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    Tennis in Central NJ

    Hi Folks I have in laws in central NJ! I visit every so often and don't usually have much to do. I'd love to find some folks in the area that I could contact to hit when I'm in town (like this coming weekend). Anyone in that area? I'm talking near New Brunswick ish (they're actually located in...
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    recommend a poly to hybrid with e-matrix

    Hi folks, I'm a 4.0-4.5 level player trying to get back in the game. I play with 88 leaded up usually. I typically play with technifibre e-matrix 17 strung at around 55 lbs (it's nice and comfy and very cheap). I'm curious to try a bit of poly with it in hybrid to add a bit of spin so I...
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    session for fed rafa match

    hi guys, i'm on the east coast and the possibility of a roger rafa qf is extremely tempting. Which sessin would it be? my guess is the Sept 4th (wednesday) night session. Does that seem right to people? how sure are you in your guess and why? my reasoning is that the men's qf's are supposed...
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    recorded semis

    Hi guys. Really need a hand. Haven't seen today's second semi. any place i can find it online without spoiling the result?
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    recorded semis tomorrow

    Hi everybody, I'm going to be flying to my mom's house tomorrow, and will, as such, miss the men's semifinals live. I don't have tennis channel, either at my residence, or where I'm flying, so I can't even have anybody record the first semi for me. As for the second semi, I might be able to...
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    Hyderabad, India. Partner and Services

    Hi people. I'm visiting Hyderabad for my buddy's wedding. while i'm here, I wanna get my hitting on. anyone around free to hit that's any good? also, what are ur recommendations for courts and places to get rackets strung?
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    store hours?

    I just tried calling TW, twice. It's presently 10:03 p.m. eastern time (where I'm located) = 7:03 p.m. pacific time. I twice got the recording of Chris saying that the store hours were M-F 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. I'm calling within that window and it's automatically going to the recording...what gives?
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    getting butt cap off! HELP!!

    Hi everyone, I want to customize my racket to make it a bit more head light, by putting weight in the butt cap. I can't get the bloody cap off!! the staples are on really really tightly. I can't get anything wedged underneath the staples to remove them. any ideas?
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    Exact Sampras Setup-new KPS 88

    hi, does anyone have relatively exact specs (and a reason to believe them :p ) on how pete customizes his new kps 88? I had exact measurements on how much leadtape to use on the ps 85 from back in the day, but the 88 is more headheavy to begin with. I.e. if i throw the exact same amount of...
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    clay sole vs. herringbone

    I'm currently playing with vapor V's which have a pretty decent herringbone pattern as is. will switching to clay court proper shoes help much or will the difference be small?
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    clay sliding tips

    Hi, i just started playing on clay for the first time. I can't slide to save my life. I tried to look for other tips on the forum but couldn't find any. any ideas?
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    the final, when is it?

    hey, i tried searching around, but i figured if it wouldn't hurt to have a thread where ppl could quickly find out when the final is tomorrow/today for hamburg? as in, when should i start watching star sports on tvu?
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    cheaper feel strings

    Hi guys. I've been searching around the threads looking for stuff along these lines. but just to annoy you guys ONE MORE TIME, i was hoping to get some feedback on the various sub $10 strings emphasizing feel. I dont think im the market for a tournament nylon (ick) or a syn gut (not really my...
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    Phoenix March 22-30

    Hey i'm a male that is a bit out of practice. at my peak, somewhere between 4.0 and 4.5. I'm probably visiting phoenix to see some family the week of march 22-30, and part of my decision to go or not depends on if i can find some hitting partners. anybody up for some hitting? ill be near...
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    New Fav: Amer Delic

    I think Amer Delic has joined the list for my current favorite players, which include Tsonga, Nadal, and now Delic. Why you ask? I just had a convo on aim with the guy. yes. I imed him, and he DIDNT block me. even after admitting i was a fan. okay, he's no roger federer, but i figured...
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    Follow Up on Prostaff

    Hi, In a previous thread ya'll mentioned you'd be getting the ps 85 back some time around now. I was wondering what was going on? I guess im just a bit nervous that the wilson folk might be discontinuing it.
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    any hope for the old cages?

    this was the first time i saw the cages, and i still think that this is by far the best color ive seen (including the slate grey, and all that are slated to be released this year). is there any hope? i doubt it...
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    Hamburg Final tomorrow

    Does anyone know if its gonna be on star sports (like on tvu or whatever) and if so at what time (and what time zone, like what time will it be shown here on the pacific coast?) thanks a bunch guys
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    luxilon copies

    I've been around for some time on these boards and have heard people swear by several different polys. Now I'm not much of a poly player, but I just use it on nat gut hybrids. so far all of my hybrids have been done with Luxilon variations (ace, bb orig, alu power, etc.) and i'm realizing...
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    Nadal's Comments at MC

    I don't know if any was paying attention. While Nadal was giving his acceptance speech at the trophy presentaiton this morning. The frickin starsports commentators were inaudible, and I'm not a native spanish speaker, but I'm fairly sure I heard Nadal say something along the lines that he...
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    Elusive Priority 1

    I donno if anyboyd else has noticed this (or cared to check) but It seems to be impossible for the non-ATP public to get ahold of Priority 1 stringing guys. I've got Roman Prokes' number in NY, and heck, I've got Bosworth on my speed dial. They both seem to be really nice guys, giving me tons...
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    breathe cage

    when will the breathe cage be released?
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    HELP for Wilson ProStaff 85

    Hi guys, Im a cliche PS 85 user on a college D3 tennis team. I know that our team is sponsored by wilson and most of my firends get that cheap players pack (3 rackets, back, strings, grips for 350 dollars). I'd like to get this as well, but the wilson rep told my coach that they no longer make...
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    Help! I wanna go to Indian Wells!

    Hi everyone. my spring break starts on the friday before the finals, so i wanna get to indian wells on the 17th and 18th to watch the mens semis/women finals and then the men's finals. How can I get tickets? I'd like to get the best possible seats and everything. What all things do i need to...
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    College sponsoring

    My d-3 college has a deal with wilson to get a "college players pack" that includes 3 rackets, a bag, string, and some other crap for about 350. I asked my coach to call wilson about it for me and they said they dont have the p85 available, but they'd be willing to do it for the k-six one tour...
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    Pro serve tendancies

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone would bother helping me compile a list of pro service tendancies. an example would be roddick's signature kicker way out wide on the add side. i was having a debate with one of my friends, he said sampras was def more topspin serve than slice serve, i said...
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    zoom court MO GT

    this new shoe from nike sorta reminds me of the vapor s2, in terms of its straight up herringbone pattern, and just the overall shape of the shoe. at least form pictures. what i like about it is the 6 month warranty, because i ALWAYS chew through shoes in that much time. Just wondering if...
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    Is the K-factor Roger's real deal. Request to Greg Raven.

    It seems like finally we have a nanotech racket that has a ps 85 sized pallt, and 4 grommets on the pws. visually, i don't think we'll be able to distinguish roger's racket from what's available to the public. Personally, I highly doubt roger switched rackets after all of the success he's had...
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    pete sampras's equipment on wikipedia

    I'm not sure if anybody remembers, but there was a great article on the equipment used by pete sampras on wikipedia (talking in brief about the st. vincent, the high tension, customization with a lot of tape, how heavy it was etc.) and i felt it was a nice little appreciation of how much sampras...
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    nice to see pete back

    nice to see pete back on the TW gear section. I wonder if Pete's gonna abandon his crappy vapor 3's and go back to his good old oscillates.