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  1. MarTennis

    If fall college tennis happens, what do you think it will look like?

    I somewhat agree with this. It could be helpful to have players on campus competitive heavily in practice a lot and having a presence on campus in the fall.
  2. MarTennis

    If fall college tennis happens, what do you think it will look like?

    KC starts at a CSU in the Fall. I think FSU athletes will be in campus. My hope is the the mountain West is flexible enough to have a spring football season if Fall football is not possible. If so, that could forestall program cuts. I'm sure the team will play and host matches the Fall. Fresno...
  3. MarTennis

    Important article to read-implies college tennis should be 1st sport to go in light of COVID budget cuts

    I pray that this is the interim move or solution for California schools. Plenty of D1 colleges in the state with no need to fly. I'll drive!! Go Dogs!
  4. MarTennis

    Important article to read-implies college tennis should be 1st sport to go in light of COVID budget cuts

    Science will not dictate when most of society returns to normal activity. That includes tennis.
  5. MarTennis

    Tennis @Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

    Another note the schools are not designated as ABCU. Meaning they were historically black, notably for historical reasons, but many were never exclusively black.
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    Tennis @Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

    Yes. What school? That said, Morgan State just signed a high rated 5 star African American player. I also know what a 5 star quality dual nationality black player is probably signing with Howard. Finally, my kid's AA training partner is probably going to an HBCU. My kid is AA not going HBCU. He...
  7. MarTennis

    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    By the way, just so you know. there are less than 5 kids utr 12 class of 2020 that have not committed. So it's easy pretty to figure out who is quitting tennis. Of course you could be talking about an 11th grader that plans on quitting tennis.
  8. MarTennis

    Does Isner Foot-fault with his back foot?

    I just watched a D1 player foot fault in the deuce court the entire match. d. Touch the imaginary extension of the centre mark with either foot
  9. MarTennis

    WSJ: Coco Gauff is the future of American women. American men have no future.

    He would kill everyone in the Stanford lineup. Yes everyone.
  10. MarTennis

    WSJ: Coco Gauff is the future of American women. American men have no future.

    I'm a serious nut. My kid wants to be a pro and knows the odds. Imo an American kid must love tennis and have all the physical and mental intangibles to be Top 300. Whereas imo other sports do not require love/obsession to reach very very high levels. Lots of kids think they love tennis until...
  11. MarTennis

    If Schwartzman wins...

    So correct it is a great sport for short guys who can do the work. There really is no disadvantage against most players if you are as dedicated as similar sized competitors.
  12. MarTennis

    Do Rackets from post 2000 really go "dead?"

    my child is high level Junior who went to a racket tech seminar and was told by the lead technician that today's rackets are good for 40 stringings and then they are done. Mind you this may not apply outside of high-level play
  13. MarTennis

    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    The way u t r has implemented this it amounts to a defacto confirmation system.
  14. MarTennis

    Taylor Townsend - Wow!!!

    Sundowning is tragic.
  15. MarTennis

    UTR Admits Change In Algorithm—Severely Hampers Ability To Raise Rating

    UTR Makes it Easy UTR has made it less costly to you when you play a much weaker player. Your match doesn’t count when you play anyone outside 2.0…unless you lose.
  16. MarTennis

    Head "Proplayer" Strings

    Sounds like Weiss Cannon is helping Head make string
  17. MarTennis

    USC Men's Head Coach Peter Smith Resigns

    Brett Masi has been named the new head coach of the University of southern CaliforniaNew USC coach hired
  18. MarTennis

    Foreign Players

    You gotta love it. Same as a kid that loves basketball. However, I think that tennis requires an almost zealot like cultivation of that love.
  19. MarTennis

    Foreign Players

  20. MarTennis

    Foreign Players

    tennis parents and Tennis kids don't get the reality talk soon enough that allows them to change course or plan accordingly. UCLA's Billy Martin delivered the reality check talk to my child when he was 10. In hindsight, it was one of the most important things we found out about junior tennis...
  21. MarTennis

    Ohio State Tennis

    If true, Then your boy Tom fawcett has no shot in singles or doubles.
  22. MarTennis

    Infamous Sampras hater Rusedski: Federers's serve is in the category as Sampras

    By his individual approach as well as by the numbers, Roger Federer is the best server in tennis history. Pete Sampras has the best 1st serve ever. Probably the best 2nd serve on grass. There is a difference in serve and service game.
  23. MarTennis

    Can Opelka become nr.1?

    Not this one bub. Dinner's on me in SF if it EVER happens.
  24. MarTennis

    Ohio State Tennis

    No way Tucker needs to go. Gotta respect how he turns 4 and 5 star in state players into productive doubles contributors. Not all about titles.
  25. MarTennis

    Ohio State Tennis

    No way. Parity is coming to college tennis via international players at mid majors. Soon will be 75% international. Gonna be squads of 14 utrs at academically accommodating schools.
  26. MarTennis

    Margaret Court Continues to Stay Ahead of the Pack at 24

    Nobody has ever thought Margaret Court was the greatest woman player ever. Nobody ever will. As though you guys are really like women's tennis? Y'all funny. get those tennis balls out of that 70s pressurized ball contraption and get them on that walker. Cranks. .