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  1. Tenez!

    Longest a player has survived in all 3 events at a Slam?

    By events I mean Singles, Unisex Doubles and Mixed Doubles. I realise I often notice the same names recur in 2 of 3, but rarely all 3. Has anyone ever made the three finals, or the three semifinals? When that happens, do the organisers give them priority?
  2. Tenez!

    Losing while winning

    The tennis points system is quite unique, and allows for some surprising quirks. It is possible to - win equal points, yet lose 3-6 e.g. 24-24 (50% of points won) - win by 4 points, yet lose 4-6 e.g. 28-24 (54%) - win by 6 points, yet lose 5-7 e.g. 34-28 (55%) - win by 10 points, yet...
  3. Tenez!

    Duncan Murray

    Brutal self-deprecation. Poor Duncan.
  4. Tenez!

    Why is Federer so hard to put away?

    Technically, what is it that keeps up in the game long after he is physically wrecked? The defensive slices? The drop shots? There were a lot of loopy shots againt Coric today, like I've rarely seen him play.
  5. Tenez!

    Kyrgios on the history books

    Hot take: Kyrgios is single-handedly reintroducing underarm service to the ATP after 40 years of ignominy. He's given up on slams since organisers denied him a bye straight to the semis, so he's decided this is how he'll enter the history books. Book it.
  6. Tenez!

    Sets lost per Grand Slam won?

    I'd be interested in seeing a table with the number of slams won ranked by sets since at least 2000. As in 0 sets lost: Rafa 3, Federer 2 1 set lost: ... 7 sets lost: Federer 1, Sampras 1 (that's the highest number I could find, but perhaps there's more) I'd like to see the pattern. Cilic...
  7. Tenez!

    Would you believe that...

    Djokovic is 3-3 on hard vs Bautista-Agut, who just lost to David "Methuselah" Ferrer? Almost as shocking as Karlovic - Joker on hard: 3-0 Kafelnikov - Federer on grass: 2-0 Stefano Galvani - Nadal on clay: 2-0
  8. Tenez!

    Cuevas vs Caruso - how many times?!

    Caruso knocked Cuevas out of the qualifiers Sunday, but the next day Cuevas was offered a Lucky Loser spot and this time beat Caruso in 1R. Heart-breaker for the Italian. I'm surprised how often this happens. Does anyone have a list of consecutive matches with the same opponents?
  9. Tenez!

    Losing after perfect run to final

    How often has a player endured Nadal's story of reaching the final of a Slam tourney without losing a set, then getting straight-setted? EDIT: Thanks to @Phoenix1983 and @Im(moral) Winner , here's the list: Gimeno AO 1969 (3-6 4-6 5-7 Laver) Nastase WB 1976 (4-6 2-6 7-9 Borg) Courier...
  10. Tenez!

    Since 2014...

    Joker is 21-9 against Fedal. Federer is 11-11 against Jokodal. Nadal is 4-16 against Fedovic. How far 2013 seems.
  11. Tenez!

    2005 vs 2017

    February 2017 vs July 2005 (first week of Nadal at #2) Not many names still there. The world of sport moves on fast, but Fedal remains.
  12. Tenez!

    Yet ANOTHER Koli-Isner in USO R32

    It's the 4th time they meet at that exact fixture : How in the world is that possible? Looks like yet another early exit on the cards for the eternal also-ran Isner. (Kohli leads Isner 3-0 at USO, 0-4 elsewhere.)
  13. Tenez!

    Most sets lost at a Major? (record)

    If Querrey makes the final in 5 today he'll have lost 9 sets prior to the final. It's possible to lose a maximum of 15 sets at a major (2 per round, then 3 in the final). What's the closest anyone has come to? Safin AO 2004 with 12 or has someone beaten it since?
  14. Tenez!

    Players who have beaten the Big4 on first attempt

    There can't be that many. Kyrgios only player with Hewitt to claim scalps of Big3 on debut. If we only consider active players, who can help complete? (reverse chronological order) Federer : Donskoy, Kyrgios, Berdych, Gasquet, Nadal Nadal : Pouille, Dzhumur, Coric, Kyrgios, Brown, Rosol, Cilic...
  15. Tenez!

    Biggest betting upsets in tennis?

    I remember reading here about how Darcis-Nadal 2013 was the biggest betting upset in tennis history (41-1.01), and seeing a table of odds. Does someone have the numbers?
  16. Tenez!

