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  1. hoodjem

    What If Roger and Rafa End Their Careers with the Same Number of Slams?

    20? 21? More? Right now it is Fed's 20 to Rafa's 18, (with Djokovic five behind Fed). But with Nadal only two slams behind Fed and his being five years younger, Fed could retire leaving Rafa years to make up that two slam difference. But, at the same time, Rafa's body is breaking down and...
  2. hoodjem

    Was Borg's backhand technique "a joke"?

    It certainly was effective. (With it, Borg could outlast Lendl or Vilas.) It had lots of topspin. It was, as Borg admitted I believe, based on an ice hockey stroke. What do you think?
  3. hoodjem

    Can Federer (1156) catch Connors (1256)?

    (No, I am not talking about all tournament wins. But there again Fed seems to be chasing Connors.–_men%27s_singles) I noticed in reading the ATP article about Djokovic reaching 800 match wins, that on the Open Era list Fed is right now...
  4. hoodjem

    1977 USO—Borg’s Best Chance to Win?

    The 1977 USO was the last to be played on har-tru clay at Forst Hills. Borg retired in the fourth round against Dick Stockton because of a shoulder injury. (If Borg had defeated Stockton, he would have played Harold Solomon in the quarters. Borg was 16-0 against Solomon. Borg then would have...
  5. hoodjem

    Grunt-fest Horror Movie!

    i am watching a Eurosport replay of the 2018 women’s semifinal match between Halep and Muguruza. Both players are grunt-squealing on each and every groundstroke. My wife (who seldom watches tennis with me) states, “it sounds like a horror move. It’s like they are stabbing each other over and...
  6. hoodjem

    Most Consecutive Men’s Singles Finals of an OE Slam?

    Lendl made the finals of the US Open every year from 1982 to 1989. (He won three of them: 1985, 1986, 1987.) That’s eight straight years in a row. (I think Fed made seven consecutive finals at Wimbledon.) Is this the record for consecutive years by a male player reaching the finals of a slam...
  7. hoodjem

    What Constitutes a Strong Era?

    Is there any way to objectively measure an era, or generation, or group of contemporary players to evaluate what constitutes a weak or strong era? Because all tennis is competitive and thus comparative, it would seem to be impossible to conclude anything objective. One could measure speeds, or...
  8. hoodjem

    Do You Think Fed Will Hang It Up 2018-19?

    Do you think Fed will retire in this year or next? To answer my own question, I thought of course at his age, that’s another year and one half of wear and tear on his body, time away from his family, working hard staying in shape and on the practice courts. But if he keeps winning why retire...
  9. hoodjem

    Good Swiss Male Players Before Federer?

    I was thinking recently of precedents for Federer. A few names to to mind. Then I went searching. Heinz Günthardt Marc Rosset Markus Günthardt Jakob Hlasek Claudio Mezzadri Ivo Heuberger George Bastl Michel Kratochvil Colin Dowdeswell Tim Sturdza Paul Blondel Martin Froesch Erwin Balestra Jost...
  10. hoodjem

    Hoad at the final of the 1956 French Championships?

    “Unknown to the public Hoad had stayed up the night previous to the final, invited by a Russian diplomat, and was drunk when he came home. An intensive workout by Rod Laver got him into a state that allowed him to play the final.” Does anyone know any more about this episode?
  11. hoodjem

    Whither The Grand Slam?

    Lots of talk on here about how Laver’s two Grand Slams have kept him in the GOAT conversations. Without them he would be way down the list. It has been called the Everest of tennis challenges. The ultimate accomplishment. Achieved only once in the Open Era (by men). How do you think about The...
  12. hoodjem

    “The Rocket” Nickname

    Some believe that it was a complimentary nickname, encapsulating his explosive quickness and huge power shots. Others (myself included) believe that it was an ironic nickname (like ‘Muscles’ for Rosewall because he hardly had any) given by Australian Davis Cup coach Harry Hopman because when he...
  13. hoodjem

    2003 USO Title Questions

    In our present reality, this title is Andy Roddick’s only slam. Okay. I was wondering where was Fed at the 2003 USO? Why didn’t he win it. He owned Roddick almost all of the time (18-3 H2H). He had already won Wimbledon 2003. He was at the beginning of his ascent. (Confession: I did not...
  14. hoodjem

    Fed versus Cilic: Who is Better/Worse Now?

