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    Inconsistency in grip pallet sizes

    As for the numbers EU 3-5 there seems to be variation on the thickness of at least 1/8th of an inch between 4 to another 4, but they are stamped the same. If you buy only one racke at a time thinking it would fall in the same specs, it will most likely have either difference in weight, ballance...
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    Stanford Vid2Player demo video

    Have anybody actually played this? Really intresting stuff. —————————— Again on pain meds, now for good - all contributed matter and anti-matter are subject to disclaimer
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    Dustin Brown - what an artist

    Did not really know, under which subject this would land, but saw him playing in one of the team events on Telly about a year ago or so. If you say, Fed’s got the best overall game, Nadal the best defence with Djoco very close, I would say that the best touch player is Dustin Brown. Kind of a...
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    IIHF U20 Worlds in Vancouver

    Two shocks in the quarter finals. First Swiss went thru winning the Swedes and Finns took Canada out in over time after equalling the match a mere 50 sec before regular time buzzer. —————————— No more on pain meds - all contributed matter and anti-matter are still subject to disclaimer
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    No more late night games in fall in the future

    Authorities have discussed forfeiting day-light saving time in EU . There’s been a debate and gallups on stopping to move the hands of time for summer, and there is now a decision to waive changing clocks, but a country may decide individually the time zone to be used. The directive is to take...
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    'I need to be myself, rather than focusing on opponents'

    Knowledge as someone at the top of the ranks put it. This could also be on the General Pro Discussion, but since it is universal and goes thru the ranks to the first level of tournament play, I thought it would be here as much in the rightfull place as in the Pro Discussions. It is not seldom...
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    Coach poaching

    How have you managed to feed balls in a rally? I find it really hard to find a way to hit in distance and without distinctive spinn to feed a slow ball to may trainees rallying with them. From a bucket/hand all good, but trying to give easy balls to put away or just rally - no way. ——————————...
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    Ice Hockey World Junior Worlds

    Incredible! Canadians could not score a single penalty shot! Regular and over time ended in a tie and the scoring contest went to the Americans by clean record. Hard to cope, Canadians did not score. —————————— On pain meds - all contributed matter and anti-matter subject to disclaimer
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    Is it really that hard to find a suitable frame?

    I had a leave from tennis for 25 years and found a lovely lady playing the ladies-50-yo national league. Started palying again and after five times on the court with her and my old Boris Becker -style Puma Red 50/50 Graphites went to a shop after browsing, what a tour pro with my style of game...
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    Balls for practice basket?

    The cheap seems to be flat really soon after. Which balls woud you suggest to buy for hard court practice basket in quantities? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    New idea(?) on forum behaviour

    There are lot of different persons signed in this forum. Some are recreational players, some are parents of promising juniors, some are coaches, others are coached. In geneal lot of experience on tennis. Putting people down on asking ”silly” feels like someone feels being a God - waayy better...
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    Once again, same ol’ same ol’ story

    Which unfolds every so often in a tournament. http://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Tennis_Interviews/49306/goffin-it-s-not-unfair-to-lose-the-final-after-beating-federer-nadal-/ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Stringing parts?

    I've torn the top-end plastic list with the holes pretty baddly. Any ideas, where to get spares for Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2010 mod? Local importer tells, there are none available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Playing by the rules

    I've noticed, that in hobbyist tournaments lot of people don't play by the rules. Serving is one of the fundamental mind crackers in the game. If one is constantly serving half a meter or more inside the court there is huge advantage in angles, one can serve. Some judge faulty, when there...