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  1. basil J

    Has anyone used head Palletts on a non Head frame?

    I'm thinkin about trying head pallets on a C10 pro. has anyone tried this with success? It should be pretty straight forward I would think?
  2. basil J

    Slazenger Pro X1- anyone still using these frames?

    Played some singles against a solid 4.0 the other day and he was using the X1. he has 3 of them and they all looked brand new, even though they are all over 10 years old. he could not say enough good things about it. I tried one briefly in the mid 2000's and I liked it but It a tad stiff for me...
  3. basil J

    Former Becker Melbourne users, what do you use today?

    I still have a few Beckers that are in great shape and I have yet to find anything that would lure me away from them. When I am playing on a regular basis, it is the most dependable, no surprises frame I have ever owned. My question is to those players who also loved the Melbourne in the...
  4. basil J

    Anyone see Game Changers on Netflix?

    Interesting movie that is creating a lot of controversy. The argument to move to a Plant based diet is done very well in this flick. I work in healthcare and a number of providers have told me that the best thing you could do for your cardiovascular system is dump animal proteins. The west...
  5. basil J

    Does Volkl have any plans to put out anymore Becker Frames?

    The Becker Line was very good there for a while. Would love to see the re-release of the Melbourne or the BB mid. Great frames.
  6. basil J

    I s anyone still using the old Yonex orange RDS 002 tour?

    I had a very up & down relationship with this frame about 8 years ago, and a guy on the next court over was using one tonight. He is a very solid all court player.. I had to take a double take at the racquet as it was spotless and appeared new. He said he just got( there is one shop that still...
  7. basil J

    Is the Becker hybrid gut and poly string sets Discontinued for good?

    This was my go to string set up for years. No one is carrying it at the moment. Are they going to bring them back?
  8. basil J

    Can I order Volkl Attiva Pallets from TW

    I don't see them on the US website, but I see them on the European web site. Is there some way I can order some through TW US.?
  9. basil J

    tennis post prostate removal?

    I was curious if any of the older posters here have gone through the removal of their prostate and still play tennis without issue. Shockingly, last 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and now face the daunting procedure of having my prostate removed. I am 51, extremely fit, eat a...
  10. basil J

    Any one still using a 200G MW as their main stick?

    I have always had an on again, off again love affair with this stick, and although I have not used one for a while, I have yet to find anything that plays like it. I was playing last night and a guy on the next court over was using one, playing beautiful all court tennis. I don't see these...
  11. basil J

    Interesting observation of a practice session for Rafa at RG I found it very interesting that during a practice session, Rafa raely hit the reverse forehand or "buggy Whip" forehand that he constantly uses in match play. I don't speak spanish so I can't...
  12. basil J

    IMO the drop shot is overused and ruining the 3.5-4.0 game!!

    It seems like for some reason, during the last 6 months or so, I see a ridiculous amount of drop shots throughout more & more matches I play.I personally despise this shot, number one because I feel it is a desperation shot and number 2. because I hate constantly running up & back chasing...
  13. basil J

    Has VS gut changed?

    :(I just strung up my 2- 200 tours witha 16g Vs gut 62# mains with BHB 17 G crosses at 56# and the set up felt like crap. I have been using becker gut mains for the last 3 months without issue and was amped up about moving to the premier Gut and it played like a frying pan. No feel, no much...
  14. basil J

    Vs Gut Vs Klip legend gut- do you use the same tension?

    I have a new 4D200 tour that I have strung with legend gut at 62#. The strings don't move, Control & comfort are fine,but it plays a little boardy for a full gut job. I know Klip plays firmer than VS gut. My question for those who have used both is, if I moved to VS gut in the same frame, would...
  15. basil J

    Message moard is gone from the TW home page?

    Message Board is gone from the TW home page? Are you disconnecting the talk tennis message boards? I found my way in through history on my PC..
  16. basil J

    awesome match highlights from 2 of my all time favorites

    Scud vs Safin at the paris TMZ indoor tournament that crowned safin the youngest world #1. Big hitting, both playing well. I miss this attacking all court type of tennis. enjoy!
  17. basil J

    Volkl Pallet System-3 Types of pallets, which is closest to a standard shape?

    I know I read somewhere that Volkl has 3 types of pallet shapes available in their line up. Does anyone know which one comes on the beckers? I want to move to a traditional shape and have used Attiva pallets in the past with great success. Does any one know what pallets are available from most...
  18. basil J

    I miss this rivalry much more than Nadal/ Federer

    These guys went at it and either one could win on a given day. You know who I am talking about. Great stuff enjoy:
  19. basil J

    Questions on TI-80 lite

    Are there any more TI 80 lite's coming in? I am looking for 5/8" grip. Also, is this just the UL version of the regular TI-80? Thanks in advance
  20. basil J

    is there a way to Lighten up a KI5 PSE?

    I love my KI5 but at times wish for some added weight say up to 12.4or 5.oz. If I take the leather grip off of a PSE and replace with a thin synthetic would that reduce the weight at all? 12.9 oz intimidates me a bit, since I use head tape & overgrip, I probably would be looking at over 13.oz...
  21. basil J

    PK KI5: why did I ignore you?

    So I had shoulder surgery last year and for a short spell I used the KI5 before I had surgery, more or less so I could play with minimal discomfort until I got operated on. (2 Bone spurs, removal of cartiladge and cleaned up my Labrum). After surgery I went to the BB11mid, then MP back to my...
  22. basil J

    Anybody still using a Yonex RDX 500?

    I got onto the Yonex bandwagon after these were discontinued and actaully have access to a couple of "new" old stock. How does this frame compare to the TI 80 or the 002Tour. Any feedback would be appreciated.:)
  23. basil J

    Kswiss tennis bags?

    Did Kswiss discontinue the 7.0 6 pack tennis bags? I have one and it is a fantastic bag with many pockets and a water bottle, but after 5 years it is beat. Are they gone for good?:cry:
  24. basil J

    Wilson reaction tennis string

    Hi TW. Do you know if Wilson replaced the reaction string with another string model? I really like Reaction but I just found out that it is no longer in production. Is there a new string that is similar? I really liked that it was prestretched. Good playability and durabilty at a fair price...
  25. basil J

    Anybody have experience with Klip Optic Nerve poly

    I got a couple of packs and strung up my Pk's but have never used it before. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  26. basil J

    Prince gut-who makes it?

    I just got some 16' Prince gut. The package and the gut itself looks like repackaged VS. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this stuff?
  27. basil J

    Becker natural gut- anyone tried it yet?

    I am happily using a BB11 mid now and it really performs well with gut, but VS, my favorite is just too expensive. I noticed that there is now BB gut available. Anybody know who is makig it for becker and has anyone tried it yet? Thanks in advance.
  28. basil J

    Boris becker Pallets

    I just bought a couple of BB 11 mids and noticed that the palletts on the handle are a 2 piece plastic. Do they sell replacements in the event I want to change the grip size or if they become loose?
  29. basil J

    anyone using Klip armour pro on a regular basis?

    I just picked up 2 BB 11 mids and want to go with gut, but VS is too expensive. I tried KLIPa armour pro this weekend and really liked it in a 17' at 59#. anyone using this string regularly that wants to share ony thoghts on it? Is it durable? How does it compare to VS gut? Does it shed the...
  30. basil J

    RDS 002 Tour- Like a bad addiction-I keep going back

    I settled on the TI80 last summer and was real happy with it. I injured my shoulder, had surgery and am now working my way back into playing. I tried the KI5's at first, and they are super comfortable, but as my arm got stronger, I could not get past the muted feel, so on a whim I tried my 12.6...