    Serious question (no sarcasm or hidden maligning, intended). Fed played Cilic in the USO 2014 semis and lost readily in three. The last two times they have met (Wimbledon final 2017 and AO final 2018), Fed wins. So, is Cilic playing worse, or is Fed playing better, or both?
  15. hoodjem

    French Open Coverage in US on NBC

    Today I noted that NBC was covering the French Open, and they advertised they it would be carried also tomorrow. I then went to the TW website to confirm this on the TV Schedule page, but found nothing about this. Everything they had listed was for the Tennis Channel. Is this a late decision...
  16. hoodjem

    Most Dominant Slam Performance?

    The other day I was looking at some of Mo Connolly's slam performances. In one she lost only 15 games for the entire tournament. Of course this is a great score because she needs to win only two sets for each round. A number of male players have won slam titles without dropping a set (Borg...
  17. hoodjem

    Fed Called out for Cheating?!.

    Pat Cash: "You can't just stop a marathon if you're tired... I can't stress how bad this (tournament) has been supervised or looked at by the medical team here in the whole tour," Cash told BBC’s Radio 5 Live in the aftermath of Federer's 6-4 3-6 6-1 3-6 6-3 victory over Nadal. "It's wrong...
  18. hoodjem

    Laver Receives Australian Honor

    Rod Laver was named a Companion of the Order of Australia. According to sources, it is the highest civilian honor an Australian can receive.
  19. hoodjem

    Andy Roddick--Surprisingly Articulate!?

    Perhaps I should not be surprised. Maybe because he was not trying to by comic, cute, or entertaining. He does seemed to have matured and be truly humble here. Glad to see it. Hats off to Roddick.
  20. hoodjem

    1970: an Almost Complete Picture

    1970 Tournament Statistics Laver Tournament statistics (15 wins): 1. Philadelphia Indoor Open WCT-1000 2. Sydney Dunlop Slazenger International WCT -1000 3. Johannesburg South African Open-1000 4. St. Louis Rawlings Classic WCT-250 5. Pacific Southwest Open Los...
  21. hoodjem

    Tweener Lob?

    Lots of players hit lobs, though not so many these days when not too many baseline-grinders venture in to do some volleying. (It's a good strategy against players who like to charge the net.) And Fed (and some others) have hit many amazing tweeners to dazzle opponents and the crowd. But...
  22. hoodjem

    Why am I not an Agassi fan?

    I think it is for four reasons, all of which are facets of the same underlying predilection: 1) I dislike those "image is everything" Canon commercials, because he seems to have believed it 2) I find distasteful his doing drugs and hiding it from authorities 3) his toupee shenanigans suggest...
  23. hoodjem

    Djokovic Handed Favorable London Draw

    "Favorable Draw." Well, that's one way to put it. Geez, after all the walkovers at the USO, it just keeps on coming. Nole is definitely in the patsy-group this time around. Maybe there are advantages to being ranked no. 2...
  24. hoodjem

    Connors with a Wooden Racquet?

    Does anyone have a photo of Jimmy Connors with a wooden racquet pre-T2000? I found this photo of a very young Connors, but even here it looks like a metal T2000. (on the far right, second from the bottom)
  25. hoodjem

    GOAT Photograph

    The GOAT is in this Picture.,-Pits-Europe-Agai.aspx^tfw
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    Here is where those of us who are interested can post our thoughts on Classical Music. Thanks.
  27. hoodjem

    All Rosewall, All the Time

    Here we go. An excellent idea. Everything you wanted to know about Muscles. Herr Uber Professor Bobby can hold forth to his heart's content, and be not maligned because this is the proper place to publicize the records, endeavors, accomplishments, and greatness of Sir Kenneth. Here's a...
  28. hoodjem

    Fred Stolle--Underrated?

    He did win two singles majors back in the 60s before it went open: the French in 1965 and the US in 1966 (beating Roche and Newcombe, respectively). He was also in three Wimbledon finals and two Australian finals. And he was a great men's doubles player, winning all four of the majors...
  29. hoodjem

    Would Budge have won the Grand Slam in 1938 if . . . ?

    If there had been Open Tennis back then? Budge (and everyone) would have had to face the like of Vines, Perry, Vinnie Richards, Nüsslein, Koželuh, Frank Hunter, Bruce Barnes, Joe Whalen, Bunny Austin, Henner Henkel, von Cramm, and even an aging Tilden. I contend that he would not. (I think...
  30. hoodjem

    Tennis Talent?

    I noticed recently, in separate discussions of Nastase and Safin, that each was described as immensely talented. The interesting thing to me was that each was also described as "wasting" that talent by winning only two slams, and being distracted by other non-tennis things (women or clowning)...