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  1. kittogi

    Kindly ID this Prestige

    I bought this used Graphene Prestige S from a local tennis shop. It comes with a Head leather grip. By the way, this local shop, besides selling new gears, also sells used rackets from amateur and junior players. I'm wondering if this is a non-retail Graphene Prestige S. Note: I've had this...
  2. kittogi

    Davydenko's racket history.

    I can't wait to see which Dunlop racket is he going to use. Anyway, he has played the following rackets: Babolat Yonex He also played with a Wilson racket, but I couldn't find the picture. Head Prince
  3. kittogi

    Berdych back to Dunlop!

    He's not using a Head bag.
  4. kittogi

    Babolat Clothing?

  5. kittogi

    Golfer wearing Bjorn Borg!!!

  6. kittogi

    Dunlop Aerogel 300 (16x18) vs Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 (16x18)

    I am currently using the Dunlop Aerogel 300 16x18, and I really like this stick. I am just wondering how will this stick compare with the Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 Asian Version 16x18? Before buying the Aerogel 300 16x18, I considered demoing the Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 Asian Version...
  7. kittogi

    How grip size could change your game?

    I measured my grip size by using a ruler. It says 4 1/4, but I never get quite comfortable with that size. I bought 4 1/4 racket, and I felt there's something wrong with the way I swing the racket. I tried the K90 with 4 3/8 grip. I find it heavy thus affected my swing and also made me believed...
  8. kittogi

    Tursunov is envious of Dimitrov's six pack!!! Lol!

    It seems these guys are having fun. Tursunov is a funny guy... I hope he writes blog for ATP again.
  9. kittogi

    Head KBlade? Lol

    What do you think guys?