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  1. kittogi

    Kindly ID this Prestige

    Thanks for the info. It's 12 oz (340 gms) but doesn't feel heavy. In fact, it swings fast. It feels flexible but has enough power (and control). I'll ask the shop if they can find another one for me as I'm enjoying this racket.
  2. kittogi

    Kindly ID this Prestige

    I bought this used Graphene Prestige S from a local tennis shop. It comes with a Head leather grip. By the way, this local shop, besides selling new gears, also sells used rackets from amateur and junior players. I'm wondering if this is a non-retail Graphene Prestige S. Note: I've had this...
  3. kittogi

    I see no way past Berdych for Murray

    Cilic defeated Del Potro (ranked 4), 5–7, 6–4, 7–5, 5–7, 6–3 @ the 2010 Oz Open.
  4. kittogi

    I see no way past Berdych for Murray

    Defeated Roddick the seventh seed @ the Oz Open. 7–6, 6–3, 3–6, 2–6, 6–3
  5. kittogi

    I see no way past Berdych for Murray

    Cilic defeated Murray straight sets @ the 2009 US Open. Murray was seeded number 2.
  6. kittogi

    How has Roger Federer changed since 2007??

    Personally, I like the creative Fed. I just love to see his footwork and how he constructs points. I've been watching some of his matches lately on YouTube, and all I can say (particularly his win against Isner) is that he has evolved into a different kind of Fed. Compared to his dominant run 5...
  7. kittogi

    How has Roger Federer changed since 2007??

    He's a lot smarter now in terms of how he manages his shots. He no longer goes for the big shots (only when there's an obvious opening), instead he sets the point well. More often, he uses the drop shot or wrong-foots his opponents. Also, he goes to the net more to end points or to force his...
  8. kittogi

    Radical & Prestige IG

  9. kittogi

    The Official 18x20 String Pattern Club

    Added a new one. LM Radical MP (Made in Austria).
  10. kittogi

    Just one question, Where was Toni?

    hahaha! good one. ace post! lol
  11. kittogi

    What happened to Nole?

    hahaha! good one. maybe they can add a "like" button in this forum. some posts are really funny!
  12. kittogi

    Which string for Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex

    I'm using Signum Pro PolyPlasma on my Babolat AeroPro Cortex, and I really love the soft feel of this poly string. I have it strung at 55lbs.
  13. kittogi

    So finally Verdasco switched to Dunlop from Tecnifibre?

    Biomimetics means imitating or being inspired by nature to solve human problems.
  14. kittogi

    Davydenko's racket history.

    Post updated with link now.
  15. kittogi

    Davydenko's racket history.

    I can't wait to see which Dunlop racket is he going to use. Anyway, he has played the following rackets: Babolat Yonex He also played with a Wilson racket, but I couldn't find the picture. Head Prince
  16. kittogi

    Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tour & AeroGel 300 16x18

    I haven't tried the 4D 300 Tour, but I'm playing with AG 300 16x18. All I can say is that the AG 300 16x18 is a great racket on stock form, but if you lead it up, it becomes an even better racket. I placed 6 grams of lead on the racket's shaft just to increase the racket's swing weight. It's now...
  17. kittogi

    Berdych back to Dunlop!

    He's still using a Radical, but his bags are Dunlop.
  18. kittogi

    Berdych back to Dunlop!

    He's not using a Head bag.
  19. kittogi

    The Official 18x20 String Pattern Club

    Dunlop M-Fil 200 18x20
  20. kittogi

    anyone use Dunlop M-Fil 200 16x19?

    i used to play with it, moved to the 18x20 version. i liked it at first, but you get bullied by power hitters, because it's not that stable (light perhaps).
  21. kittogi

    How Old Are You? What Racquet Do Use? How Many Of The Same Racquet Do You Have?

    28, Dunlop M-Fil 200 18x20. Wilson Stamina 16 @ 50lbs.
  22. kittogi

    Dunlop 4D 200(18x20) VS. Prince EX03 Rebel 95

    I agree! I'll try hybrid next time.
  23. kittogi

    Dunlop 4D 200(18x20) VS. Prince EX03 Rebel 95

    I really like the M-Fil 200 18x20. At first I hated it, because I strung it with full poly at 59 lbs. But, when I lowered my tension to 52 and used a softer sting, it made a big difference. The control and feel that I can get is quite outstanding. I mean, I used to play with Aerogel 300 16x18...
  24. kittogi

    Where to find Dunlop Aerogel 300 16x18 these days?

    i have two of this racket in L3. however, i live in the Philippines, so selling you these would cost quite because of the shipping. ;)
  25. kittogi

    Davydenko's 2009 new racquet?

    Check this video, the blackout racket seems to resemble this guy's Microgel Youtek Extreme MP.
  26. kittogi

    Davydenko 2010 AO racquet

    Do you still remember Davydenko's blackout racket last year? It was Head Youtek Extreme. Check this video.