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  1. aman92

    Medvevev USO 2021 vs Del Potro USO 2009

    Who wins? I don't think anyone can now argue that Medvedev has surpassed all of Delpo's career achievements already (if anyone can still argue feel free to). But who wins when considering the hypothetical match up of their only slam victories till date?
  2. aman92

    The ATP rankings are a sham

    Federer has barely played 10 matches all year and hardly any last year and yet is still somehow ranked 9th. He is 61 in the live race and yet due to this COVID induced mockery, finds his ranking protected. How is ATP still justifying to continue with this sham? Would the methodology have been...
  3. aman92

    Prediction : If Djokovic wins the USO 2021 final, it'll be his last slam win

    I mean if he does as what's expected, there is nothing more left for him to achieve and his motivation might fall off a cliff post the final. We know what happened post RG 2016 and this is much more significant. A lot of times this year he has simply willed himself over the line and even a 5%...
  4. aman92

    Djokovic's biggest threat at the USO?

    Who can defeat Imhotep?
  5. aman92

    Was Nadal simply not motivated enough to break the slam record?

    When Djokovic is asked about this, he never shies from the fact that he wants the record and will do everything in his capacity to achieve it. Rafa has never openly spoken about trying to become the slam leader and while he has always deflected these questions throughout his career, could it be...
  6. aman92

    Khachanov - Djokovic's biggest threat?

    Hits flat and hard from both wings, has a pretty great serve when on, isn't an error machine and moves great for his height. Of the players left in the draw, he really is the only one I feel can trouble Djokovic
  7. aman92

    Hurkacz will beat Federer

    Not a crazy or jinxing prediction. If Hurkacz serves as well as he did today and is not suffering from any fatigue, he should give a beatdown to the old man. Hurkacz to win in max 4 sets tomorrow
  8. aman92

    Done with the next gen

    All of them chokers of the highest level - Rublev, Zverev and Medvevev... Least one could expect is to reach the QFs and they even fail at that - relinquishing handy leads. No wonder a 40 year old with a handful of matches under his belt for 2 years is the second favourite of the tournament...
  9. aman92

    Medvevev or Zverev - who is Djokovic's biggest threat in a potential final?

    Both have started quite impressively and I think we all can agree that these 2 are the biggest threats in a potential final to Djokovic (old man doesn’t have the legs for 7 matches). Who can give him the toughest match?
  10. aman92

    Who would have won USO 2011?

    Had Federer not squandered those 2 MP on serve at 5-3? Federer obviously would have been full of confidence after beating Djokovic but Nadal still had Federer's no in Grand slams. Would have been an incredible final I think... sad that Fedal never got to face each other at USO after all those...
  11. aman92

    Marin Cilic will beat Noval Djokovic at Wimbledon 2021

    Cilic is slowly coming back into form. Although he had a disappointing performance against Federer on his weakest surface at RG, he has just won Stuttgart easily without dropping a single set. He is the last player to beat Djokovic on grass (beating him incredibly after being MP down) and when...
  12. aman92

    Djokovic and Federer's advantage over Nadal

    If we look at the peak years of the big 3 (have objectively considered 6 peak years for each of them so that I don't hear arguments like Federer got old in 2008) Fed peak: 2004-2009 Nadal peak - 2008-2013 Djokovic peak - 2011-2016 Nadal blossomed the earliest in terms of age of the big 3 but...
  13. aman92

    Reason why Djokovic is likely to end up higher than Fedal

    I think in terms of skill level all 3 are reasonably matched with their own strengths and weaknesses. What separates Djokovic from the other 2 is that his mental strength is unparalleled. Have never seen him get nervous when close to the finish line and even today just refused to make any UEs...
  14. aman92

    Is this the best pair of major semifinal matches since the big 4 era?

    We have Nadal vs Djokovic going for the record books in the first semifinal in one of the most significant matches in the history of tennis. On the other semifinal, we have 2 of the best next genners who have shown their acumen on clay already, gunning for a breakthrough major. Possibly the...
  15. aman92

    Are we judging the new gen harshly?

