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    VOLKL PB9 ALERT: In stock

    SW=308! That's too low for a mid weight frame.
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    can this Ti.Carbon be real?

    Maybe this will help...
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    Pure Storm Ltd vs Pure Storm Ltd GT (SwingWeight)

    I recently picked up an original Pure Storm Ltd. Strung its 330 grams, 10 points HL, and the swing weight feels way too low. I was looking at the original and the new GT version on TW's website and the new GT version has a higher swing weight than the original, 313 vs 305, although the weight...
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    Signum Pro Hyperion and Tornado

    I paid no duty taxes. The sellers website can price the string and shipping in US dollars less VAT. The only difference would be in the slight differences in exchange rate used by your credit card company.
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    Please!!Help really needed!! Yonex RDS003 vs. Yonex RDiS 300

    I played with the RDS 003 on and off for two years. I'm an all court player that only plays doubles now. I loved the 003. Serves and ground strokes were excellent, but I never volleyed that well with the racquet. Hence the on and off relationship. I'm currently hitting with the RDiS 300. It does...
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    Combo league DQ's

    I played on a combo team a few years ago that made it to the finals in the Southern Section. We lost in the championship match. The USTA official that gave us our trophies said that combo matches have no effect on your NTRP rating.
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    Signum Pro Hyperion and Tornado

    I'm not much of a poly user, but I found Tornado to be very spinney and powerful. Also it doesn't have the dead feeling that most polys do. The main feedback I'm getting from customers is about spin. The only other poly I've liked is Signum Pro Poly Plasma, especially when crossed with natural gut.
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    Signum Pro Hyperion and Tornado

    I'm ordering it from a UK supplier.
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    Signum Pro Hyperion and Tornado

    I've just about gone through a reel of Signum Pro Tornado and am ready to reorder. I was thinking about buying a reel of Hyperion too, but was hoping for some feedback from someone who has used both. I've strung Tornado/Spiral Flex for over a dozen people and have had 100% positive feedback. Is...
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    Soderling, how did he do it?

    How about Thomas Johannson winning the 2002 Australian Open. Thomas could at best be considered a journeyman player, but he beat the best in the world that year including Safin in the final.
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    New Head sticks up for presale

    Why are the YouTek Radical MP and YouTek Radical Pro made with Graphite/D30, while the YouTek Radical OS still uses Microgel/Graphite?
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    Stable Volleying Stick?

    Its the guys father that wants the racquet, that puts him in at least his forties, and hes currently playing with a 10 ounce, 100 sq. in. frame. And you're going to recommend a 13 ounce, 88 sq. in. frame. Come on, lets get serious here. The Rebel team is a good suggestion, but he might not like...
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    Catapult V10 Grommets?

    Will TW be stocking grommets for the Volkl Catapult V10?
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    Greek stringer:Babolat Syn gut is a polyester kind of string

    Both Super Fine Play and Conquest are solid core, single wrap nylon strings (not polyester). Conquest would fall into the "5 worst strings I've ever used" category. Super Fine Play is a pretty good synthetic. Doesn't hold tension very well but has a nice feel to it. Babolat has just released a...
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    Will Gosen OG-Sheep Mico Super 16 & 17 return?

    Gosen OG-Sheep Mico Super 16 & 17 are no longer listed on TW's site. Are you discontinuing the strings or will they be restocked?
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    Looks like Stepanek is playing with a Bosworth!

    Stepanek at Brisbane International.
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    Kneissl Res Star Australian Version

    Found this on an Aussie web site. Is this a new version of the Red Star or just different paint?
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    Any silver, synthetic gut strings?

    Prince SynGut DF Platinum
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    Did I get a fake counterfeit Prince O3 white

    Probably not a fake. IMO, Prince's quality control is the worst in the industry. Even worse than Wilson's. In my years of dealing with Prince frames I have seen weight variances in the same model of as much as an ounce and balance differences of as much as 6 points.
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    ProKennex Ki 15 PSE availability?

    TW's stock of ProKennex Ki 15 PSE is down to one racquet (a 4 5/8). Will you be getting more frames, specifically 1/2 grips?
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    *FREE* Set of Wilson Hollow Core!!

    Got my set Wednesday, strung them up Thursday, and got to hit with them this morning (Friday). They are easy to string, bruise like a multi, and kinda look like Prince Lightning once strung. Played three sets of doubles so far and find the Hollow Core 16 to be comfortable with average spin. I...
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    Volkl Powerbridge 8 better than Becker Pro?

    I've been playing with a Powerbridge 8 for the last month and I really like this frame. I have an all court game and other than being a touch stiff, I can find no fault with the Volkl. I'm playing some of my best tennis with it and am thinking of buying a couple more. I see the Becker Pro has...
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    Recommend Oversized please??

    The Ti.Rad is my favorite OS of all followed closely by the Fischer M Pro No One 105. Also, though not technically an OS, the Volkl V1 Classic deserves a look.
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    Grommets for a HEAD RADICAL TWIN TUBE OS

    I still have a few sets. Shoot me an e-mail if you can't find them anywhere else.
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    Best diehard baseliner racquet?

    The original 330 gram Babolat Pure Control Plus. Nothing better to bang with from the baseline. But don't try to come to the net with it. Its useless in a quick volley exchange.
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    Fischer power level

    Please rate the following Fischer racquets power level (from highest to lowest). M Pro Number One SL M Pro Number One UL (Light) Magnetic Tour SL Magnetic Tour UL (Light) Progressor NT
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    anyone able to read japanese? take a look at the new prince frames!

    I agree, the specs for the Japanese frame look perfect. Send them to the US as is.
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    m-fil 300 vs AG 300....differences?

    I agree with logansc, the AeroGel feels more solid to me. A little stiffer too. Volleys better than the M-Fil version.
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    Nickb's Synthetic Gut, Natural Gut and Multi Review's

    Looking forward to it!
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    Nickb's Synthetic Gut, Natural Gut and Multi Review's

    I would like to hear Nick's thoughts (or anyone) on Tecnifibre TGV.