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  1. Dragy

    I can't seem to ever find rhythm in doubles, AKA doubles sucks. . . . .ok it's me. but it still sucks.

    That’s exactly what makes it useful for singles player development - getting better control of your shots, getting more mindful of shot selection, developing problem solving. Developing and learning to apply wider range of tools. Meanwhile, I get what you say. And it’s ok to not play doubles if...
  2. Dragy

    I can't seem to ever find rhythm in doubles, AKA doubles sucks. . . . .ok it's me. but it still sucks.

    The great thing about tennis - it’s a deep game. Despite what they say, good level singles requires wide variety of skills and good knowledge & experience for decision making. One can play one-dimensional game given good stamina and patience, but at some point there’s a ceiling to hit. For...
  3. Dragy

    How many things are wrong with my forehand!

    There could be a hitch at low point of drop, but I don't see anything of this kind in OP's swing. I see danger in trying what you described. There's flip/slap techniques of Kyrgios, but it's not what I recommend to use. Based on who are best young players of today, so-called "next-gen FH" is...
  4. Dragy

    How many things are wrong with my forehand!

    Prep a bit late again, if you ask me. Rush "full back high" position by bounce. Now you get pushed by the ball.
  5. Dragy

    How many things are wrong with my forehand!

    @Sweatii_yetii I like your form in this video as well as early preparation. I’m with those who earlier suggested to make it work against more challenging balls - deeper, wider. As well as make it work with various intention and placement - go deep, hit CC, DTL, I/O. Hit to recover. Hit to rally...
  6. Dragy

    How many things are wrong with my forehand!

    If he starts accelerating forcefully before dropping, he’ll ruin his FH.
  7. Dragy

    Wall hitting. Over or under rated.

    Yeah I’ve been hitting the wall a ton. It can be effective for different things, but one needs to keep on-court memories and always keep in mind - wall is to improve aspects of tennis, not a complete discipline to maser. Some people stuck with maintaining wall rallies as long as possible, which...
  8. Dragy

    Shadow swing serves?

    If your goal is to warmup shoulder - ok :cool:
  9. Dragy

    Shadow swing serves?

    When shadow-swinging, don’t forget to visualize the ball and contact and intended ball flight. Swing without contact image might bring you way off.
  10. Dragy

    Beginner Serve Help Day 12 - Not twisting too early

    This looks really solid! Keep up the good work!
  11. Dragy

    Babolat Pure Storm Tour modern equivalent

    One approach to replacing XL racquets is to use models with sweetspot expanded well enough towards the tip. Try Gravity Pro, try Yonex isometric options (new VCore PRO might be a thing), maybe use some lead tape at 12 o'clock. Getting that sweetspot move 0.5" higher is not something crazy. And...
  12. Dragy

    Beginner Flat Serve Practice - Constructive Criticisms?

    I prefer to say it the other way around: racquet not dropping is a consequence of not applying throwing motion to accelerate the racquet. Even if the motion is a bit tight, and drop is shallow inititally, it can further be developed. Pushing the ball forward, whith drop, from "backscratch", or...
  13. Dragy

    Beginner Flat Serve Practice - Constructive Criticisms?

    Wasn’t FH grip and using pushing motion the main problem?
  14. Dragy

    Help on serve analysis

    Here's as far as I personally go on spin serves. Not very flexible - more of leaning back (limbo position) before leg drive, and overhead toss.
  15. Dragy

    Beginner Serve Help Day 10 - New Tossing Motion

    @will_ling_motivation one big issue with your shadow swings and actual execution of serves is slowing down here: You compromise your key acceleration phase and try to forcefully accelerate with "pronation", which should accually be a release phase instead.
  16. Dragy

    Help on serve analysis

    It’s not top priority. Fed pic is likely a kick serve with toss quite a bit back over the head (11 o’clock). If he goes for flat serve, he’s not open to the sky that much: So I think you are ok. Focus more on timing. You know it’s good when it clicks for effortless power, efficient whip, etc.
  17. Dragy

