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  1. R. Schweikart

    Players' comments which backfired spectacularly

    Sometimes tennis players say things which haunt them later for years to come. Since I am a Grafan my favorites are of course these comments on Steffi: 1) "We have thousands like her back in the States." (Tracy Austin, Filderstadt 1982, after defeating 13-year-old Steffi) Austin lost her next...
  2. R. Schweikart

    Will the USO women's final influence Serena's decision whether to retire now or not?

    Does she still want to fight the youngsters? Or does she get the feeling that time is up? That her heirs have been finally found?
  3. R. Schweikart

    Steffi had what Serena & Nole lacked

    Young generations of tennis fans often forget what pressure Steffi Graf was under in the final of the USO 88, on the threshold of winning the "Grand Slam". In retrospect everything seems so clear - Steffi was the best player that year, so the "Grand Slam" must have been a foregone conclusion...
  4. R. Schweikart

    Queen Elizabeth II. statement to Raducanu win

    “I send my congratulations to you on your success in winning the United States Open Tennis Championships. It is a remarkable achievement at such a young age, and is testament to your hard work and dedication. I have no doubt your outstanding performance, and that of your opponent Leylah...
  5. R. Schweikart

    Naomi Osaka out of Cincinnati losing to Teichmann 6-3 3-6 3-6

    The losses seem to pile up. I would be really surprised now if she wins the USO.
  6. R. Schweikart

    Korda wins Olympic gold!

    Nelly that is. In golf.
  7. R. Schweikart

    Djokovic and Bo5 in slams - a big advantage!

    Sometimes it is claimed that having to play "best of 5" in slams makes Djokovic's successful slam runs even more impressive (esp. compared to the women's greats like Stefanie Graf). Well, that is obviously not the case. Djokovic would have 5 slam titles less if he had had to play only Bo3...
  8. R. Schweikart

    Is Sascha Zverev now the "locker room #1"?

    I think, yes. The other players know that it is most probably him who ended or is about to end the Fedalovic reign. That will give him a lot of respect among his peers. Maybe his surge will even hasten the retirement of the Big Three who won't like a next gen player being in the driver seat now.
  9. R. Schweikart

    Zverev: "Olympic gold is greater than anything else since you win for your country!"

    Said this just now on German TV. Agrees with Nadal and Djokovic!
  10. R. Schweikart

    Is it possible that the Big Three will end with 20-20-20?

    Federer is done, he will be 40 next months. Rafa is already 35. Djokovic was traumatized today and most certainly won't be able to withstand the pressure at the USO. And he also will turn 35 in 2022. I wouldn't be surprised if neither of them ever wins a slam again.