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  1. Bender

    Guess: Tsitsipas or Copypasta?

    ITT, I will share some quotes and you have to guess whether they are lesser-known Tsitsipas quotes or something I ripped from r/copypasta. No looking up the quotes until you've made your guesses, although you don't have to share your guesses in reply to this thread.
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    [Part II] Dictionary Corner: Common terminology used to describe pros and their games

    After over a year of putting this off, part 2 of the original TTW Dictionary is here. Just like last time, if you have suggestions, please comment and I will try my best to include your suggestions, but please check that your suggestion hasn’t already been covered in this or the old dictionary...
  3. Bender

    Best compliment you've received

    Time to share your proudest stories. What's the best compliment you've received as a player? Yesterday night a guy I hit with for an hour said that returning my groundstrokes was like "getting punched in the face over and over".
  4. Bender

    Djokovic, the Pharaoh of Tennis

    Hear me out: King Djoker Djoser was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled from c 2650 BCE to c 2575 BCE. He ruled for a long time (19 years), but he is most notable for building the oldest known pyramid in Egypt in Saqqara, called the Step Pyramid ("what are you doing, step pyramid??") The architect of...
  5. Bender

    Nadal with the self burns

  6. Bender

    DAC Amp Suggestions for Planar Headphones?

    I've recently picked up a pair of Audeze LCD-XCs to listen to music and play games on at home. Technically they're easy to drive so on paper even an iPhone should be able to drive them (if I even had a headphone jack to plug it in), but obviously a decent DAC amp should bring out the best out...
  7. Bender

    Nadal throws racquet, racquet abuse streak comes to an end

    Did anyone else see Nadal throw his racquet as a result of the outcome of the Barcelona final? Shocking stuff from the 20 slam champ; perhaps he really was acting for at least 17 years.
  8. Bender

    Medvedev won more WTFs in a year than Nadal has in his entire career

    It's clear Medlad oozes cool and talent. Unlike a certain muscle-bound Spanish Hulk Hogan who muscled his frying pan plastic snowshoe to 13 Faux Opens, Medvedev, with his fluid, floppy forehands and backhands bring the cerebrovascular accident back to the term "stroke", and has shown that in...
  9. Bender

    Berrettini > Djokovic

    USO 2019 SF | Berrettini v Nadal: 7-6, 6-4, 6-1 Berrettini wins 11 games RG 2020 F | Djokovic v Nadal: 6-0, 6-2, 7-5 Djokovic wins 7 games despite the Nadal suffering from dead ball, closed roof, hypothermia, Goran’s prediction, and @StrongRule What this tells us?
  10. Bender

    Nadal wins first major indoor title

    Nadal finally gets this monkey off his back.
  11. Bender

    Anyone experience this kind of knee pain?

    It doesn't appear to be in the knee itself, but actually right underneath the knee, at the part of the shin that leads to the knee joint, on the inner side of the top of the shin bone. No pain when sitting, standing, or even walking / running most of the time, but when changing direction or...
  12. Bender

    Tomic skipping rest of year

    Short of ludicrous appearance fees or other monetary advance this is inevitable or he's about to become a big hypocrite if he does anything other than count his millions. :sneaky:
  13. Bender

    This has been the best tennis player impressions in the history of tennis player impressions, maybe ever.

    Gotta love the small details, like Murray’s overbite scowl and Murray’s surprised grunt, as well as his (mostly accurate) technique impressions. The Djokovic impressions and grunt are spot-on as well. Some, like Kyrgios’ forehand and backhand are caricatures but are hilarious for that reason...
  14. Bender

    Mury's career is actually stellar

    On the surface his numbers don't look great. But under the microscope of the EYE TEST, it is very deflated and underrated. He had one great season - 2016. And he didn't even need to last the whole year to assert his dominance. His "zone" magic was gone only because of injury. His other "ATG"...
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    RIP, Ennio Morricone
  16. Bender

    Dictionary Corner: Common terminology used to describe pros and their games

    This thread is a glossary of commonly-used terminology by resident posters, for new joiners who may not understand what they mean. Aggressive: A player who hits a lot of unforced errors All-round game: A player you like with no weapons A$shole: A player you dislike who is confrontational...
  17. Bender

    ATP forehands and what it means for their respective games

    The purpose of this thread is to loosely categorise various types of forehands you see on the ATP tour, and what I think it means for their respective games. This is also an opportunity to correct popular misconceptions, where applicable. For now, I will be categorising the forehands in the...
  18. Bender

    Federer v Safin TMC 2004 SF

    Things to note: How amazingly calm and collected Safin was on his MPs down Safin’s ROS Federer’s explosiveness (in his movement), which you only really see from Nadal and Djokovic these days
  19. Bender

    Big 3 racquet specs and what it means for their respective games

    As a delayed knee-jerk reaction (oxymoronic, I know) to threads wondering "what if pros swapped racquets?", I created this thread to list out current racquet specs used by the Big 3 (or at least the most recent specs I can glean from the internet), and what I think it means for their games...
  20. Bender

    Who is more talented? Rafa Nadal or Pablo Cuevas?

    Nadal has more titles, but Cuevas beat peak Nadal at Rio 2016, meaning that their H2H adjusted for peakness is 1-0 in favour of Cuevas. Cuevas also has a 1HBH, which means he plays an all-court game and is more talented. Also, Cuevas plays more trick shots effortlessly, whereas Nadal had to...
  21. Bender

    [Meta] A commentary of pro tennis and its fans

    Figured this would be a waste to just share with a few select posters I strongly recommend you put this song on in the background as you read The average poster Tennis, reality >Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference >But we as TW posters >Have a responsibility to these mods...Psych...
  22. Bender

    Clay is the OG surface

    Clay used to be made of clay, but now it's made of clay that's been fired up like Nadal at Barcelona 2R, then crushed like fedr at the 2008 Roland Garros final. Now there are two other surfaces; three if you include indoors as a surface (it is not). Grass This surface is basically what you get...
  23. Bender

    GOAT + ATGs of GPPD

    Who have you got? Rules: Max 1 GOAT + 3 tiers No separate lists for different fanbases No self-inclusion unless you're the GOAT GOAT: 1 poster max Tier 1: 3 posters max Tier 2: 3 posters max Tier 3: 3 posters max
  24. Bender

    Federer says he doesn’t want to “come out on social media”
  25. Bender

    Old but Gold: Bodybuilders argue over how many days there are in a week

    To be honest it's not much more hilariously stupid than some of the arguments over on the general pro player discussion boards
  26. Bender

    djkr swatting nedl's golden virtues

    first he takes nedl's wimbledon trophy but it doesn't matter bc grass is fake surface then he takes nedl's #1 but it doesn't matter bc #1 is just a number, and 2 > 1 anyway now he's stolen nedl's moral victory this ends now
  27. Bender

    ATP Awards First Official Moral Victory to Khachanov

  28. Bender

    When practising, should you try to hit with a neutral stance whenever possible?

    As the title suggests. I haven't been paying too much attention to my stance on my forehand side, but it has been semi-open on most rally balls, neutral for approaches, and open when I don't have time. I'm not using the wrong stance at the wrong time, but I do have late contact issues and the...
  29. Bender

    Are there any online instructors / channels you dislike or avoid? Why?

    I'm not particularly picky with what channel I watch as I normally pick and choose the tips / advice I wish to implement in my own game, but I remember seeing quite a few negative comments regarding certain channels / online coaches. Are there channels that people should avoid--if so, why? All...