-level training so ubiquitous, God-given...
  6. Thud and blunder

    Djokovic splits with Sergio Tacchini

    Guess they couldn't afford him... (source: Bloomberg)
  7. Thud and blunder

    Doubles scenario: who has the edge here?

    Consider a common doubles scenario: two back to receive, server follows serve in, gets a hot return to deal with, blocks it back deep with backspin, so it bounces near the baseline and sits up. So two players at the net facing two back with a deep puffball ball on their racquets. The next ball...
  8. Thud and blunder

    Won on my 13th match point

    One hour after my first MP, finally closed the deal on my 13th...6-3, 6-7 (7-9), 10-4. 2 MPs on opps serve at 5-2, 4 more in my loooong service game at 5-3, 2 more in the next service game....somehow recomposed myself to hold at love for 6-5, he holds easily, 4 more MPs in the breaker before...
  9. Thud and blunder

    ATP gear not permitted by ITF

    Saw a guy play a futures tournament recently with one of those Lotto ATP shirts; Lotto logo on the front, small ATP logo on the upper back. Like this, apart from the gratuitous ventilation: Umpire told him to change his shirt ... presumably violating some logo policy. He offered to...
  10. Thud and blunder

    Pros and cons of the various video / instruction sites

    Hi all, trying to make sense of the various options here, viz TennisOne, Hi-Tech Tennis,, FYB Premium, some other stuff I probably don't know about. For those with experience of multiple sites, how would you compare them, and which one(s) would you recommend?
  11. Thud and blunder


    What are Nike's trademark lawyers making of this, I wonder?
  12. Thud and blunder

    Kinesio tape...what's the real story?

    OK, this stuff is spreading like wildfire during a drought...but as a layman, it really sounds like a bunch of seems to promise to cure all that ails you via some poorly explained mechanism which allows complete novices to treat everything from carpal tunnel syndrom to political...
  13. Thud and blunder

    How many of the top 100 could you identify?

    A little fun comp: How many players in the top 100 could you identify by sight? By that I mean, not having a vague recollection of what they look like, but rather if they walked past you in the street, you'd say: 'Hey, that's XXX!' ATP Top 100 I can get 70 of them; that's a very...
  14. Thud and blunder

    Noob question: synthetics vs multis

    Hi guys, Basic question about syngut vs multis. I currently play with PSGO; never looked to change cos it's what I'm used to, and I attribute all mistakes to user error rather than equipment. However, I've been thinking that perhaps I'm missing a trick. If I switch from syngut to a...
  15. Thud and blunder

    Airness - interesting article

    Interesting article from The Economist: In Praise of Airness Mr Koné’s family arrived in France from Mali in 1982, when he was ten years old. His father was a mechanic, and he and his eight siblings were brought up in a rough Parisian banlieue. His dreams of becoming a professional boxer...
  16. Thud and blunder

    Is this legal? (Tsonga rain dance vs Fed)

    Madrid Masters Fed / Tso point Strikes me as illegal. What do you guys think? (apologies if this has been posted before)
  17. Thud and blunder

    Cognitive biases in line-calling

    Didn't see this posted; thought it was somewhat interesting: Study
  18. Thud and blunder

    A Brit's sardonic take on the US Open

    Giles Coren in the Times ...freed from the Wimbledon dress code, Murray wore the black trainers of an urban mugger and an old T-shirt the colour of a Possil towerblock...
  19. Thud and blunder

    Return of the King

    Player profile Could cause a few heart-stopping moments when the draws go up...
  20. Thud and blunder

    The future of Sergio Tacchini

    Sergio Tacchini bought by one of its suppliers Hopefully this will presage bigger and better things for my favourite brand.
  21. Thud and blunder

    Does sunscreen deteriorate?

    With summer upon us, I'm rummaging through the bathroom cabinet and finding plenty of half-used sunscreen bottles from last year (and possibly earlier?!). Should I toss them and buy new ones, or do they maintain their effectiveness over time? Thanks.
  22. Thud and blunder

    Karakal synthetic gut

    Picked up a couple of racquets with this string. Any info appreciated; thanks. How does it compare to say Prince Synthetic Gut?
  23. Thud and blunder

    (Yet) another reason not to smash your racquet

    Carbon nanotubes may be as harmful as asbestos
  24. Thud and blunder

    Murray a "miserable git" - Henman

    Can't argue with that IMO. It's tough watching tennis via Sky (UK)...incessant focus on Murray, which is perfectly understandable, but subjects the viewers to having to watch this unresolved bundle of teenage angst sloping miserably around the court snarling and cursing. Anyhow, its all...
  25. Thud and blunder

    How do you pronounce 'Volkl'

    With all these Volkl threads flying around, I thought it would be an opportune time to ask...
  26. Thud and blunder

    Cryotherapy; or Ice baths are for softies

    After the recent back and forth about whether ice baths were bad for you, here's some info on the latest phenomenon: whole body cryotherapy. Seems lots of elite athletes are starting to use this; there's a facility in Slovakia (linked above), and a...
  27. Thud and blunder

    Question re futures: what the F?

    Please could someone clarify something re Futures tourneys: when a toruney is graded F2 or F9 or Fx, what does this mean? Does it have to do with the number of points or prizemoney at stake?
  28. Thud and blunder

    Pressureless balls most similar to pressurised?

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice as to which pressureless balls have the most similar feel to regular pressurised balls? I've heard good things about the Tretorn Micro X's in this only experience of Micro X's involved volleying a broken one, and ending up covered in white powder...
  29. Thud and blunder

    Nike, what have you done: Air Zoom Revives

    So, I gave up on Nike shoes sometime in the '90s. Got burned too many times. However, after a recent shoe crisis, where nothing seemed quite right, I tried out a pair of Air Zoom Revives, challenge my prejudices and all that. Felt pretty good in the shop - heavy shoe, but didn't really feel its...
  30. Thud and blunder

    Playing vs conditioning: getting the balance right

    I'd appreciate any advice on getting the balance right between playing and conditioning. Regarding conditioning, I'm thinking primarily ito injury prevention by strengthening core, shoulders, rotators etc, rather than improving my aerobic fitness or explosiveness or whatever, which I would look...