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    Nadal's Current Mental State

    Looked helpless against Djokovic in Australia. Had multiple match points against Kyrgios and choked badly in Acapulco. Injury woes in IW. Looked helpless against Fognini in MC. Got beat down convincingly, despite decent form, by Thiem in Barcelona. Surely these type of losses ain't too...
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    Murray - The AO Injustice

    5 Australian Open finals. 0 AO titles. 4 losses to Djokovic, 1 loss to Federer. Basically lost every time to the AO GOATs. Felt he had a great chance in AO17 - was World Number 1 at the time and Djokovic suffered an upset 2 rounds earlier. Felt that he had to eventually get 1 AO title but it...
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    Why Djokovic 'saved tennis' (and its not for Federer)

    Nadal fans will be skeptical, thinking that it's all about Federer when people claim tennis was 'saved'. Here are some of the arguments: 1. Djokovic stopped the Fedal oligopoly. 2. Djokovic is officially back, and Fedal have won 1 slam each so far this year. More competition is a good thing...
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    Thiem's 'Game Plan' over 5 sets?

    Emphasis on 'over 5 sets'. Based on rallying statistics in his last win against Nadal (where Thiem was favoured in the longer rallies and Nadal won more...
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    Djokovic v Nadal and the 1 handers at FO

    His losses at the French Open since 2011: 2011 lost to Federer 2012 lost to Nadal 2013 lost to Nadal 2014 lost to Nadal 2015 lost to Wawrinka 2016 won it 2017 lost to Thiem 2018 lost to Cecchinato Non-Nadal losses have been to 1 handed BH players. Coincidence or is there a reason?
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    Big 3 - Undisputed Open Era Slam GOATs

    Roger Federer joins Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as a sole record holder at a single slam. Australian Open: Novak Djokovic (6) French Open: Rafael Nadal (10) Wimbledon: Roger Federer (8) US Open: Federer is tied with Sampras and Connors (5) Appreciate the Big 3 while they are still around...
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    Favourite 'Young' Rivalry

    We've all been spoilt by Fedal, Fedovic, Djokodal, Djokoray. In time, that'll all come to an end and we'll have new rivalries to look forward to (some are happening right now). Discuss.
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    Roger Federer's Fairy Tale Career

    At 19 years old, the torch was passed down to him as he defeated the then GOAT and Wimbledon King, Pete Sampras, in 5 sets on the Centre Court of Wimbledon. That signalled a changing of the guard. His first slam would be at Wimbledon in 2003, and it's only fitting that Wimbledon would be his...
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    Andy Murray to win 2017 French Open

    I believe in Sir Mury GOAT He'll win Monte Carlo (and complete the Clay Masters set) and then win RG. Easily a top 3 contender for RG.
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    The toll of the Doha 2017 finals on Murrovic

    After the epic Doha final (probably the best 250 finals ever), everyone thought that Murray and Djokovic were on a whole different level compared to the tour. Djokovic fans would rejoice as he regained his mental edge against Murray, and Murray fans were okay with everything after Andy saved...
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    ATP's Tactical Genius, Gilles Simon ''I know exactly what I was doing but I won't say it''. I think the tennis world needs Simon's tactical insights against Djokovic. Hell, I hope Simon becomes a coach one day. He has caused...
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    @Murray fans: If the AO15 final rematch happens...

    I know it's all speculation at this point but it'd be great if Andy can win his first AO after all those runner-ups. How should Andy approach the match against Djokovic? I feel that he should just aim to frustrate Djokovic like Simon did. If he goes aggressive, he just commits UE after UE...
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    After 2011-13, would you have predicted that...

    a 34 year old Roger Federer would be a consistent 'threat' to Djokovic in 500 + 1000 events, and somewhat at slams, and Stan Wawrinka be denying Djokovic slams? Everyone was hyping up Djokodal and I'm sure most people believed that it'd be the premier rivalry permanently (especially after Fed's...
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    Anyone craving for a Paris Masters Murray-Nadal final?

