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  1. beernutz

    Controversial Kyrgios mid-match pep talk from umpire I am shocked there isn't already a thread on this.
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    John Newcombe 1965 mixed doubles shared win

    John Newcombe's wikipedia page says Overall, he won 26 Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles (27 if his 1965 mixed doubles shared win is added). What is the story behind the 1965 mixed doubles shared win? I googled and couldn't find more information on that. Is it only...
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    Longest time gap between winning the same tournament?

    I was looking at the wikipedia page for the SAP Open and saw that John McEnroe, combined with several different partners, won the doubles tournament 8 times. Most amazingly to me though was that there was an 18 year gap between his penultimate victory in 1988 and his last one in 2006. I miss...
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    Anyone strung a wood racquet using a Prince Neos 1K?

    My brother would like me to restring one of my dad's old Wilson Jimmy Connors wood racquets but I've never tried to string a woody using my Neos before. Can it be done and if so are there any tips or tricks to share such as the tension to use? TIA.
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    What is the NTRP?

    Aren't these threads the most fun you can have with your clothes on?
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    Need alternative for Asics Gel-Resolution

    I have been playing in these shoes for the past couple of years and really like the fit, weight, and functionality. However, in each pair of these shoes, at least in through my first 4 pairs, the uppers wears out just behind my toes long before the soles become unplayable. These are $120+...
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    A first for me, I forgot to weave the last cross

    I guess after stringing almost a decade it had to happen and thank goodness it was my personal racquet and not a friend's or worse my wife's. I was supposed to play at 8 this morning but I was wide awake at 5:30 so after frittering away some hours on the computer I thought I'd restring the...
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    Tell team they must lose set to win title

    If this you are a tl;dnr forum member you can skip to the Cliff notes at the bottom. Otherwise just move along, nothing to see here. Monday night my 4.0 team played in the championship playoff match for the our local doubles-only league and this interesting scenario played out. All dual meets...
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    USTA tiebreak match score distributions

    This came up in one of the endless USTA NTRP threads and I'd never really thought about it very much so I spent a half hour trying to figure out the various possible score outcomes of a USTA match that would be input into a dynamic NTRP calculation. Unless I'm way off it looks there there are...
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    Anyone converted a Silent Partner ball machine from battery to AC?

    Like the subject says, I have an Silent Partner Star which has a dead battery, which is the third battery the machine has had since 2010. The original battery died during the first year I owned the machine and even though it was not covered it was replaced at no cost by SP. I have subsequently...
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    Flex league question

    I decided to play flex league 4.0 singles for the first time back in December and went ahead and signed up. The league is supposed to start 1/13 and registration ends 1/12 at midnight. I'm a little concerned that when I check tennislink it appears I am the only one registered for it so far...
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    Amusing stringer anecdote

    Well I thought this was slightly amusing anyway. My family and I are in Orlando for some R&R and my wife and I went to a nice local tennis store to buy some new shoes and look at what else they had. Orlando this time of year is a madhouse with all the vacationers here and the traffic is crazy...
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    Dallas tennis

    Some funny insider stuff here: I was interested enough to look for this since I played the St. Charles (eventual Southern sectional champs) at sectionals and they in turn were beaten by...
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    Mixed exclusive player self rating as an adult question

    The USTA FAQ on NTRP appears to say that a player with a mixed exclusive rating who is self rating for adult USTA leagues must use the mixed exclusive as the minimum for their self rate level: Can I use my mixed exclusive rating to play in other divisions? A mixed exclusive (M) player must...
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    Home vs neutral vs away

    I was looking at the overall season record for South Alabama and noticed this: Overall Pct. Streak Home Away Neutral 11 - 14 .440 L1 4 - 0 1 - 8 6 - 6 The different win percentages by location, 100%, 12.5%, and 50% really stood out. They are not a terrible team as they were 3...
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    Self rated players bumped mid season but not DQed?

    Like the subject says, this appears to have happened to two players at my club but I didn't believe it was possible. The players were both self rated but now have been moved up a level and given a D (dynamic) rating as of yesterday. They were both on a team which had played the first two of...
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    Do vegan tennis players refuse to string with gut?

    Signed, Just Curious.
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    What are the worst mistakes in doubles in your opinion?

    My top ones are (from worst to less worse): 1. double faulting 1. hitting an unforced error on second serve returns (they are tied for #1) 3. not getting a high percentage of first serves in 4. not following the deep-to-deep, short-to-short principle (e.g., overusing the low percentage shot...
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    Player self rated too high - what now?

    A player at my club who is mid-thirties and in good shape and who had played high school tennis started back playing last year after a long absence and then at the end of 2012 started playing league, self-rating as a 4.0. I think he decided to self-rate at this level mostly because he got some...
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    40 and over lines by region

    I'm in Alabama and played in a 40 and over league in Fall 2012 where we played 2 singles and 3 doubles but I was talking to my brother who lives in Atlanta and who was also playing on a 40 and over that Fall and they played 1 singles and 4 doubles. The USTA page...
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    Question about

    Our local league switched to the site in the Spring for managing leagues, collecting league dues from players, and rating players. The first two items in that list have been great so far imo as that site makes it much easier than the old one we previously used for seeing match...
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    Rules question about service call

    Say you are playing doubles and receiving serve and your partner calls a serve out but you clearly see it hit the line. My understanding is that your only option is to immediately forfeit the point to the server even if you can make a play on the ball. Am I correct?
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    Need suggestions for adult clinic drills/activities

    My local city tennis center has adult intermediate clinics which run in alternating 4 and 8 week sessions where you can sign up for either once or twice a week for one hour time slots. I'd never done one of these clinics before due to work conflicts but since I was free for the current 4 week...
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    "Perfectly Disguised" Dropshot video It is a pretty cool trick but I bet its not that easy to master.
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    What do you think of these NTRP level descriptions? I think they are some of the better guidelines I've read and better than anything I've seen on the USTA website.
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    Gymboss Max interval timer review

    I asked my wife for a Gymboss Max for my birthday after seeing a youtube video about it and have now had it about a week so I thought I'd write a review. Before getting the Gymboss Max I was doing Tabata interval workouts (20 seconds as hard as possible with a 10 second rest for 8 reps) and...
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    Which battery for a new SP Star?

    Per the SPtennis page I need this battery ($85 + S/H) for my Star: However when you go to and click on the link for the Star's battery it takes you to this battery ($16.40 + S/H) which doesn't appear to be the correct one...
  28. beernutz

    SP Star service return practice configuration

    I bought a service cart from Harbor Freight for about $60 this week to take my ball machine and all the other necessities for hitting to my neighborhood courts. While there for the first time I had the idea to put the machine on top of a bucket my Tretorn balls came in to raise it even higher...
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    Need help avoiding a poach

    Our last place team is playing the first place team in a playoff tonight and while I have been competitive against them in our previous matches I have yet to book a win. One problem is that they have several pretty big servers (this is 4.0) and quick net players who've been poaching me even...
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