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  1. pstar

    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    My ML100 Had this beauty for over three years, and over 200 racquets strung up til now.
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    Gel Resolution 5s - Anyone Tried Them?

    I think this really depends on your feet. The GR4 fitted my feet best. The GR5 is heavier and didn`t feel as supportive on my feet.
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    Solinco TB alternative ?

    Why don`t you order from tw europe?
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    Tennis academies in Spain? How much do these cost to go to for the summer?

    tennis alicante-area Do any of you know of a tennis-academy in the alicante-area that offers tennis lessons for adults? I'm interested in 2-3 hours training with a coach daily, staying for 3-4 days last week of april.
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    Wilson Tour Red 15 pack

    Hi TW When will you be getting more of these bags in? Thanks
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    Which stringing machine to buy (i live in Denmark, Europe)

    Take a look at Stringways machines; ML90 or ML100. They are CP and not electronic, but very solid and high quality machines. Bought the ML100 a couple of years ago, and I`ve been very satisfied with my purchase. pstar (norway)
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    Babolat 2502e

    One of these is for sale in my area, and since it`s clearly a machine of some age I`m a bit sceptic! Do any of you know how old this machine could be? It looks like a star 4, but it`s printed 2502e on the side. And is it still possible to get hold of spare parts for this machine if...
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    Stuff TW US have, and I wish TW Europe had :)

    Looks nice Stefan! Sign me up for a pair of 9,5`s :)
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    Stuff TW US have, and I wish TW Europe had :)

    adidas barricades 6.0 Andy Murray clay adidas barricades 6.0 Andy Murray clay! Will you be getting these shoes anytime soon?
  10. pstar

    really 5.0?

    But what funny racquet is he using? The headsize looks really big:)
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    Almagro Backhand Looking Incredible

    +1 Almagros main problem is in his own head. He gets to emotional on the court and make the wrong shot selections all the time. He thinks he can outpower guys like Ferrer on clay and thats not easy.
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    Highlights from a tennismatch

    I just wondered, because I might play against one of these guys this season!
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    Highlights from a tennismatch

    Don`t know about Olsen, but I know Andresen played for Stetson University, FL 97-01. For those of you that don`t understand norwegian:) This was the final from the norwegian national championchip indoor 2011 35-39 years.
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    Highlights from a tennismatch

    What do you think of the level of the players?
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    Your top 3 poly's...

    1. Polyfibre Viper 1.25 2. Topspin Cyberflash 1.25 3. Luxilon BBO 1.30 (used in a hybrid with VS gut)
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    Wise 2086 - wise investment?

    +1 have been thinking about doing the same thing myself, since I can`t afford a pro machine in the nearest future
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    Documentation of Racquet work done

    Same here! Excel works for me:)
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    Ballistic 2.3 vs Breathe 2k10

    Hi Kcraig! Do you wear the same size in both the 2K10s and the barricade 6`s? I`ve sometimes had to chose half a size bigger in nike shoes compared to adidas since because of the tighter toebox!
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    Stringway ML100 with T92 Clamps or Alpha Axis Pro

    I also have a ML100 with the T92 clamps, and have strung many many Prince O`port racquets on my machine. It`s no problem at all, and the lock out mechanism works great! But have to agree with you verbouge, the lock outs should have been a little closer.
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    Racquet stringing in less than 10 min

    Very impressing jisop :)
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    NEW TECNIFIBRE TF6000 - help me please!!!

    Can I ask how much you paid for that machine? I`ve been looking at some Tecnifibre machines as well lately!
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    2 piece stringing: Is it advisable to string the crosses beginning in the middle?

    I use a stringway ml 100, with the single action t92 clamps! And to you Irvin; I understand it`s more disadvantages then advantages for most racquets, but I do string alot of prince 03`s so I`ll give this a try the next time. Have used the brake up til now for these racquets. But since...
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    2 piece stringing: Is it advisable to string the crosses beginning in the middle?

    Can someone please explain why I have to use an starting clamp on the outside of the frame all the way up and down when doing the 50/50? Why can`t I just do the crosses like I do the mains, and just use the two fixed clamps on my machine, alternating up and down? There can be something...
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    Genesis Natural Gut Review (Photos Included)

    Thanks for your answer drakulie. I`ve understood you know a great deal about stringing and stringing machines :-) I`m really hoping to buy a new machine next year! Been looking at the Prince 5000 and some Technifibre machines, since the Babolat machines not easy to come across in these parts...
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    Bjorn Borg and Diadora

    Funny guy :)!
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    Adizero feather

    Very nice pictures WarrenT :) thanks for posting this here on tt!
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    Genesis Natural Gut Review (Photos Included)

    Hey drakulie and greetings from northern europe :-) How would you compare the prince 5000 machine to your own privat Babolat star 4? Pros and cons?
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    If you were using vs team 17g, what would you cross it with for max.:

    LOL, don`t see pictures of my stash (strings) on tt anytime soon:) But I`ll take my chances and order some vs team next week.
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    2011 Prince Racquet Play Test

    Sounds good edman9898:) Looking forward to your comparison of these two racquets.
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    If you were using vs team 17g, what would you cross it with for max.:

    He he, of course I do :) Just wanted to know what the main differences between these two could be. Luckily for me I`m buying some of my own presents this year :)