    Anyone? I know it seems hard for Nadal to get to the finals but I'd like a rematch (I'm sure Rafa fans want a payback for Madrid).
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    Is Stan under the radar?

    He's not a favourite, like Djokovic or Murray or to a lesser extent, Federer, but Stan has beaten Djokovic and Federer at the slams this year and he's beaten Murray at USO (when Murray was the defending champion). Whilst I can't see him power through Murray, Federer and Djokovic all in a row -...
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    Will Nadal win a 'Tier 1/Tier 1.5 title' this year?

    Tier 1 - Slams and WTF Tier 1.5 - Masters 1000 He has 4 chances left: - USO - Shanghai - Paris - WTF You'd think that Paris and WTF are the least likely for him. He is the king of the Masters as of now (a current record of 27 titles), so it seems somewhat crazy that he could end up having...
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    If Nadal doesn't win the USO, he will win the 2015 WTF

    Federer in 2011 (his first slamless season since he started to win slams) won the WTF. Nadal in 2015 (potentially his first slamless season since he started to win slams) will win the WTF. It's written in the stars.
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    2015 Wimbledon SFs: N. Djokovic [1] v R. Gasquet [21]

    Gasquet doesn't have a big serve. Gasquet stands back way too far. Gasquet isn't a big hitter. Gasquet isn't that great of a mover. All to Djokovic's liking.
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    2015 Wimbledon QFs: N. Djokovic [1] v M. Cilic [9]

    Reigning AO and Wimbledon champion against reigning USO champion. Who takes it? Last year, they played a 5 set match at Wimbledon - going the way of Djokovic.
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    The Sampras Serve & The Kyrgios Serve

    I see some similarities in their service games: - Both have booming 1st serves. - Both have wicked disguise on their serves (hard to read serves, partially thanks to their service motions). - Both go for their 2nd serves.
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    RG 2009 and RG 2015 and the curse of Nadal

    First of all, huge congrats to Stan. The person who inflicted Nadal's only losses at RG went on to lose in the finals. Soderling RG09 and Djokovic RG15. The person who went on to become the champion of RG was Swiss. Federer RG09 and Wawrinka RG15. Absolutely amazing. I guess...
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    Nadal wins the Mousquetaire trophy at the 2015 French Open At least he won something ;)
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    RG15 SF: [1] N. Djokovic v [3] A. Murray

    Djokovic is the heavy favourite here. Humiliated Rafael Nadal in straight sets (6-1 in the 3rd). Murray (Clayray/Muzziah/new KoC) defeated clay court specialist, Ferrer, the 'terrier'. Will be an interesting match. Both have been undefeated this whole clay season! (AO...
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    If Djokovic beats Nadal...

    he should do the finger wag celebration :twisted: Then proceed to rip off his shirt. His mum will scream out ''The King of Clay is dead'' (or should we say finnished) just to top it off. Not a jinx thread at all.
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    Have people learnt their lessons about ''easy draws''?

    Everyone expected a Federer v Nishikori/Berdych SF. Now, we have a Wawrinka v Tsonga SF.
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    RG R4: A. Murray 'New KoC' v J. Chardy

    Andy has taken the first set.
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    RG15 R3: N. Djokovic v T. Kokkinakis

    Kokkinakis's big serves might make it a decent match. Novak to win in 3 but hopefully 1 TB at least.
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    RG R3: G. Monfils v P. Cuevas

    I assume most people are going for Monfils?
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    Should Rafa...

    play a clay-court game more like Robredo? Try to run around his BH even more (since it's much less reliable now) and dictate with his FH? Is this the key for him, or he just can't do it at this point in time (a step slower and all)?
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    The 'Who Can Stop Djokovic in 2015?' Thread

    Back in the days, the Murray/Djokovic/Federer fanbases would unite against the Nadal fanbase (given Rafa's dominant H2Hs against all 3). However, as the Djokovic dominance dawns upon us, the Murray/Federer/Nadal fanbases will now be uniting to hope that their man can stop the one man-show...