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  1. LoboR1

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    I don't feel so bad being breadsticked the other day
  2. LoboR1

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    wow...never seen Roger shank like this
  3. LoboR1

    My match analysis

    I've been playing for over 30 years....and my game sounds exactly like yours! :) I guess I'm stubborn lol
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    Get ready :)

    If.....BIG IF....Nadal goes through both Roger and Novak to win this Wimby, it will go down as the best/biggest/toughest grand slam win of his career.
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    Touch Tennis

    Have been playing Touch Tennis for just over two years the winter since there are no indoor tennis courts where I live. It's the closest thing to real tennis I've found since you can hit out and really use the same strokes you utilize in the regular game. Absolutely have a blast...
  6. LoboR1

    Radical Tour 630 Zebra-Gut/Poly hybrid

    I will try a gut/poly combo too....recently acquired a MP Zebra (used to play them in the 90's and loved them) and have been hitting almost exclusively with it again. It's crazy that a 25 year old racquet can hold it's own against modern sticks! When my current setup breaks or becomes unusable...
  7. LoboR1

    Tsitsipas stirring post-match Soliloquy on Instagram

    I want to hear him wax poetic about "Sureshian Spray" and the PoMo forehand!
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    How to pre-stretch Ashaway Monogut ZX or ZX Pro

    Thanks man...very informative! I really like how you used the lever (bat) to stretch it! I will be giving this method a try. Cheers!
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    New Shoes from Nadal at RG19

    Sold out already?
  10. LoboR1

    Bianca Andreescu: under the radar but not for long!

    That is a horrible!
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    Favorite radical?

    Zebra MP
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    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    Finally got my pair of teal shoes and had a chance to try them out on court. WOW! Loving these! Been playing for over 30 years and I can't remember a more comfortable tennis shoe! They feel very stable... Not Barricade stable, but nothing really is built like those tanks. The upper hugs my foot...
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    How would you have ended Game of Thrones ?

    This is 10000x better than what they chose to do on the show. It's pretty sad how an amazing series is ending off so poorly.
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    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    Teal and black! :love:
  15. LoboR1

    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    I've got a pair on order...can't wait to test them out!
  16. LoboR1

    Memory Lane...What Racquet(s) were u using between 1985-1990?

    Prince CTS Storm Oversize Prince Tricomp
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    Head Radical Tour rackets

    Those are prob my fave racquets from the 90's....fantastic sticks that are sought after. You found those at a great price...I paid nearly $150 for one mid-plus last fall.
  18. LoboR1

    Dead polys - how to avoid trampoline effect?

    Cut them out and is well known that poly strings have a very short lifespan.
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    Small Colin is getting results a couple of years ahead of schedule!! Bravo, eh?
  20. LoboR1

    I actually miss Roddick...

    We need Roddick to be way more visible...maybe doing more play-by-play or color commentary. He's good for the game!
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    Keto diet Support Group

    Update.....It's been about 7 months on the Keto diet and I'm down just over 50 lbs. I had a cheat week in there on a trip to Cuba, and a couple other cheat days where I knocked myself out of ketosis. Overall the diet, or should I say lifestyle, if fairly sustainable for me. My goal is to get...
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    Felix Auger-Aliassime

    Felix already has a nickname....if you look at older posts on here, "Small Colin" is the clear winner!
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    Who are you going to support in the men's singles final?

    Alarm already set for 3:30 AM EST Saturday.....Vamos Rafa!!
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    2019 Australian Open - [16] Milos Raonic vs. Nick Kyrgios

    Crazy first round matchup...cheering for the Canuck, but think the Aussie will prevail.
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    Fed & Rafa Need A Miracle To Stop Novak Says Expert

    ...And who cares about year-end number 1? Nobody that plays tennis on the ATP tour, that's who. Slams baby, slams.
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    Head Radical Tour 630 - recommended string

    I like Diadem Solstice Power and Volkl Cyclone Tour...both very spinny and arm friendly. That racquet has a dense 18x20 pattern but is counter-acted by a buttery-soft flex rating. You prob don't need to use "soft" polys, but the two I just mentioned are worth a go!
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    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph is ... "GAY" ???

    Before spinning..."Are you a top, or a bottom?"
  28. LoboR1

    Head Radical OS Ltd release

    Preach brother, preach!! x1000000000