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  1. fishuuuuu

    So does anyone play Minecraft?

    Maybe we could play together :)
  2. fishuuuuu

    Something to feel good about

    Something to feel good about
  3. fishuuuuu

    Prince EXO3 Graphite First Impressions

    Some background, I have taken a four to five month vacation from playing tennis, before that I played competitive tennis as a junior and for the IM team at a local university. I decided that I could find a better way to kill boredom, so I decided to try tennis again. I ordered up an EXO3...
  4. fishuuuuu

    I Will Shave My Head If Roger Federer Wins Usopen08

    Because I need a haircut and I'm sure everyone wants someone else to be horribly embarrassed, I will shave my head if Roger Federer wins USOPEN 2008. Pics will ensue, later tonight.
  5. fishuuuuu

    Tournagrip II Tacky

    Tried it out for some practice with my buddies, this grip is okay by me! Feels closer to Prince Duratac now.
  6. fishuuuuu

    Recommend me a poly

    Looking for a polyester (type) string with a lot of pop.
  7. fishuuuuu

    Stringing Machines and Your Favorite!

    Post the stringing machines you've used (all of them ;)) and your favorite one! If you're feeling generous post your least favorite ... eh heh heh. I've used Prince NEOS 1000 (Easily my favorite! Talk about a quick stringjob) Prince 5000 Babolat Star 3 Babolat Star 5 Gamma X-ST...
  8. fishuuuuu

    Gasquet - Notice anything funny?

  9. fishuuuuu

    Beginner Clinic - Need ideas

    Guys I'm doing a beginner clinic tomorrow, I need some ideas for drills and games outside of the normal cut and dry stuff for beginners.
  10. fishuuuuu

    Recommend me a racquet

    I've taken a lot of time off from tennis, and I want to play at a high-level again. My dilemma is not owning anymore racquets so I am before the Racquet section for some sage advice. I've played for four years and like to play all-court. Roughly 4.0 level with a one-handed backhand...
  11. fishuuuuu

    Poly/Poly in O3 Tour Racquets

    It's never felt right to me ... massive loss of control. The ball feels slippery off the racquet face. Am I stringing it wrong? It feels alright with synthetic gut or any other string. I use Poly/Poly on conventional racquets to great effect.
  12. fishuuuuu

    USPTA Website

    I once saw an USPTA website with a lot of instructional videos for every stroke and pro comparison. Can I get a link anybody?
  13. fishuuuuu

    NEOS Stringing Machines

    TW Staff Stringers, Do you still have any used ones for sale? If not can't I get on a waiting list or speak to someone who would know? Please let me know, thanks!
  14. fishuuuuu


    Curious to see what any owners here have to say about the matter. Which do you prefer and why, XDs against 1911s.
  15. fishuuuuu

    Polyfibre Poly Hightec

    So Tennis-Warehouse shipped the wrong string reel to me but after reading a bit on the forums (and not being able to reach them over the phone) should I just string it up to see what the deal is?
  16. fishuuuuu

    Maintenence on SP Aria

    I've owned mine for about a month now. The clamps have a little give and dust all over the teeth, and the clamp bases are giving some wiggle whenever the tensioner is done with it. How can I clean these two problems up, and what other things should I hit while I'm at it?
  17. fishuuuuu

    T-Bar M Tournament

    Did any other juniors or adults receive an invitation to play in this tournament? Is anyone going?
  18. fishuuuuu

    Soreness in palm

    I have a soreness in my palm. It came after several jarring mishits, is there any way to speed up the recovery besides time off?
  19. fishuuuuu

    Silent Partner Aria vs. Gamma 6004 with Wise 2086 Tensioner

    Silent Partner Aria vs. Gamma 6004 with Wise 2086 Tensioner What are your thoughts on these stringers? Which is the better value? Please provide references for your information or personal experiences. I have heard from a friend that the Aria's mounting and suspension is inferior to the...
  20. fishuuuuu

    New Michael Moore Documentary
  21. fishuuuuu

    The Effect of Polyester Strings

    I am aware that they have greater potential for spin at lower tensions. But I have a question to whether or not the potential is greater with a full poly job or if it would be equally acceptable as a hybrid string job.
  22. fishuuuuu

    Will someone explain this to me?
  23. fishuuuuu

    Shipping to Apartment Complexes

    Tennis-Warehouse, Your online order form does not include the 2nd address line for apartment numbers. What should I do?
  24. fishuuuuu

    Tennis in Austin, TX

    I live off of Rio Grand and 27th. What tennis courts are there besides Caswell that are equally nearby or accessable by foot or bus? I am desperate, I've been without tennis for a long time :(
  25. fishuuuuu

    Need to lose weight.

    I need to lose weight. I weigh roughly 220 lbs. and want to get to 180. Would a very strict diet or more cardiovascular exercise be more effective? Or both? How do most busy adults keep their weight in check when they can't have time to exercise or eat right all the time? Which exercises...
  26. fishuuuuu

    Service delivery

    I'm having a very specific problem with a particular aspect of my serve. On the upward strike of the ball, my arm is bent. (Less kinetic chain goodness) I have tried and tried to extend it straight to contact to no end. It seems like practicing bad technique. Are there any particular...
  27. fishuuuuu

    Fun for fishuuuuu

    Scary game, scary game. Go play~
  28. fishuuuuu

    Teaching Kids

    I am trying to teach some kids, as a part of my job. I was assigned to an "inner-city" enviroment (hereon referred to as "the ghetto"), and I have been having a hard time getting the children to cooperate or be enthusiastic about the game. They do not want to be there, and they do not want to...
  29. fishuuuuu

    travlerajm - Ideal balance on O3 Tour MP

    travlerajm - Ideal balance on O3 Tour MP Can I have your thoughts on this? What did you do to the stock racquet?
  30. fishuuuuu

    Prince Diablo Mid String Rollcall

    Those users that use this racquet, what strings do you use? What tension do you find to be the best? Why? Also, if you know, do you prefer the Mid or MP? Thanks in advance