    Help on serve analysis

    Upswing I guess. You want to make shoulder relax between trophy pose and end of leg drive. Natural reaction may be to tighten everything up and make the swing as you start explosive leg motion. But you should learn to sequence it. Maybe try to “noodle” your shoulder and arm (don’t care if you...
  18. Dragy

    Help on serve analysis

    Check the timing for leg drive and upward swing. You are supposed to be at the bottom of your drop here: Model:
  19. Dragy

    [serve] The step in of my pinpoint stance opens racquet face on trophy position

    Hey, first of all, the issue isn't big at all. See Shapovalov serve videos for example. What is not very good, and likely linked to opening you mentioned, is too low elbow going from trophy to drop. Get it higher, in line with shoulders (or even higher, to exaggerate while relearning), and...
  20. Dragy

    Two man lessons. Are they a good idea?

    Even on the same side, most drills are designed with moving off the court behind the second player. Player receiving balls from the coach covers full court, makes several shots, then moves away and back catching his breath, while the other one steps in to make his hits. If the coach is decent...
  21. Dragy

    Beginner Serve Help Day 8 - Getting the Correct Swing Path

    @will_ling_motivation do you always practice with full motion only, with full focus from toss till follow-through, standing at the baseline and trying to actually make real serves over the net and into the box? It's a bit too much in my opinion, I'd suggest that you split it and work on...
  22. Dragy

    Most powerful and comfortable thinbeam (20-21) rackets

    Consider these if you want power+comfort: Wilson Blade 104 22.5mm 60 RA Dunlop CX200 OS 21.5mm 61 RA Prince Phantom 107G 21.5mm/20mm/17.5mm 63 RA Otherwise go for high SW soft racquets, maybe with open pattern: VCORE Pro 97H Volkl C10 Pro If you can accelerate heavy/high SW racquet, it gives...
  23. Dragy

    Two man lessons. Are they a good idea?

    You will pick up balls faster! Coach can observe both of you while drilling - from aside. You can play points as real deal, not as coach dialing down and choosing when to give you short ball… both options are legit for practice, in a bit different way. Some competition can be better introduced...
  24. Dragy

    Racquets with a teardrop-shaped head

    Is there a chance they introduce Gravity in 98?
  25. Dragy

    how to stop playing too aggressively in matches

    Well known, deeply experienced :laughing: I shifted to mental state of enjoying the point rolling. I love to hit the ball again and again - why would I try to end it as soon as possible? Even in doubles, if not “particularly in doubles”, where a point will end in couple of next shots anyways...
  26. Dragy

    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    The biggest advantage of moving forward during the shot, particularly against weaker balls with higher vertical/horizontal speed ratiois improved ability to time and adjust to the ball. Hitting while staying in place and pulling across requires more precise ball judgement, adjustment s d timing...
  27. Dragy

    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    First, you need to hit a good shot. Second, you need to recover. Whenever using neutral stance allows you to hit better shot, go for it. Using semi-open stance you can also either pivot in place or step through. It depends on the ball and intention. Whenever you have more time, face a slower...
  28. Dragy

    What should you do in this scenario?

    Try for angles? Set up FH-FH or BH-BH rally - whichever you feel more advantageous - and develop better angle until you can hit to wide open court. Establish FH to BH rally (are you lefty if I remember correctly?) Approach off shortish ball, don’t expect to put it away with one shot. Bring...
  29. Dragy

    Grip change in the serve backswing

    Not all agree :laughing: Conti is good enough for anything but weirdo like “reverse slice”. On top of that you get different toss for big kickers at minimum (and possible minor variation on other serves). I believe one would benefit from mastering serves with conti grip and more or less same...
  30. Dragy

    Wrist Acceleration!?

    Summoning @Chas Tennis Grabbing some popcorn