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  1. tennisp13

    Pro Kennex Ki 5 320 (older non 2018 model)

    I am currently play with that model. I have played all 3 previous variation of the ProKennex Ki 5 also(2 older 315, the previous 320). Always string with a soft co-poly. Current strung with Solinco Hyper-G 18 various from 50 to 52lbs, also hybrid Solinco Revolution/HyperG 17 at 52lb/53 lbs. They...
  2. tennisp13

    Vic Braden Dies

    RIP Vic. From your book at the public library. I learn how to serve probably and the 2HBH. Go to the wall at the HS and practice hours and hours. The serve I learned is classic proper stroke technique.
  3. tennisp13

    Anyone going to Indian Wells?

    I have Sun 3/9 General Admin ticket but can't go, :(( Anybody need a ticket? PS. Mod, if this is the wrong section post, let me me and I will delete or move. Thanks.
  4. tennisp13

    UPS Ground Shipping Option

    Hello TW, I don't see the UPS Ground shipping option when try to purchase a pair of shoes. Wondering what happen to that option. Here are all the options currently showing..Please let us know. Thank you. P UPS 2nd Day Air $12.10 9/2/11 Guaranteed delivery in 2 business Priority Mail...
  5. tennisp13

    Does your bag match your racquets?

    got a nike bag, but racket are technifibre, wilson, prince, pro kennex, vantage, babolat...bags and rackets are for the functions not name brand specifics. hehe
  6. tennisp13

    can grip size affect spin

    Yes...smaller grip will get you more spin but the trade off is that less stability for sure.. :)
  7. tennisp13

    What racquets are heavy yet feel lightish?

    Old School Prostaff 6.0 95...
  8. tennisp13

    Why are so many Nguyens into tennis?

    not a Nguyen, but a Ngo...but then again, if I hear somebody speak Vietnamese, I bet at least 1 in 4 will have a Nguyen last name, to think of it.. my phone list do have lot of Nguyen's, hehe...
  9. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    we should, DD, are u able to get us a day?
  10. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    It been quiet up in the Northwest, what happening to everyone lately? Any get together soon :) Traveljam, i need to mod my ProKennex Ionic Ki5 to a very spin friendly. Help if you could. Thanks. Phillip
  11. tennisp13

    Which isospeed baseline is worth getting?

    Actually it a thinner string so it actually softer...
  12. tennisp13

    Which isospeed baseline is worth getting?

    I play with the 17L Spin. Loose tension quickly on initial string time (at least 4 lbs) but after that it stop. I strung my 58lbs on TF 335 16x20 ( usually string Pro Supex Big Ace 17 at 54lbs). Usually break them in 3 weeks or so but I like it, good spin.
  13. tennisp13

    is the tfight 335 racket handle that short for a 2hbh?

    I used 2hbh on tflight 335, and it alright with me. I have a good size hand, grip 4 1/2 :)
  14. tennisp13

    Need Help in Switching Racquets

    TFight 335 (18x20), 12.4 strung weight, 10 pt HL, SW 320, flex 63. The Prince Tour Diablo Mid are good too. Prince O3 Tour 95 Mid or Ozone Mid are in the spec that you want also.
  15. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    now i am out for the 10, the 16 should still be good
  16. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    ah, that suck Midlife. Best of luck on recovery and other endeavor. Maybe just come and hang with us on the tennis night.
  17. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    i am good 5/10 or 5/16 (we meet night time right? 6pm?)
  18. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    That a good training ride. I mostly on flat road with a few roller now and then. I probably good as a roller more than a hill climber, 20 more less lbs would be helpful for hill climb. :) Yeah, get me a yell when you want to ride on the weekend. Do you work the big company in Redmond. I may...
  19. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    DD, 2 weeks from now sound good (sat night). The Twist OS game are cool. I have an Prince POG OS old school to bring. Midlife, want a partner for some of your training ride, ping me..:) would love to accompany you on your cycling training.
  20. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Hey Midlife, if you like to go for a ride, ping me and we could set up something during your busy time. You know where to ping me. tennisp13 at
  21. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    i am all in for good :) woodie is fine (I did find 1 woodie from a friend), OS would be fun too.
  22. tennisp13

    Important Isospeed Q- need quick answer

    yes, i used the 17L version. Lot of feel but does loss initial tension very quickly
  23. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    i don't think the local gov't would put roots over the tennis court. They have private club with you pay to get those. But it a good idea though. Anyhow, what up with all the snow, i got at least 3 inchs in Everett, WA and frikking cold. Ahhhhh!!!
  24. tennisp13

    Isospeed Baseline.

    Currently still used Pro Supex Premier Ace 17 string at 53lbs --> thinking of trying Pro Supex Big Ace 17, Cyber Power 17 Previously using... CyberFlash 17 Unique Big Hitter 17 Luxilon ALU Rough 17 Luxilon Big Ace 18 <-- really like this string, but break too fast. SPPP 17 A little background...
  25. tennisp13

    Isospeed Baseline.

    just an update for this string. 1. Initial tension lost are high, at least 4,5 lbs. I string my TFight 335 at 58 lbs, but now it around 54-53lbs. 2. String feel soft, I feel that there is more bite on the string bed, probably because of the 1.20mm (17L) that I used. 3. Baseline rally are...
  26. tennisp13

    Post Your Best Fish Headline Here

    Fish win, Fed lose: simple as that :D
  27. tennisp13

    hotel california or sweet caroline

    Hotel California - the lyric still memorize after all these years :) "Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely place Such a lovely face"
  28. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Humm, depend on what type of strings. ProSupex Premier Ace keep tension pretty well. I going to try Big Ace next. Isospeed Baseline lost tension faster, but it a thin string so it ok. I just string it higher then it will go to the tension that I want. Here my setup. TFight 335 18x20 (full set...
  29. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Hehe, that cool. I have a few Koreans friends myself. Love your Soondooboo jjigae :) Well, I am in love with foods and cooks, and the fusion of variety of foods.
  30. tennisp13

    Tennis Warehouse - Pacific Northwest Chapter

    Junbug, are you a league coordinate for the Portland area for tennistour :D I know Brett since he start the tour in Puget Sound back in 2001. Still playing it and it cool :) Be friends with a bunch on tour. It a different perspective from the NTRP league.