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  1. Tenez!

    Why Nadal winning 21 Slams won't make him greater than Fed

    His using "less" instead of "fewer" is a dead giveaway.
  2. Tenez!

    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    Wawrinka is 4-4 vs Djokovic at Slams, and 2-0 in finals. Nadal is 4-4 vs Djokovic at Slam finals. Is Wawrinka mentally tougher than Nadal?!
  3. Tenez!

    Tough break for Thiem

    The quote is by Irish poet Samuel Beckett, Nobel winner for Literature in 1969. (not that it's related but that's for the Shakespeares here who think they can advise him @MichaelNadal) Beckett's own life was steeped in failure and misery until his mid-50s and he produced this line in a bleak...
  4. Tenez!

    Thiem has no weapons

    Back when Thiem upset Nadal in Barcelona a commentator joke had me laughing for a good while (point starting at the 1:43 mark) I think you could make that joke every match against the big3 now. He really brings out the big guns against them. (Incidentally doesn't anyone know that commentator's...
  5. Tenez!

    Federer is 8-3 in 5 Set matches after turning 35.

    You can slice things as unfairly as you like. How about 6-0 at AO and 2-3 outside AO? That sounds even worse, go for it.
  6. Tenez!

    Where would you rank that choke folks?

    Very clearly yes. The guy was an open homophobic fundamentalist until his Twitter history was dug up.
  7. Tenez!

    Longest a player has survived in all 3 events at a Slam?

    By events I mean Singles, Unisex Doubles and Mixed Doubles. I realise I often notice the same names recur in 2 of 3, but rarely all 3. Has anyone ever made the three finals, or the three semifinals? When that happens, do the organisers give them priority?
  8. Tenez!

    AO’20 QF Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs Tennys Sandgren

    Sleep it off. The sun brings peace of mind.
  9. Tenez!

    This is my 999th post. Help me achieve my TTW dream...

    And here's the 17th. You're welcome. It is interesting how many people's ratio is close to 1. Edit: Man you were in the starting blocks... and doesn't that last post just ruin your ratio?
  10. Tenez!

    Tennys would be alot more fun to watch with a higher SW

    Federer is European. We don't do science denialism.
  11. Tenez!

    2020 Australian Open R4: Rafael Nadal [1] vs Nick Kyrgios [23]

    You're right, it is pretty shocking how Nadal gets away with murder on cheating the shot clock.
  12. Tenez!

    Sandgren is a journeyman isn't he?

    Could you expand on that?
  13. Tenez!

    AO’20 QF Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs Tennys Sandgren

    Sandgren has many of the strength of Thiem from the baseline, and Thiem is pretty much unbeatable for Federer these days. This bodes ill for Rogé.
  14. Tenez!

    AO’20 4R Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs Márton Fucsovics

    Federer is completely gassed right now. He wants to finish it off so badly. You can see him heaving and acting out of character.
  15. Tenez!

    AO’20 3R Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs J Millman

    Would a kind soul have a link?
  16. Tenez!

    AO’20 3R Men’s Singles: (3) R Federer (SUI) vs J Millman

    What's a good viewing link for the match? My usual website is down.
  17. Tenez!

    Worst match between two players in which both played badly that you ever saw?

    What a great laugh. Really worth the watch, they're barely trying. *Spoiler* it reaches 5-5 without a winner.
  18. Tenez!

    Was Federer at a age/form disadvantage in his H2H vs Djokovic overall?

    You ordered your list curiously. "How much do you agree with this statement from 1 to 5? 1. 4 2. 5 3. ? 4. 1 5. 2 6. 3"
  19. Tenez!

    Fed is the first player to win an ATP tour match in 4 different decades

    Neither Ivo, Deliciano nor Paolo "Mosquito" Lorenzi (the only players left who began before Fed) had broken out of the Challenger level by 2000. Among active players only Robredo still could (he reached R3 of Barcelona 1999), but he sticks to the Challenger Tour these days.
  20. Tenez!

    Best place to download tennis matches?

    But mine are probably the matches that exist in snippets on YouTube. If you're looking for the rare stuff you'll probably have to dish out.
  21. Tenez!

    Best place to download tennis matches?

    If you have your own server, post the link and I'll send you what I have - about 100 full matches mostly in Slams.
  22. Tenez!

    Average height of top10

    What is half the height of 5ft2 ?
  23. Tenez!

    Fedr out of top 10

    #10 is worth around 2500 ATP points. So Federer can stay Top 10 with just QFs across the board until he retires, never winning another title.
  24. Tenez!

    Why "German" is the #1 language.

    At the end too. Even when it's not allowed. eg "Viel Du noch zu lernen hast" instead of the correct-albeit-peculiar "Viel hast Du noch zu lernen".
  25. Tenez!

    Why "German" is the #1 language.

    People who consider the German language to be distateful should ask themselves how heavily outside factors weigh in their judgement. German takes a lot of flak for its supposed harshness, but well-spoken hochdetusch sounds beautiful. And yes, pronunciation is infinitely more consistent than...
  26. Tenez!

    2019 WTF 1/2 Final:Roger Federer vs. Stefanos Tistsipas

    What's also amusing is that Agassi looks ancient on the video, yet is 4 years younger than Federer today.
  27. Tenez!

    Nadal the first man to hold the number one ranking in three different decades....

    Nah, @Enga is correct. 2020 belongs to the 2010's. Sorry to rain on your parade.