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  1. Elina


    I finished my PhD (in ecology, biology) two years ago and I have always known that a career as a researcher is the thing I want. The pay check may not be the best but this is the work I love. :)
  2. Elina

    Engaged at 20 or younger ...?

    Well, I was 29 when we got engaged (after 1.5 years of dating of which 5 months living together). And I was 32 when we got married (last August). So we had absolutely no rush and we do not want any children, ever. :)
  3. Elina

    Best serve and volley player on the tour?

    You know that Llodra has also a first name, Michaël? :wink: He's very good serve and volley player. But I still am so sad about the loss of players of that type. Pat Rafter forever! :D
  4. Elina

    Who was #1 when you were born?

    Jimmy Connors :)
  5. Elina

    Nicolas Escude interview

    Thanks for posting that interview. Escudé was one of my favourite players all his active career. :)
  6. Elina

    Grosjean Retires

    This news is no surprise but I will miss Sébastien. :( But he had a great career and I hope he still gets some good results this year before retiring. :)
  7. Elina

    Apple's iPad

    And you can use iPad as a toy for your cat: :wink:
  8. Elina

    any current pro finish high school?

    Jarkko Nieminen has finished high school (or the Finnish equivalent of high school). He was very determined to get that done although he was starting his pro career at the same time. :)
  9. Elina

    Do you think Hewitt or Safin have a chance to get into the Hall of Fame?

    Yes, they'll both get in without any problems. :)
  10. Elina

    Running Mac OS X 10.3 on Nokia N900

    See the video: And some comments of it: :D
  11. Elina

    Avatar! (believe the hype)

    I saw Avatar yesterday at a 3D theater. It was fascinating with all the 3D effects. The story itself was not much surprising, but I've seen worse. ;) But I can imagine that there will be several 3D movies coming soon. :D
  12. Elina

    Countries visited ???

    I live in Finland and I've visited: Sweden Norway Denmark Iceland Great Britain France Netherlands Belgium Spain Italy Switzerland Germany Estonia Greece USA I've liked best Belgium (great food and beer), Greece (perfect summer holiday), Switzerland (the Alps are amazing)...
  13. Elina

    Matchups you would love to see with both players in their primes

    Patrick Rafter vs. Roger Federer (at Wimbledon) Gustavo Kuerten vs. Rafael Nadal (at Roland Garros) :D
  14. Elina

    Players who play with 2 hands on both sides

    Jan-Michael Gambill :)
  15. Elina

    Best Driving Song?

    I'm now off to a two-hour drive and I'll take with me: Don Johnson Big Band - Records are forever (check their latest hilarious video :D Kraftwerk - Autobahn
  16. Elina

    Best Driving Song?

    Kraftwerk - Autobahn :D Or for those who understand Finnish: Aavikko - Viitostie
  17. Elina

    Hewitt back in Top 20.

    Well done Lleyton! :D
  18. Elina

    Nokia N900 and old PC games

    I know Nokia N900 is not yet been sold but there are already some free applications available. For example you can with it play old PC games like Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, Revolution's Beneath A Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Wyrmkeep's Inherit the...
  19. Elina

    What are u doing RIGHT NOW???

    I'm going through my wardrobe and getting out of there all the old clothes that I won't ever use again. ;) And then I have to just find some good place where I can donate them if anyone less fortunate needs clothes.
  20. Elina

    What languages do you speak?

    Finnish (native) English (fluently) Swedish (well) Spanish (ok) French (ok) German (ok) :D
  21. Elina

    Enough of Belgian players, let's talk Belgian beer instead

    I became a huge Belgian beer fan after our holiday trip to Belgium (Antwerpen, Bruges, Brussels) in February 2008. My favourites are: 1, 2, 3: The three Westvleterens 4: Orval 5: Westmalle Dubbel After those five there are several very good ones, I especially like Lambic Gueuze (Mariage...
  22. Elina

    Kim Clijsters Thread

    To get a WTA ranking you need to play in three tournaments. So Kim should get a ranking after US Open. :)
  23. Elina

    What is the last pro match you have been to?

    Davis Cup Finland vs. Monaco (in Naantali, Finland) in July 2009. Saw all five matches there. :D
  24. Elina

    Mirka has TWINS!!!!!! Congrats to the Federers!

    Congratulations Roger, Mirka, Charlene and Myla! :)
  25. Elina

    What is your worst tennis or sports injury?

    No, a wooden one. :) Find more info about pesäpallo from here:
  26. Elina

    What is your worst tennis or sports injury?

    When I was maybe 11 or 12 years old I was playing pesäpallo (Finnish version of baseball) with my friends. One of my friends accidentally hit my hand with the bat (it was actually my fault), and one bone from my right hand (the one that connects to little finger) was broken. Although it healed...
  27. Elina

    Wimbledon Men's Final videos - on court interview and others

    Thanks, Fee. I was at a rock festival yesterday and missed the final. It's nice to see the on court interviews of both players. :) I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the fifth set scoreline! 16-14! :D Congrats, Roger!
  28. Elina

    The Most Entertaining Tennis Player

    From the top of my head: Gustavo Kuerten :D You can't watch his matches without smiling every now and then. :)
  29. Elina

    Who is the friendliest tennis player in the world?

    Of the players I've talked with, I have to say Wayne Ferreira. He was always ready to say something after a practice or a match. :)