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  1. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    What impact does string tension have on your serve? In my 5-10 minutes of extensive internet research, what I found spoke mostly about groundies. Is it the same where lower tension = easier power on the serve and higher tension = easier spin?
  2. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    Thanks for the responses everyone!
  3. Wesley J

    Split Step Intensity

    Recently started watching the TENFITMEN channel and I really enjoy how he breaks down his points and uses slow-mo. At 3:05 he plays and breaks down a point mentioning how he didn't split step aggressively enough and remained passive on the ad side of the court. I hadn't split steps described in...
  4. Wesley J

    Doubles Play

    If you see a guy in a neon shirt not switching when he should be and/or setting up his partner for the other team with floaty wasn't me, it was my evil twin, Jesley Way...we were switching out between points.
  5. Wesley J

    League Matches (Video)

    Summer's almost here which means it is time to start working my way up the ranks! Starting the match after this one...obviously.
  6. Wesley J

    Serve Critique

    Working on flat serve. Noticed that I'm falling sideways on my serve, occasionally, which I'm assuming is because of my toss. 3-19
  7. Wesley J

    Practice Match Critique

    I'm in the black shorts. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Wesley J

    Changing Shots/Pace

    Outside of when what you're currently trying isn't working...what makes you decide to throw in a curve ball such as a lob or drop shot from the baseline? Any particular timing such as up 40-0, first return game of the set, or your opponent is getting into a groove in a rally?
  9. Wesley J

    Stroke Critique

    Looking for suggestions on things I should try to sharpen up on. A couple of things I noticed was that it seems like I'm late in prepping. It also looks like I'm falling backwards on my strokes often instead of stepping into them. It also seems like I have a timing issue on my backhand either...
  10. Wesley J

    Road to 4.0: Winter Games

    You know the goal! This thread is to serve as a chronicle for my progress over the winter until spring leagues start up. Any tips or comments on my game are appreciated UPDATED: 12-15-2017
  11. Wesley J

    Taking "some off"

    What does it mean to take "some off" your serve/ground strokes, how do you do it, and why do you do it?
  12. Wesley J

    Critique My Strokes

    I was trying to be more compact (especially on the FH), but I don't think I was. Any tips are appreciated.
  13. Wesley J

    How to Act After a Match Ends

    Begin Rant... Occasionally I'll play a match (both friendly matches and competitive/league matches) where I'll win and after coming to the net and shaking hands and exchanging the pleasantries and chit chat; some will say something to the effect of "You know I haven't played in X amount of...
  14. Wesley J

    Pro Player Serve Toss

    Can someone give me a couple of players with very high tosses and lower than average tosses? Thanks.
  15. Wesley J

    ATP Slice Serve

    Which pros hit slice serve for a majority of their service games (preferably a lefty)? I'm trying to find someone to use as a reference.
  16. Wesley J

    Improving from 3.5 to 4.0

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get to the next level. Constructive criticism is appreciated. UPDATE: 11-18-2017 Last competitive match of the year vs Dwayne in the 3.5 league playoffs. Bad news: I'm ending with an L. Good news: I'm confident that I have a good grasp of the things I need to...