    Murray with one hand on the Wooden Spoon at IW

    Murray goes out to Pospisil ...who goes out to Lajovic ... who goes out to Carreno-Busta ... who goes out to Goffin ... who goes out to Wawrinka/Thiem ... who goes out to the bloodied survivor of quarter 4 He only has one other Wooden Spoon in his trophy cupboard (Fed & Nads have 3), so I think...
  17. Tenez!

    I see the Wooden Spoon coming for Verdasco

    After having inflicted it on Nadal last year. How the wheels can turn! Nando ...loses to Joker ...who loses to Istomin ...who loses to Carreño Busta ...who loses to Dimitrov ...who loses to Thiem ...who loses to Raonic/Zverev ...who loses to Murray/Nishikori/Federer
  18. Tenez!

    No higher than #3 with 3 slams?

    Has that ever happened before? I recall there've been #1 in the world with no slams at all, so this seems hard to believe.
  19. Tenez!

    Will Roger still be Top16 at AO2017?

    I have him at 1980 points after 2017 Brisbane. That puts him just at #16 in current ATP field. But perhaps his absence in late fall tournaments will accrue other players' points, thus bumping him outside Top16? Could he meet Murray in R4 or, even more jarringly, Rafa (presumably at #5/6) in R3?
  20. Tenez!

    The two streaks where Murray tops Đokovic

    Just made this out of curiosity. (I'm supposing Joker wins Sunday, but it changes little) Thus Murray has a longer historical 3rd round streak that Djokovic, and a longer active 4th round/QF streak. The guy has skill! If only he weren't such a curmudgeon.
  21. Tenez!

    I realise it's been 4 years since Murray...

    ...had last gone further than Djokovic in a slam! 2012 Wimby. And before that, only 2010 AO, then you have to go back to early 2009, when they were barely out of their teens. So, once again, Andrew owes mad props to Querrey for doing the dirty work.
  22. Tenez!

    Nate Silver's 538 gives Djokovic 59% chance of winning USO

    Based on tournament ELO: Murray 17% Rafa 5% Del Potro 2% As many know in the US, the guys at 538 are professional statisticians who correctly predicted all 50 races in the 2012 US election. Sport predictions is their...
  23. Tenez!

    Fun stats: Big3 worst rival in best years

    I've collected the biggest losing rivalries per year for Federer, Nadal & Djokovic (more than one defeat), and it's full of surprises. They weren't always as dominant as we think! See if you can guess them right. I'll put the most unexpected findings in bold. (Remember, blank means "only 0-1...
  24. Tenez!

    Past finals threads erased on TT forum?

    I just realised that many finals threads are missing in the website database (ie scrolling back to page 50, 100 and screening the titles). Missing threads include many classic Wimbledon finals, Roland Garros finals and last year's Real Slam. Outrageous! Does anyone know where to find them?
  25. Tenez!

    Could Nadal swipe 3 Golds?

    I just noticed he's the only one still in the game for Gold across 3 boards - singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles (w/ Muruguza no less!). Considering how Djokovic has clobbered him repeatedly over the past 3 years, this outcome wouldn't upset me. Such an erstwhile great (albeit dull)...
  26. Tenez!

    Unusual stat about Federer

    I just realised this : for multiple months in his life (after 2002), totalling almost 2 years, Federer had as many slams as he had masters. This runs against all common sense, as you'd need far higher odds of winning slams than masters to outweigh the gap in opportunities. It could be an...
  27. Tenez!

    Ridiculous discrepancy between Wimby 16 Quarters

    Average rank of four quarters (sum of ranks at R4 divided by 4): Quarter 1: 28 Quarter 2: 13 Quarter 3: 31 Quarter 4: 11 In other words Murray and Federer have it tough, while Berdych once again gets a cakewalk to the SF. That Berdych, is he never going to fall to ~20 and join his peers? He's...
  28. Tenez!

    Matches won while winning fewer points

    = Simpson's Paradox applied to tennis scoring system. The Atlantic published a great article about it a few years ago, when it explained Federer went 4-24 in these situations (worst stat across all pros) - which according to the authors proves he forces his opponents to adopt risky strategies -...
  29. Tenez!

    First time since 1992 that...

    ...someone completes the Australian Open & Roland Garros combo. Last one was Jim "White Knight" Courier. Pretty neat coincidence considering the combined 42 slams the Big 3 have between them.
  30. Tenez!

    I just realised why people still enjoy having Murray around

    I've thought about this long and hard. Why isn't there as much dislike for Murray as for Nadal, even though Murray is much worse bore by quite a stretch? And then I realised. Catharsis. Although he's terribly yawn-inducing, spews swearwords like a sailor, and is the ATP's most Scottish...