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  1. gregor.b

    Head Gravity

    I've played with both, but have put a leather grip on my Tour. It feels as though there is more feel and slightly more control in the Pro, but better maneuverability with slightly more power in the tour, as most posters have advised.
  2. gregor.b

    Swingweight unstrung/strung

    Found an under spec gravity pro with an unstrung 303 SW. 1.20 gauge got it to 328/329. 1.10 brought it down to 324/325. It’s been an experiment. Not entirely sure if this Pro is any better than the regular Tour. I have played both, but added a leather grip the Tour, which is a tad more...
  3. gregor.b

    Jolly's Polys

    Cheers mate
  4. gregor.b

    Jolly's Polys

    Hey Jolly, any review for RPM rough with nat gut in the main, and comparison to alu power 17? Sorry if it's here, but there's a bit to go through. Cheers, Greg.
  5. gregor.b

    One For Posterity ?

    SinjinCooper, Friday at 9:40 PM Report New The artist's first duty is always to the self. Turn off or ignore ratings and reviews, and enjoy it for what it was meant to be. Hope you recover. Stay positive! S&V-not_dead_yet, Saturday at 8:05 AM Report New ↑ I have recently uploaded a video to...
  6. gregor.b

    One For Posterity ?

    I have recently uploaded a video to not me but ... tube, and it was a fairly lengthy process, as it was a complete, unedited video of how it actually occurred. It was about a20 minute video, but had dead air, as in drinks breaks, minor conversations, no one on court, etc. Am I better off...
  7. gregor.b

    Serve advice

    Hi mate, keep your left arm up a little longer and that should help keep your shoulders closed a little longer. Your shoulders are opening out ( think rotating) too early and you are hitting the serve front on. This is sucking power from the serve.
  8. gregor.b

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    Just joined the club. Got a 98 plus blue, put on a leather grip, and this may finally be the one to replace my old migrogels, but I want to give it a few more weeks to be certain before I stock up with a few more.
  9. gregor.b

    Can you change your style of play after years of playing a particular way?

    Not necessarily. But it takes a lot of belief and acceptance of the fact that you are going to lose some matches until you come to terms with the new style of play. I recently changed my forehand from semi western to eastern, and due to age I am unable to run with the younger guys in long gut...
  10. gregor.b

    HEAD Penn Official

    Will this be a more flexible version like the previous Team or Lite models. Also, will the handle be hollow to allow silicone injection? Cheers, Greg.
  11. gregor.b

    Yonex Ai 98: tell me more about her

    Probably the wide spaced 16 x 19 string pattern. I had a similar issue with my Migrogel customs where I couldn't bring down my forehand early enough (after recovering from injury) unless I hit with excessive topspin. The nineties, even though a 16 x 19, are a tighter pattern due to the smaller...
  12. gregor.b

    Most powerful 18x20 racquets?

    Don't know how you feel about modding, but I have added a leather grip and 15 grams of silicone into the grips of my Prince Tour Pro's (no exo ports) and it ia unequivocally the best racquet I have ever used. It is 18 x 20, good spin, unbelievable control,cheap and a great headlight balance. If...
  13. gregor.b

    21st Century Toecutters: The Rise of Oz Tennis!

    John still has a soft spot for his son. If Bernie gets arrested, he can't play and then daddy doesn't get paid.
  14. gregor.b

    Tomic Arrested

    Actually, Rafter is more of a stereotypical Queenslander. He loves his sport, his family, and doesn't mind a beer. Also worked BLOODY hard to get where he wanted to be. Tomic is just a tool.
  15. gregor.b

    If Nole ends up 6 times as Year-end No. 1 what would that mean for his legacy?

    That his back end was far more impressive than his front end. I feel sorry for his wife!
  16. gregor.b

    Are we witnessing the birth of a new style of tennis?

    It doesn't necessarily increase the amount of skill required, but what it does do is increase the amount of physical strength, self belief, confidence and focus that is required to do it time and time again over a 3-4 hour period. Wow, remember when we were all saying how boring a 5 1/2 hour...
  17. gregor.b

    Stan doesn't hold back about Kyrgios in interview

    Hop would have taught him a lesson in humility for sure. Probably even humanity . Maybe.
  18. gregor.b

    What if Nole never wins RG?

    Goodness me, how did I miss this one? PYHI mate, a bloke with more than 0 tour titles, let alone slams, CANNOT be overrated. This is either because someone he, or someone he has to beat, is a REALLY good player.
  19. gregor.b

    Great Analysis of Wawrinka's BH

    Sorry Spiff, gotta disagree on this one. You lose all sorts of feel with your dominant hand (l/h 2 hbh) rather than if you are using the same hand all the time. Tried a 2 hbh and lost all feel for everything else b/h strike wise. Just my 0.02. Cheers, Greg.
  20. gregor.b

    What NTRP would you rate this hitting

    Some quality (and honest ) posts here. Maybe have another crack (and then view it yourself if you can) and then you may get some decent responses here. Cheers bud!
  21. gregor.b

    Switching to a one handed backhand has really helped me.

    Personally, I try to adjust my grip to the conditions. There will be times that I feel I am hitting the ball perfectly and the ball may be flying or falling really short. I either open or close the grip a poofteenth to allow for it and that stops me from having to change my swing or stroke...
  22. gregor.b

    How old were you when you started following/playing tennis?

    First time I picked up a racquet, I was about 5 or so (it was mum's). Second time I was 13 (high school tennis before I broke my hand). Third time I was 26 and haven't put it down since (I am 46 and a U.S. 5.0 equivalent, I think). I will play for the rest of my life, God (and body) willing.
  23. gregor.b

    Which NTRP Gap is biggest?

    Or is trying to become good enough to get paid to play.
  24. gregor.b

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Fair enough. But with a 'flex' rating of 68, I think I will steer clear of that also. My racquets are a 58 flex, and I use Head FXP Tour, which is also super soft. That is about as stiff as I can go without having to miss sessions due to pain or injury.
  25. gregor.b

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Then I will have to forego a Babo until they change their philosophy, I guess. Racquet stiffness is the one thing I have to have right. I want to play this game until I am on old man. The rest I can sort out with silicone and lead.
  26. gregor.b

    4.5 Pusher vs 4.5 Basher @ USTA National 40s Hardcourts in La Jolla Cali

    Sorry if this has been answered before, but which one is the pusher and which one is the ball basher (first video)?
  27. gregor.b

    now I understand why serve is hard

    And not 1 of them is right. Unless they are imitating the frying pan slap serve.