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  1. Omega_7000

    John Mcenroe : ‘Federer is 40 in tennis, it’s like 65 in another job’

    Same crap he started spouting when Fed turned 32 and then throughout his mid to late 30's... He has never ever raised any age related concerns with Djokodal....Fed is the only one that gets hit with all the age related comments and questions
  2. Omega_7000

    Why did it take until late 2014 for Federer to overtake Murray in their H2H?

    This. OP is one if the most disingenuous posters in this forum. Always cherry picking facts or misrepresenting them to suit his anti Fed agenda
  3. Omega_7000

    Shots like these really make me miss Federer

    Well who's stopping're free to do as you please. You're also free to admire your fav players shots on Youtube if there is no thread instead of clicking on a thread titled "Shots like these really make me miss Federer"
  4. Omega_7000

    Shots like these really make me miss Federer

    The rest of us are struggling to see how you're a tennis fan if you don't understand how special these shots are... Time to admit you're just a Nadal fangirl and not a tennis fan
  5. Omega_7000

    Times Tough: Andrey Rublev Is Indian Wells' Cover Boy

    Doesn't deserve to be in top 10....shows how pathetic the field is
  6. Omega_7000

    Nikola Pilic : Roger Federer Wouldn’t Have Been Disqualified what Novak Djokovic was...

    Wow you guys are pathetic. It's least some people like Novak....Its not like he doesn't have any fans at all
  7. Omega_7000

    tsitsipas slice

    Even with his pathetic slice, his backhand overall is still better than the pathetic pos backhand that Berrettini possess!
  8. Omega_7000

    On a mission

    LMAO! The irony!! You're one of the biggest schmuck's here....
  9. Omega_7000

    On a mission

    Hopefully the next gen own Djokovic in every slam so this clown can finally stfu!
  10. Omega_7000

    When will we have the next Non Djokovic Grand slam final?

    Hopefully every slam in the future
  11. Omega_7000

    Days since Federer disclosed the nature of his knee injury/surgery: 0 and counting...

    Not like Fed is saying "I have an injury on a part of the body that is used for running and playing shots in tennis" We already know it's the knee...What do you expect him to do? stream his knee surgery???
  12. Omega_7000

    Days since Federer disclosed the nature of his knee injury/surgery: 0 and counting...

    He has been incredibly hush hush about being the first billionaire tennis player too...Why would he not be more forthcoming about this? Why? Why? I demand to see his bank statements and tax returns!
  13. Omega_7000

    "Outsider" Perspectives on Tennis Less Filtered

    Good for you and although Fed is the GOAT for me, I'm not going to force you to change your opinion.
  14. Omega_7000

    Anyone else feel uncomfortable about Laver Cup?

    Mostly Djokovic and some Nadal fans cr@pping on the tournament because they hate Fed... The tournament was designed to be different. Not to be taken as seriously as a slam but not a just a exhibition either...something unique to draw a different demographic to the sport. Probably will slowly...
  15. Omega_7000

    Anyone else feel uncomfortable about Laver Cup?

    So the top pros who have worked harder than others to rise to the top should not try to earn as much as they can? Let me know when you're in that position and decide to turn down opportunities to make money because you already have a lot. It's easy to be a keyboard warrior and post this stuff...
  16. Omega_7000

    Okay those who aren't watching Laver cup are actually missing quality matches.

    If its not lopsided, people say it's scripted It it's lopsided, people say it's a joke because it's one sided Mostly Federer haters hating on the LC is what I'm seeing here no matter how it goes down
  17. Omega_7000

    Are we entering the third Weak Era or the second Seamless Transition?

    Clearly for you it is much more than rocket science :-D
  18. Omega_7000

    The players actually are trying at the Laver Cup, I can't understand why.

    Yup mostly haters who are cr@pping on this. It's not taken as seriously as a slam but it's a fun format that is not taken very lightly either. The energy in the stadium makes them perform
  19. Omega_7000

    Laver Cup 2021 Official Thread

    They should stick to legend vs Legend and do away with europe vs world...
  20. Omega_7000

    Laver Cup 2021 Official Thread

    Shapo enjoying the bagel he's about to get
  21. Omega_7000

    Laver Cup 2021 Official Thread

    and he chose Kyrgios willingly over say someone like Harris? :unsure:
  22. Omega_7000

    Laver Cup 2021 Official Thread

    Been wondering why they didn't do this either. They can also get the legends to sign 3 or 5 year contracts and get other legends to participate like Sampras vs Agassi for example
  23. Omega_7000

    Laver Cup 2021 Official Thread

    Always feels like Shapo is so close but yet so far. He just cannot sustain his level of play for long periods....maybe it is a fundamental flaw that just cannot be fixed
  24. Omega_7000

    Conspiracy against Djokovic

    You do realize Berrettini Zverev and Medvedev had a combined zero slams total before uso? Zverev has zero wins over top 10 in slams...:sick: Berrettini with that pathetic backhand shouldn't even be in the top 10...:rolleyes:
  25. Omega_7000

    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    Where can one book it? Do you have your own website to book it? Are you gambling your own life savings to book it?
  26. Omega_7000

    Tennys Sandgren defaulted after taking a shot to the balls by a ball kid

    Not surprising. Players take inspiration from the top pros. Tsitsipas inspired to take toilet breaks, now this guy hitting line judge.....