    Reading some of the match threads leads one to believe that the new crop of players are the worst ones to ever emerge in tennis. I know even I got sucked into the rhetoric in the past but what are we really judging them on? I know it's disappointing that the way Musetti collapsed after winning...
  16. aman92

    Medvevev looking good

    How many games will he win in his loss to Rafa in the RG final?
  17. aman92

    2008 Nadal vs 2019 Nadal - who'll win on Hard Courts?

    2008 was perhaps the first great year for Nadal on Hard Courts when he reached the semifinals of USO and AO for the first time. He also won the gold medal at Beijing Olympics. 2019 Nadal obviously did much better at slams, winning USO and being runners up at the AO though against much weaker...
  18. aman92

    One thing Nadal has done that Federer and Djokovic will never be able to do

    Is to beat at least one of the other two at their peaks in a grand slam final To clarify Federer Peak (2003-2010) Nadal Peak (2007-2014) Djokovic peak (2009-2016) Nadal Beat Peak Federer at AO 2009 final Beat Peak Federer and Djokovic at RG finals multiple times Beat Peak Federer at Wimbledon...
  19. aman92

    Nadal has a greater longevity than Fed

    For years we only hear of Federer's longevity in the game and while that's remarkable, Nadal has surpassed him now in terms of years as a top player. - He has a longer span between his first and latest GS (RG 2005- RG 2020 : 15 years 4 months) compared to Federer (Wim 03- AO 18: 14 years 6...
  20. aman92

    Nadal and Djokovic are as far away from the competition in their pet slams as they have ever been

    Nadal won RG 2020 without dropping a set and GOATing in the final...Djokovic while not at his best pre semis, absolutely routed an opponent who was on a tear before this. 5 years down the line, we might still see these two dominating their turfs while another pathetic generation comes and goes.
  21. aman92

    Cannot overstate the importance of this Sunday for the Next Gen

    Sunday is possibly the most important match yet for the next gen. Djokovic has looked vulnerable, hasn't played anywhere to his best but still has made the final as expected at his pet event. Medvedev is coming in probably the best form of his career till date, has the edge over Djokovic in...
  22. aman92

    Thiem is the best player in the world currently

    I think on his current level he is probably the best hard court player and the 2nd best clay court player. And although he has the tendency to choke somewhat in big points, largely when he is on song Djokodal can't stay with him on hard courts. At 27 he is at his absolute physical peak and with...
  23. aman92

    What makes Nadal the toughest match up for the Next gen?

    It seems all of the next gen - Zverev, Med, Tsitspas and Rublev (you can chuck in De Minaur as well) struggle against Nadal at least in their initial matches much more than they do against the other big boys. What is it specifically about Nadal’s game that is the cause... Is it just because of...
  24. aman92

    Federer is a better clay court player than Djokovic

    Unpopular opinion but rings true for me especially after last night.... Djokovic might have more masters on clay but at RG they both have equal no of titles and final appearances. However, what tips it for Roger is the fact that his majority losses were to peak Rafa on clay from 2005-2011 and...
  25. aman92

    Which beatdown was Greater?

    AO 2019 or RG 2020? My vote goes to RG 2020 considering that Djokovic was undefeated this year, playing near his best and had just won Rome. Whereas despite not dropping a set en route to 2019 final, Nadal hadn't played any tournament prior to it in months and thus was severely short of...
  26. aman92

    Soderling's performance in 2009

    Gets more astounding every year that Nadal adds to his GS tally...remember he beat a younger, peak level Nadal at RG in 4 sets. No one has come close to beating Rafa at near his best since
  27. aman92

    Fed Fans who are you rooting for in the 2020 RG final?

    Nadal to equal the old man's GS tally or Djokovic to reduce the deficit to 2? Pick your poison
  28. aman92

    2020 Roland Garros Mens QF: Dominic Thiem [3] vs Diego Schwartzman [12]

    Couldn't see a thread for this.. Arguably the two best clay courters after the Big 2 and both with victories on clay over Nadal in the past 2 seasons...who will prevail?
  29. aman92

    Who is the second best female tennis player of the millennium?

    Simple question...who is the best female tennis player post 2000 after Serena? My vote goes to Justine Henin..only one who stayed top of the rankings consistently while racking up slams and beating Serena.